Nobuhiko Okamoto


Official Name 岡本 信彦


Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 168 cm

Blood type: B


Best New Actor Award (2008)

Best Supporting Actor Award (2011)

It was announced on October 24, 2011 that he's the 6th member of Kiramune, debut on May 23, 2012.

- Palette (1st Mini Album out May 23, 2012)

- Enjoy☆Full (2nd Mini Album out June 5, 2013)

- 瞬間BEAT [Shunkan BEAT] (1st Sinlgle out March 05, 2014)

- Parading (3nd Mini Album out August 13, 2014)

Also hosting with fellow seiyuu Ryouhei Kimura for Dengeki Girl's Smile.

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