Nobuhiko Okamoto


Official Name 岡本 信彦

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 168 cm

Blood type: B


Best New Actor Award (2008)

Best Supporting Actor Award (2011)

It was announced on October 24, 2011 that he's the 6th member of Kiramune, debut on May 23, 2012.

- Palette (1st Mini Album out May 23, 2012)

- Enjoy☆Full (2nd Mini Album out June 5, 2013)

- 瞬間BEAT (Shunkan BEAT)(1st Sinlgle out March 5, 2014)

- Parading (3nd Mini Album out August 13, 2014)

- Questory (4th Mini Album out November 25, 2015)

- 君の笑顔 僕の笑顔 (Boku no Egao Kimi no Egao) (2nd Single out July 6, 2016)

- 8piece (1st Album out January 21, 2017)

- サクラメント (Sacrament) (3rd Single out August 9, 2017)

- Melty Halloween (4th Single out October 25, 2017)

- Braver (5th Mini-Album ou October 24, 2018)

Also hosting with fellow seiyuu Ryouhei Kimura for Dengeki Girl's Smile.

He is skilled at playing shogi, having the Shogi Certification in 3rd Class. Due to this, he has appeared in Shogi shows from niconico, as well as being a commentary in Shogi events (e.g. Denousen).

Talent profile: Raccoon Dog

Twitter: @ok_nobuhiko

Instagram: @nobuhiko_cacao

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