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90132 ratings
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English: Bleach
2004-10-05 to 2012-03-27

15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits. A fateful day arrives as Ichigo encounters the shinigami Kuchiki Rukia, who saves him and his family from a Hollow at the cost of injuring herself. During this encounter, with Rukia unable to defeat the hollow she transfers her shinigami powers into Ichigo. In the aftermath, unable to continue with her job, Rukia allows Ichigo to take on the role of a shinigami in her place as they together defeat the Hollows plaguing Ichigo's town.

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Review by Feniks I started watching Bleach when Naruto became somewhat boring, and everyone was saying that Bleach was so much better than Naruto. So hopefully I downloaded the the first

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Voice Actors & Characters

Orihime Inoue main Yuki Matsuoka Japanese
Orihime Inoue main Stephanie Sheh English
Orihime Inoue main Isabelle Volpe French
Orihime Inoue main Ilona Otto German
Orihime Inoue main Nuria Trifol Spanish
Orihime Inoue main Titanilla Bogdányi Hungarian
Orihime Inoue main Melissa Garcia Portuguese
Orihime Inoue main Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Uryuu Ishida main Noriaki Sugiyama Japanese
Uryuu Ishida main Takako Honda Japanese
Uryuu Ishida main Derek Stephen Prince English
Uryuu Ishida main Markus Pfeiffer German
Uryuu Ishida main Alfredo Rollo Portuguese
Uryuu Ishida main Victor Ugarte Spanish
Uryuu Ishida main Szabolcs Pálmai Hungarian
Uryuu Ishida main Philippe Siboulet French
Rukia Kuchiki main Michelle Ruff English
Rukia Kuchiki main Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Rukia Kuchiki main Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Rukia Kuchiki main Francoise Escobar French
Rukia Kuchiki main Kitty Mezei Hungarian
Rukia Kuchiki main Antje von der Ahe German
Rukia Kuchiki main Hyeon Jin Lee Korean
Rukia Kuchiki main Liliana Barba Spanish
Ichigo Kurosaki main Johnny Yong Bosch English
Ichigo Kurosaki main Yuki Matsuoka Japanese
Ichigo Kurosaki main Masakazu Morita Japanese
Ichigo Kurosaki main Fábio Lucindo Portuguese
Ichigo Kurosaki main Eduardo Garza Spanish
Ichigo Kurosaki main Konrad Bösherz German
Ichigo Kurosaki main Csongor Szalay Hungarian
Ichigo Kurosaki main Sergio Zamora Spanish
Ichigo Kurosaki main Yong Wu Shin Korean
Ichigo Kurosaki main Vincent De Bouard French
Yasutora Sado main Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Yasutora Sado main Jamieson Price English
Yasutora Sado main Björn Schalla German
Yasutora Sado main Cassius Romero Portuguese
Yasutora Sado main Balázs Szvetlov Hungarian
Yasutora Sado main Oriol Rafel Spanish
Yasutora Sado main Bruno Moury French
Soi Fon supporting Houko Kuwashima Japanese
Soi Fon supporting Tomoko Kawakami Japanese
Soi Fon supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Soi Fon supporting Karen Strassman English
Soi Fon supporting Erika F. Nagy Hungarian
Soi Fon supporting Isabelle Noérie French
Soi Fon supporting Cássia Bisceglia Portuguese
Zangetsu supporting Takayuki Sugou Japanese
Zangetsu supporting Showtaro Morikubo Japanese
Zangetsu supporting Richard Epcar English
Zangetsu supporting Keith Silverstein English
Zangetsu supporting Miklós Kapácsy Hungarian
Zangetsu supporting Jochen Haegele French
Zangetsu supporting Renato Soares Portuguese
Zangetsu supporting Andrés Gutiérrez Coto Spanish
Zangetsu supporting Si Ho Hong Korean
Kon supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
Kon supporting Quinton Flynn English
Kon supporting Robson Kumode Portuguese
Kon supporting David Turba German
Kon supporting László Morassi Hungarian
Kon supporting Beom Gi Hong Korean
Kon supporting Patrick Pellegrin French
Nova supporting Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Nova supporting Roger Craig Smith English
Nova supporting Attila Vári Hungarian
Nova supporting Francis Benoit French
Ririn supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Ririn supporting Yumi Kakazu Japanese
Ririn supporting Yeo Jin Yun Korean
Ririn supporting Emma Darmon French
Grand Fisher supporting Chafurin Japanese
Grand Fisher supporting Paul St. Peter English
Hinagiku supporting Daisuke Kishio Japanese
Mabashi supporting Daisuke Ono Japanese
Mabashi supporting Keith Silverstein English
Mabashi supporting Seong Jun Bang Korean
Bawabawa supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Ran'Tao supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Ran'Tao supporting Kirsten Potter English
Fishbone D supporting Michael Sorich English
Fishbone D supporting Yutaka Aoyama Japanese
Fishbone D supporting Guilherme Lopes Portuguese
Lily supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Lily supporting Kate Higgins English
Kuroud supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Kuroud supporting Michael McConnohie English
Kuroud supporting Attila Bodrogi Hungarian
Kuroud supporting Lucas Bleger French
Iceringer supporting Travis Willingham English
Iceringer supporting Eiji Takemoto Japanese
Ayon supporting Jouji Nakata Japanese
Kagine supporting Kazuhiro Nakata Japanese
Kagine supporting Michael McConnohie English
Kagine supporting Richard Epcar English
Kagine supporting Dado Monteiro Portuguese
Kaneda supporting Risa Hayamizu Japanese
Kaneda supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Miyuki supporting Kate Higgins English
Miyuki supporting Taeko Kawata Japanese
Miyuki supporting Francoise Escobar French
Hou supporting Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
Hou supporting Thom Adcox English
Ugaki supporting Kirk Thornton English
Ugaki supporting Katsumi Suzuki Japanese
Ugaki supporting Karácsonyi Zoltán Hungarian
Yoshi supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Yoshi supporting Yoko Soumi Japanese
Cain supporting Peter Doyle English
Cain supporting Takayuki Fujimoto Japanese
Sawatari supporting Yuzuru Fujimoto Japanese
Sawatari supporting Joe J. Thomas English
Sawatari supporting Jong Gu Lee Korean
Rikichi supporting Liam O'Brien English
Rikichi supporting Masataka Nakai Japanese
Hiyosu supporting Michael McConnohie English
Hiyosu supporting Kouhei Matsumoto Japanese
Akon supporting Patrick Seitz English
Akon supporting Kaya Miyake Japanese
Akon supporting Keijin Okuda Japanese
Danzoumaru supporting Michael McConnohie English
Danzoumaru supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Aoga supporting Yasumichi Kushida Japanese
Kanisawa supporting Asami Sanada Japanese
Kanisawa supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Genga supporting J.B. Blanc English
Genga supporting Daisuke Matsuoka Japanese
Medazeppi supporting Daisuke Matsuoka Japanese
Menis supporting Michael Sinterniklaas English
Menis supporting Hisafumi Oda Japanese
Demora supporting J.B. Blanc English
Demora supporting Hajime Iijima Japanese
Aldegor supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Patros supporting J.B. Blanc English
Patros supporting Tetsuo Kaneo Japanese
Zonzain supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Lunuganga supporting Taketora Japanese
Metastacia supporting Kyle Hebert English
Metastacia supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Shrieker supporting J.B. Blanc English
Shrieker supporting John Demita English
Shrieker supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Shrieker supporting Guilherme Lopes Portuguese
Numb Chandelier supporting Barbara Goodson English
Numb Chandelier supporting Yoko Soumi Japanese
Numb Chandelier supporting John Demita English
Bulbous G supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Jibakurai supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Jibakurai supporting Wally Wingert English
Hexapodus supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Hexapodus supporting Grant George English
Muramasa supporting Jamieson Price English
Muramasa supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Muramasa supporting Jean-François Lescurat French
Sode no Shirayuki supporting Tara Platt English
Sode no Shirayuki supporting Mie Sonozaki Japanese
Katen Kyoukotsu supporting Ayumi Fujimura Japanese
Katen Kyoukotsu supporting Erin Fitzgerald English
Kazeshini supporting Kishou Taniyama Japanese
Kazeshini supporting Dan Woren English
Tobiume supporting Michelle Ruff English
Tobiume supporting Ayumi Fujimura Japanese
Tobiume supporting Emma Darmon French
Zabimaru (Female) supporting Mitsuki Saiga Japanese
Zabimaru (Female) supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Haineko supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Haineko supporting Chiaki Takahashi Japanese
Haineko supporting Pauline De Meurville French
Hyourinmaru supporting Travis Willingham English
Hyourinmaru supporting Kenji Hamada Japanese
Hyourinmaru supporting Antoine Tome French
Houzukimaru supporting Vic Mignogna English
Houzukimaru supporting Taketora Japanese
Suzumebachi supporting Ayumi Tsuji Japanese
Suzumebachi supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Suzumebachi supporting Caroline Combes French
Senbonzakura supporting Vic Mignogna English
Senbonzakura supporting Daisuke Hirakawa Japanese
Senbonzakura supporting Antoine Tome French
Zabimaru (Male) supporting Asami Sanada Japanese
Zabimaru (Male) supporting Lucille Boudonnat French
Wabisuke supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Aida supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Inose supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Inose supporting Dave Mallow English
Kanou supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Kanou supporting Tom Fahn English
Koganehiko supporting Dai Matsumoto Japanese
Shiroganehiko supporting Michael McConnohie English
Shiroganehiko supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Narunosuke supporting Nobuhiko Okamoto Japanese
Narunosuke supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Ayame supporting Ayumi Sena Japanese
Ayame supporting Jussara Marques Portuguese
Ayame supporting Isabel Romo Spanish
Baigon supporting Liam O'Brien English
Baigon supporting Kiyoyuki Yanada Japanese
Shun'ou supporting Junko Noda Japanese
Shun'ou supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Shun'ou supporting Javier Olguín Spanish
Tsubaki supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Tsubaki supporting Marcelo Campos Portuguese
Gegetsuburi supporting Shouto Kashii Japanese
Gegetsuburi supporting Lucas Bleger French
Sougyo no Kotowari supporting Yuu Shimamura Japanese
Sougyo no Kotowari supporting Erin Fitzgerald English
Dalk supporting Takako Honda Japanese
Dalk supporting Karen Strassman English
Dalk supporting Ági Kökényessy Hungarian
Ritz supporting Asami Sanada Japanese
Ritz supporting Kate Higgins English
Ritz supporting Andrea Laudon Hungarian
Nieder supporting Mariko Kouda Japanese
Nieder supporting Tarou Yamaguchi Japanese
Nieder supporting Joe J. Thomas English
Ban supporting Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
Ban supporting Brian Beacock English
Ban supporting Ádám Gacsal Hungarian
Shuren supporting Toru Furuya Japanese
Kaname Tosen's friend supporting Risa Hayamizu Japanese
Haruko supporting Mamiko Noto Japanese
Haruko supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Verona supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Lumina supporting Derek Stephen Prince English
Lumina supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Taikon supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Gunjo supporting Masaki Aizawa Japanese
Garogai supporting Keikou Sakai Japanese
Masayoshi supporting Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Masayoshi supporting Alexandre Coadour French
Mayu supporting Rina Satou Japanese
Ashisogi Jizo supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Shinji supporting Tetsuya Kakihara Japanese
Ino supporting Reiko Takagi Japanese
Hashigami supporting Asami Sanada Japanese
Gonryoumaru supporting Kenji Takahashi Japanese
Tenken supporting Masafumi Kimura Japanese
Tenken supporting Neil Kaplan English
Hisagomaru supporting Rie Nakagawa Japanese
Battikaroa supporting Paul St. Peter English
Battikaroa supporting Hiroshi Shirokuma Japanese
Michel supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Michel supporting Rémi Caillebot French
Yokochini supporting Tomoyuki Dan Japanese
Touba supporting Ryuuzaburou Ootomo Japanese
Sayori supporting Hiromi Tsunakake Japanese
Renji Abarai supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Renji Abarai supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Renji Abarai supporting Wally Wingert English
Renji Abarai supporting Reiko Kiuchi Japanese
Renji Abarai supporting David Nathan German
Renji Abarai supporting Krisztián Kolovratnik Hungarian
Renji Abarai supporting Elcio Sodre Portuguese
Renji Abarai supporting Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Renji Abarai supporting Nicolas Beaucaire French
Love Aikawa supporting Travis Willingham English
Love Aikawa supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Love Aikawa supporting Bruno Moury French
Loly Aivirrne supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Loly Aivirrne supporting Hana Takeda Japanese
Sousuke Aizen supporting Show Hayami Japanese
Sousuke Aizen supporting Kyle Hebert English
Sousuke Aizen supporting Bálint Magyar Hungarian
Sousuke Aizen supporting Ricardo Mendoza Spanish
Sousuke Aizen supporting Andreas Meese German
Sousuke Aizen supporting Ja hyeong Gu Korean
Shuusuke Amagai supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Shuusuke Amagai supporting François Creton French
Luppi Antenor supporting Daisuke Kishio Japanese
Luppi Antenor supporting Michael Sinterniklaas English
Luppi Antenor supporting Won Il Son Korean
Luppi Antenor supporting Pauline De Meurville French
Emilou Apacci supporting Kumi Sakuma Japanese
Emilou Apacci supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Makizou Aramaki supporting J.B. Blanc English
Makizou Aramaki supporting Cho Japanese
Makizou Aramaki supporting Péter Albert Hungarian
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Wendee Lee English
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Junko Noda Japanese
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Corinna Dorenkamp German
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Bea Vadász Hungarian
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Maggie Vera Spanish
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Jussara Marques Portuguese
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Tatsuki Arisawa supporting Julie André French
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Wendee Lee English
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Toshihiko Seki Japanese
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Mayumi Yamaguchi Japanese
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Ryuuzaburou Ootomo Japanese
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Dave Mallow English
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Keith Silverstein English
Aaroniero Arruruerie supporting Tamás Bolba Hungarian
Keigo Asano supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Keigo Asano supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Keigo Asano supporting Nico Sablik German
Keigo Asano supporting Botond Előd Hungarian
Keigo Asano supporting Benjamín Rivera Spanish
Keigo Asano supporting Felipe Zilse Portuguese
Keigo Asano supporting Nicolas Beaucaire French
Mizuho Asano supporting Kaoru Morota Japanese
Mizuho Asano supporting Erin Fitzgerald English
Yumichika Ayasegawa supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Yumichika Ayasegawa supporting Brian Beacock English
Yumichika Ayasegawa supporting Levente Molnár Hungarian
Yumichika Ayasegawa supporting Ju Chang Lee Korean
Yumichika Ayasegawa supporting Moisés Iván Mora Spanish
Dondochakka Birstanne supporting Daisuke Gouri Japanese
Findorr Calius supporting Travis Willingham English
Findorr Calius supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
Rudbornn Chelute supporting Tarou Yamaguchi Japanese
Rudbornn Chelute supporting Dan Woren English
Rudbornn Chelute supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Charlotte Chuhlhourne supporting Travis Willingham English
Charlotte Chuhlhourne supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Ulquiorra Cifer supporting Daisuke Namikawa Japanese
Ulquiorra Cifer supporting Tony Oliver English
Ulquiorra Cifer supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Ulquiorra Cifer supporting Gwen Lebret French
Oscar Joaquin Dela Rossa supporting Gábor Vass Hungarian
Oscar Joaquin Dela Rossa supporting Masashi Hirose Japanese
Riruka Dokugamine supporting Megumi Toyoguchi Japanese
Riruka Dokugamine supporting Cristina Valenzuela English
Jinnai Douko supporting Jin Domon Japanese
Jinnai Douko supporting Brian Beacock English
Shinobu Eishima supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Shinobu Eishima supporting Motoyuki Kawahara Japanese
Tatsufusa Enjoji supporting Toshiharu Sakurai Japanese
Tatsufusa Enjoji supporting Kim Strauss English
Rusaburou Enkougawa supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Rusaburou Enkougawa supporting Neil Kaplan English
Nnoitra Gilga supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Nnoitra Gilga supporting Michael Sinterniklaas English
Nnoitra Gilga supporting Péter Szokol Hungarian
Nnoitra Gilga supporting Renaud Heine French
Lilynette Gingerback supporting Kate Higgins English
Lilynette Gingerback supporting Kiyomi Asai Japanese
Kuugo Ginjou supporting Travis Willingham English
Kuugo Ginjou supporting Hiroki Touchi Japanese
Ilforte Grantz supporting Kouichi Toochika Japanese
Ilforte Grantz supporting Ezra Weisz English
Szayel Aporro Grantz supporting Kousuke Toriumi Japanese
Szayel Aporro Grantz supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Szayel Aporro Grantz supporting Hank Matthews English
Szayel Aporro Grantz supporting Julien Chatelet French
Nakeem Greendina supporting J.B. Blanc English
Nakeem Greendina supporting Taketora Japanese
Pesche Guatiche supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Pesche Guatiche supporting Szabolcs Seszták Hungarian
Kyouko Haida supporting Ryoko Shiraishi Japanese
Jinta Hanakari supporting Takako Honda Japanese
Jinta Hanakari supporting Bryce Papenbrook English
Jinta Hanakari supporting Cindy Robinson English
Jinta Hanakari supporting Bruno Coronel Spanish
Yukio Hans Vorarlberna supporting Mitsuhiro Ichiki Japanese
Yukio Hans Vorarlberna supporting Lucien Dodge English
Tier Harribel supporting Laura Bailey English
Tier Harribel supporting Megumi Ogata Japanese
Tier Harribel supporting Julie André French
Seizo Harugasaki supporting Masafumi Kimura Japanese
Momo Hinamori supporting Kumi Sakuma Japanese
Momo Hinamori supporting Karen Strassman English
Momo Hinamori supporting Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Momo Hinamori supporting Magdalena Turba German
Momo Hinamori supporting Zsanett Czető Hungarian
Momo Hinamori supporting Nayeli Forest French
Momo Hinamori supporting Jessica Ángeles Spanish
Shinji Hirako supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Shinji Hirako supporting Roger Craig Smith English
Shinji Hirako supporting Roland Czető Hungarian
Shinji Hirako supporting Su Jin Kang Korean
Shinji Hirako supporting Philippe Naman French
Daiji Hirasago supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Daiji Hirasago supporting Richard Cansino English
Horiuchi Hironari supporting Mayumi Asano Japanese
Shuuhei Hisagi supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Shuuhei Hisagi supporting Yuu Kobayashi Japanese
Shuuhei Hisagi supporting Steve Staley English
Shuuhei Hisagi supporting Gyula Mesterházy Hungarian
Shuuhei Hisagi supporting Tae Yeol Jeon Korean
Shuuhei Hisagi supporting Jean-Marc Montalto French
Toshiro Hitsugaya supporting Romi Park Japanese
Toshiro Hitsugaya supporting Steve Staley English
Toshiro Hitsugaya supporting Dennis Saemann German
Toshiro Hitsugaya supporting Álmos Előd Hungarian
Toshiro Hitsugaya supporting Jochen Haegele French
Toshiro Hitsugaya supporting Marc Gómez Spanish
Chizuru Honsho supporting Saki Nakajima Japanese
Chizuru Honsho supporting Cindy Robinson English
Chizuru Honsho supporting Zsófia Mánya Hungarian
Chizuru Honsho supporting Priscilla Concépcion Portuguese
Chizuru Honsho supporting Céline Rotard French
Tetsuzaemon Iba supporting Rintarou Nishi Japanese
Tetsuzaemon Iba supporting Steve Cassling English
Tetsuzaemon Iba supporting Markus Haase German
Gin Ichimaru supporting Kouji Yusa Japanese
Gin Ichimaru supporting Doug Erholtz English
Gin Ichimaru supporting Wanja Gerick German
Gin Ichimaru supporting Roland Rába Hungarian
Gin Ichimaru supporting Gwen Lebret French
Maki Ichinose supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Maki Ichinose supporting Sam Riegel English
Harutoki Ide supporting Wataru Hatano Japanese
Harutoki Ide supporting Steve Staley English
Yasochika Iemura supporting Cam Clarke English
Yasochika Iemura supporting Yutaka Aoyama Japanese
Yasochika Iemura supporting Thiago Zambrano Portuguese
Jidanbou Ikkanzaka supporting J.B. Blanc English
Jidanbou Ikkanzaka supporting Takashi Nagasako Japanese
Jidanbou Ikkanzaka supporting Péter Albert Hungarian
Jidanbou Ikkanzaka supporting Guilherme Lopes Portuguese
Jiroubou Ikkanzaka supporting Kazuhiro Nakata Japanese
Jiroubou Ikkanzaka supporting Peter Lurie English
Kageroza Inaba supporting Toshio Furukawa Japanese
Kageroza Inaba supporting Cam Clarke English
Kageroza Inaba supporting Luc Boulad French
Sora Inoue supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Sora Inoue supporting Liam O'Brien English
Sora Inoue supporting Marcelo Campos Portuguese
Sora Inoue supporting Victor Posta Japanese
Sora Inoue supporting Andrés Gutiérrez Coto Spanish
Nanao Ise supporting Hitomi Nabatame Japanese
Nanao Ise supporting Kate Higgins English
Nanao Ise supporting Orsolya Oláh Hungarian
Nanao Ise supporting Jeong Sin Wu Korean
Nanao Ise supporting Emma Darmon French
Ryuuken Ishida supporting Ken Narita Japanese
Ryuuken Ishida supporting Michael McConnohie English
Ryuuken Ishida supporting Jeong Gu Lee Korean
Ryuuken Ishida supporting Jean-François Lescurat French
Souken Ishida supporting David Lodge English
Souken Ishida supporting Eiji Maruyama Japanese
Souken Ishida supporting Gi hyeon Kim Korean
Mitsuru Ishino supporting Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Mitsuru Ishino supporting Dan Woren English
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez supporting Junichi Suwabe Japanese
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez supporting David Vincent English
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez supporting Gábor Varga Hungarian
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez supporting Renaud Heine French
Shuu Kannogi supporting Tsubasa Yonaga Japanese
Shuu Kannogi supporting Brianne Siddall English
Misaomaru Kanonji supporting Shigeru Chiba Japanese
Misaomaru Kanonji supporting Michael Sorich English
Ashido Kanou supporting Travis Willingham English
Ashido Kanou supporting Yasuyuki Kase Japanese
Ashido Kanou supporting Viczián Ottó Hungarian
Jin Kariya supporting Troy Baker English
Jin Kariya supporting Tooru Ookawa Japanese
Jin Kariya supporting In Seong O Korean
Heizou Kasaki supporting Daisuke Matsuoka Japanese
Rurichiyo Kasumiouji supporting Reiko Takagi Japanese
Rurichiyo Kasumiouji supporting Eden Riegel English
Ryuusei Kenzaki supporting Hiroki Takahashi Japanese
Ryuusei Kenzaki supporting Roger Craig Smith English
Ryuusei Kenzaki supporting Bruno Méyère French
Makoto Kibune supporting Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Makoto Kibune supporting Christopher Smith English
Izuru Kira supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Izuru Kira supporting Grant George English
Izuru Kira supporting Roland Czető Hungarian
Izuru Kira supporting Dániel Kováts Hungarian
Izuru Kira supporting Si Ho Hong Korean
Izuru Kira supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Shin'etsu Kisaragi supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Shin'etsu Kisaragi supporting Philippe Roullier French
Gou Koga supporting Richard Epcar English
Gou Koga supporting Tohru Furusawa Japanese
Gou Koga supporting Zoltán Schneider Hungarian
Mizuiro Kojima supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Mizuiro Kojima supporting Tom Fahn English
Mizuiro Kojima supporting Thiago Keplermaier Portuguese
Mizuiro Kojima supporting Tamás Markovics Hungarian
Mizuiro Kojima supporting Jean-Marc Montalto French
Mizuiro Kojima supporting Javier Olguín Spanish
Sajin Komamura supporting J.B. Blanc English
Sajin Komamura supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Sajin Komamura supporting Kim Strauss English
Sajin Komamura supporting Nicolas Buchoux French
Kiyone Kotetsu supporting Chinami Nishimura Japanese
Kiyone Kotetsu supporting Cindy Robinson English
Kiyone Kotetsu supporting Isabel Martiñón Spanish
Kiyone Kotetsu supporting Judit Wégner Hungarian
Isane Kotetsu supporting Yukana Japanese
Isane Kotetsu supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Isane Kotetsu supporting Anita Kálmánfi Hungarian
Isane Kotetsu supporting Dulce Guerrero Spanish
Isane Kotetsu supporting Caroline Combes French
Sentarou Kotsubaki supporting Patrick Seitz English
Sentarou Kotsubaki supporting Kouichi Toochika Japanese
Sentarou Kotsubaki supporting Csaba Debreczeny Hungarian
Sentarou Kotsubaki supporting Alfonso Obregón Spanish
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Dan Woren English
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Sándor Czvetkó Hungarian
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Lars Schmidtke German
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Christian Strempler Spanish
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Min Seok Kim Korean
Byakuya Kuchiki supporting Marc-Antoine Frédéric French
Hisana Kuchiki supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Hisana Kuchiki supporting Liliana Barba Spanish
Ginrei Kuchiki supporting J.B. Blanc English
Ginrei Kuchiki supporting Kinryuu Arimoto Japanese
Koga Kuchiki supporting Isshin Chiba Japanese
Koga Kuchiki supporting David Vincent English
Koga Kuchiki supporting Christophe Seugnet French
Ruri'iro Kujaku supporting Takuma Terashima Japanese
Ruri'iro Kujaku supporting Sam Riegel English
Ruri'iro Kujaku supporting Bruno Méyère French
Nozomi Kujo supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Nozomi Kujo supporting Hisako Kanemoto Japanese
Gyoukaku Kumoi supporting Kirk Thornton English
Gyoukaku Kumoi supporting Masaharu Sato Japanese
Mashiro Kuna supporting Laura Bailey English
Mashiro Kuna supporting Akemi Kanda Japanese
Ryo Kunieda supporting Hitomi Nabatame Japanese
Ryo Kunieda supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Ryo Kunieda supporting Cristina Hernandez Spanish
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Ayumi Sena Japanese
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Katja Liebing German
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Janice Kawaye English
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Borbála Csuha Hungarian
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Agnès Manoury French
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Flávia Narciso Portuguese
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Georgina Sanchez Spanish
Yuzu Kurosaki supporting Min Jeong Yeo Korean
Isshin Kurosaki supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Isshin Kurosaki supporting Patrick Seitz English
Isshin Kurosaki supporting Hans Bayer German
Isshin Kurosaki supporting Tomasz Galbenisz Hungarian
Isshin Kurosaki supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Isshin Kurosaki supporting Gwang Jang Korean
Karin Kurosaki supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Karin Kurosaki supporting Kate Higgins English
Karin Kurosaki supporting Christine Byrd Spanish
Karin Kurosaki supporting Zselyke Szabó Hungarian
Karin Kurosaki supporting Nayeli Forest French
Karin Kurosaki supporting Maximiliane Häcke German
Masaki Kurosaki supporting Sayaka Ohara Japanese
Masaki Kurosaki supporting Ellyn Stern English
Mayuri Kurotsuchi supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
Mayuri Kurotsuchi supporting Terrence Stone English
Mayuri Kurotsuchi supporting Rókus Varga Hungarian
Mayuri Kurotsuchi supporting Seung jun Kim Korean
Mayuri Kurotsuchi supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Nemu Kurotsuchi supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Nemu Kurotsuchi supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Nemu Kurotsuchi supporting Kata Huszárik Hungarian
Nemu Kurotsuchi supporting Éva Dögei Hungarian
Nemu Kurotsuchi supporting Jessie Lambotte French
Nemu Kurotsuchi supporting Andressa Andreatto Portuguese
Zennosuke Kurumadani supporting Kirk Thornton English
Zennosuke Kurumadani supporting Masahito Yabe Japanese
Zennosuke Kurumadani supporting Keith Silverstein English
Zennosuke Kurumadani supporting Attila Bodrogi Hungarian
Zennosuke Kurumadani supporting Lucas Bleger French
Yachiru Kusajishi supporting Hisayo Mochizuki Japanese
Yachiru Kusajishi supporting Dina Sherman English
Yachiru Kusajishi supporting Rieke Werner German
Yachiru Kusajishi supporting Adrienn Pekár Hungarian
Yachiru Kusajishi supporting Isabelle Noérie French
Yachiru Kusajishi supporting Cássia Bisceglia Portuguese
Giriko Kutsuzawa supporting Michael Sorich English
Giriko Kutsuzawa supporting Atsushi Ono Japanese
Ryuu Kuzu supporting Hikaru Hanada Japanese
Ryuu Kuzu supporting Joe Ochman English
Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyoraku supporting Akio Otsuka Japanese
Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyoraku supporting Steve Kramer English
Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyoraku supporting Balázs Láng Hungarian
Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyoraku supporting Il Kim Korean
Zommari Leroux supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Zommari Leroux supporting Greg Eagles English
Zommari Leroux supporting Neil Kaplan English
Tesla Lindocruz supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Tesla Lindocruz supporting Keith Silverstein English
Tesla Lindocruz supporting Balázs Dévai Hungarian
D-Roy Linker supporting Spike Spencer English
D-Roy Linker supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
D-Roy Linker supporting Gábor Kossuth Hungarian
Edrad Liones supporting Beau Billingslea English
Edrad Liones supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Edrad Liones supporting Antoine Tome French
Yammy Llargo supporting Kenji Nomura Japanese
Yammy Llargo supporting Paul St. Peter English
Baraggan Louisenbairn supporting Michael McConnohie English
Baraggan Louisenbairn supporting Shouzou Iizuka Japanese
Baraggan Louisenbairn supporting Steve Kramer English
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Vic Mignogna English
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Nobuyuki Hiyama Japanese
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Raul Schlosser Portuguese
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Gábor Csőre Hungarian
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Attila Bartucz Hungarian
Ikkaku Madarame supporting René Dawn-Claude German
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Ikkaku Madarame supporting Óscar Flores Spanish
Menoly Mallia supporting Wendee Lee English
Menoly Mallia supporting Hitomi Harada Japanese
Wonderweiss Margela supporting Hisayoshi Suganuma Japanese
Wonderweiss Margela supporting Christopher Smith English
Wonderweiss Margela supporting Pauline De Meurville French
Rangiku Matsumoto supporting Kaya Matsutani Japanese
Rangiku Matsumoto supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Rangiku Matsumoto supporting Ilya Welter German
Rangiku Matsumoto supporting Tímea Sági Hungarian
Rangiku Matsumoto supporting Yeon So Korean
Rangiku Matsumoto supporting Jessie Lambotte French
Franceska Mila Rose supporting Sayori Ishizuka Japanese
Franceska Mila Rose supporting Erin Fitzgerald English
Taichi Miyamoto supporting Kousuke Okano Japanese
Taichi Miyamoto supporting Gábor Joó Hungarian
Heita Momoyama supporting Shouto Kashii Japanese
Gantenbainne Mosqueda supporting Masato Funaki Japanese
Gantenbainne Mosqueda supporting Greg Eagles English
Kensei Muguruma supporting Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Kensei Muguruma supporting Dave Mallow English
Kensei Muguruma supporting Károly Moser Hungarian
Mahana Natsui supporting Michelle Ruff English
Mahana Natsui supporting Rieke Werner German
Mahana Natsui supporting Piroska Simonyi Hungarian
Mahana Natsui supporting Kayo Noumi Japanese
Hanza Nukui supporting Tony Oliver English
Hanza Nukui supporting Yoshikazu Nagano Japanese
Misato Ochi supporting Hitomi Nabatame Japanese
Misato Ochi supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Michiru Ogawa supporting Asami Sanada Japanese
Michiru Ogawa supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Michiru Ogawa supporting Ilona Molnár Hungarian
Harunobu Ogido supporting Daisuke Hirakawa Japanese
Harunobu Ogido supporting Daniel Cronin English
Gengorou Onabara supporting J.B. Blanc English
Gengorou Onabara supporting Patrick Seitz English
Gengorou Onabara supporting Kousei Hirota Japanese
Marechiyo Oomaeda supporting Lex Lang English
Marechiyo Oomaeda supporting Shouto Kashii Japanese
Marechiyo Oomaeda supporting Zoltán Fekete Hungarian
Marechiyo Oomaeda supporting Yannick Bellissard French
Reiichi Oshima supporting Yutaka Aoyama Japanese
Roujuuro Otoribashi supporting Troy Baker English
Roujuuro Otoribashi supporting Shouto Kashii Japanese
Roujuuro Otoribashi supporting Christopher Smith English
Roujuuro Otoribashi supporting Jean-Marc Montalto French
Nirgge Parduoc supporting Daisuke Matsuoka Japanese
Choe Neng Poww supporting Jamieson Price English
Choe Neng Poww supporting Hiroshi Shirokuma Japanese
Shawlong Qu Fong supporting Hideyuki Tanaka Japanese
Shawlong Qu Fong supporting Michael McConnohie English
Abirama Redder supporting Kazunari Tanaka Japanese
Abirama Redder supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Eikichirou Saidou supporting Takuya Kirimoto Japanese
Eikichirou Saidou supporting Ju Chang Lee Korean
Sadatomo Saionji supporting Tarusuke Shingaki Japanese
Hiyori Sarugaki supporting Laura Bailey English
Hiyori Sarugaki supporting Reiko Takagi Japanese
Hiyori Sarugaki supporting Lara Cody English
Hiyori Sarugaki supporting Dóra Szentesi Hungarian
Hiyori Sarugaki supporting Mun Ja Choi Korean
Hiyori Sarugaki supporting Céline Rotard French
Kuukaku Shiba supporting Akiko Hiramatsu Japanese
Kuukaku Shiba supporting Cindy Robinson English
Kuukaku Shiba supporting Mariann Kocsis Hungarian
Kuukaku Shiba supporting Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Kuukaku Shiba supporting Julie André French
Ganju Shiba supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Ganju Shiba supporting Kyle Hebert English
Ganju Shiba supporting Gábor Sótonyi Hungarian
Ganju Shiba supporting Nestor Chiesse Portuguese
Kaien Shiba supporting Toshihiko Seki Japanese
Kaien Shiba supporting Dave Mallow English
Kaien Shiba supporting Kim Strauss English
Kaien Shiba supporting Tamás Bolba Hungarian
Kaien Shiba supporting José Gilberto Vilchis Spanish
Kaien Shiba supporting Jang Kim Korean
Miyako Shiba supporting Sumi Shimamoto Japanese
Miyako Shiba supporting Cindy Robinson English
Yuuichi Shibata supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Yuuichi Shibata supporting Makoto Tsumura Japanese
Gitano Shigeo supporting Brad Macdonald English
Gitano Shigeo supporting Ichirouta Koizumi Japanese
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Satsuki Yukino Japanese
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Wendee Lee English
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Terrence Stone English
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Shirou Saitou Japanese
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Rebeca Gómez Spanish
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Gábor Forgács Hungarian
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Myeong seon Lee Korean
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Florence Dumortier French
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Patrick Pellegrin French
Yoruichi Shihouin supporting Claudine Grémy French
Moe Shishigawara supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Moe Shishigawara supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio supporting Kouji Ishii Japanese
Yoshino Souma supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Yoshino Souma supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Yoshino Souma supporting Virág Kiss Hungarian
Yoshino Souma supporting Seon Yeong Park Korean
Yoshino Souma supporting Gaby Willer Spanish
Coyote Starrk supporting Rikiya Koyama Japanese
Coyote Starrk supporting Keith Silverstein English
Cyan Sung-Sun supporting Ayumi Sena Japanese
Cyan Sung-Sun supporting Karen Strassman English
Mai Suzuki supporting Yuu Shimamura Japanese
Choujiro Tadaoki-Sasakibe supporting Michael McConnohie English
Choujiro Tadaoki-Sasakibe supporting Tarou Yamaguchi Japanese
Choujiro Tadaoki-Sasakibe supporting Dan Woren English
Koukichirou Takezoe supporting Kenichi Mochizuki Japanese
Cirucci Thunderwitch supporting Houko Kuwashima Japanese
Cirucci Thunderwitch supporting Krisztina Kisfalvi Hungarian
Cirucci Thunderwitch supporting Tricia Pierce English
Izaemon Toudou supporting J.B. Blanc English
Izaemon Toudou supporting Keiichi Takahashi Japanese
Heita Toujoin supporting Asami Sanada Japanese
Heita Toujoin supporting Derek Stephen Prince English
Kaname Tousen supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Kaname Tousen supporting Irwin Daayán Spanish
Kaname Tousen supporting David Rasner English
Kaname Tousen supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Shouta Toyokawa supporting Reiko Takagi Japanese
Shouta Toyokawa supporting Gwenäelle Julien French
Shouta Toyokawa supporting Erin Fitzgerald English
Shouta Toyokawa supporting Won Il Son Korean
Yui Toyokawa supporting Yurina Hase Japanese
Yui Toyokawa supporting Laura Bailey English
Yui Toyokawa supporting Jeong Sin Wu Korean
Yui Toyokawa supporting Bénédicte Rivière French
Jackie Tristan supporting Atsuko Yuya Japanese
Rin Tsubokura supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Rin Tsubokura supporting Miho Saiki Japanese
Tessai Tsukabishi supporting Michael Sorich English
Tessai Tsukabishi supporting Kiyoyuki Yanada Japanese
Tessai Tsukabishi supporting Gábor Németh Hungarian
Tessai Tsukabishi supporting Dado Monteiro Portuguese
Tessai Tsukabishi supporting Jean-Marc Montalto French
Shuukurou Tsukishima supporting Daisuke Ono Japanese
Shuukurou Tsukishima supporting Matthew Mercer English
Ururu Tsumugiya supporting Wendee Lee English
Ururu Tsumugiya supporting Noriko Shitaya Japanese
Ururu Tsumugiya supporting Daniela Piquet Portuguese
Ururu Tsumugiya supporting Agnès Manoury French
Ururu Tsumugiya supporting Seon hui Mun Korean
Nelliel Tu Oderschvank supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Nelliel Tu Oderschvank supporting Tomoko Kaneda Japanese
Nelliel Tu Oderschvank supporting Céline Melloul French
Kei Uehara supporting Ayumi Sena Japanese
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Liam O'Brien English
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Attila Király Hungarian
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Gerardo Reyero Spanish
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Andreas Meese German
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Won Il Son Korean
Juushirou Ukitake supporting Francis Benoit French
Toshimori Umesada supporting Michael McConnohie English
Toshimori Umesada supporting Hajime Iijima Japanese
Kaoru Unagiya supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Kaoru Unagiya supporting Kaoru Mizuhara Japanese
Ikumi Unagiya supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Ikumi Unagiya supporting Yuko Kaida Japanese
Retsu Unohana supporting Aya Hisakawa Japanese
Retsu Unohana supporting Kate Higgins English
Retsu Unohana supporting Do Yeong Song Korean
Retsu Unohana supporting Emma Darmon French
Kisuke Urahara supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Kisuke Urahara supporting Michael Lindsay English
Kisuke Urahara supporting Doug Erholtz English
Kisuke Urahara supporting Oliver-Kim Hasper German
Kisuke Urahara supporting Dániel Papp Hungarian
Kisuke Urahara supporting Zoltán Dózsa Hungarian
Kisuke Urahara supporting Han Choi Korean
Kisuke Urahara supporting Manuel Campuzano Spanish
Kisuke Urahara supporting Yannick Bellissard French
Hachigen Ushouda supporting Takashi Nagasako Japanese
Hachigen Ushouda supporting Jeff Nimoy English
Hachigen Ushouda supporting Joe Ochman English
Hachigen Ushouda supporting Endre Botár Hungarian
Ryou Utagawa supporting Tony Oliver English
Ryou Utagawa supporting Shunsuke Sakuya Japanese
Ryou Utagawa supporting Krisztián Dányi Hungarian
Ggio Vega supporting Tetsuya Kakihara Japanese
Ggio Vega supporting Tony Oliver English
Lisa Yadoumaru supporting Tara Platt English
Lisa Yadoumaru supporting Kanako Hattori Japanese
Hanataro Yamada supporting Spike Spencer English
Hanataro Yamada supporting Kouki Miyata Japanese
Hanataro Yamada supporting Dirk Stollberg German
Hanataro Yamada supporting László Sánta Hungarian
Hanataro Yamada supporting Ricardo Bautista Spanish
Hanataro Yamada supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Hanataro Yamada supporting Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Hanataro Yamada supporting Jessie Lambotte French
Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryuusai supporting Masaaki Tsukada Japanese
Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryuusai supporting Neil Kaplan English
Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryuusai supporting Gi hyeon Kim Korean
Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryuusai supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Kenji Yamashita supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Kenji Yamashita supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Ouko Yushima supporting Hiroaki Miura Japanese
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Patrick Seitz English
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting David Lodge English
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Zoltán Barabás Kiss Hungarian
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Wellington Lima Portuguese
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Kenpachi Zaraki supporting Michael-Che Koch German

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