Poster depicting Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou
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Alternative titles
ハイキュー!! 烏野高校 VS 白鳥沢学園高校
Haikyu!! 3rd Season
Haikyu!! 3rd Season
ハイキュー!! 烏野高校 VS 白鳥沢学園高校
2016-10-08 to 2016-12-10

After the victory against Aoba Jousai High, Karasuno High School, once called “a fallen powerhouse, a crow that can’t fly,” has finally reached the climax of the heated Spring tournament. Now, to advance to nationals, the Karasuno team has to defeat the powerhouse Shiratorizawa Academy. Karasuno’s greatest hurdle is their adversary’s ace, Wakatoshi Ushijima, the number one player in the Miyagi Prefecture, and one of the country’s top three aces. Only the strongest team will make it to the national tournament. Since this match is the third-year players’ last chance to qualify for nationals, Karasuno has to use everything they learned during the training camp and prior matches to attain victory. Filled with restlessness and excitement, both teams are determined to come out on top in the third season of Haikyuu!!. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Tobio Kageyama main Kaito Ishikawa Japanese
Shouyou Hinata main Dario Torrent Spanish
Shouyou Hinata main Bryson Baugus English
Tobio Kageyama main Enric Puig Spanish
Shouyou Hinata main Ayumu Murase Japanese
Tobio Kageyama main Scott Gibbs English
Lev Haiba supporting Mark Ishii Japanese
Asahi Azumane supporting Orlanders Jones English
Tsutomu Goshiki supporting Shinba Tsuchiya Japanese
Chikara Ennoshita supporting Toshiki Masuda Japanese
Taichi Kawanishi supporting Daiki Oomori Japanese
Asahi Azumane supporting Ximo Solano Spanish
Yui Michimiya supporting Asami Seto Japanese
Yukitaka Izumi supporting Kyousuke Ikeda Japanese
Mao Aihara supporting Rie Suegara Japanese
Akira Saitou supporting Kenji Sugimura Japanese
Chizuru Sasaki supporting Hyang Ri Kim Japanese
Kiyoko Shimizu supporting Birte Baumgardt German
Daichi Sawamura supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Daichi Sawamura supporting Justin Doran English
Satori Tendou supporting Josh Grelle English
Ittetsu Takeda supporting Gareth West English
Daichi Sawamura supporting Jorge Tejedor Spanish
Ryuunosuke Tanaka supporting Yuu Hayashi Japanese
Kouji Sekimukai supporting Seigo Yokota Japanese
Kiyoko Shimizu supporting Rebekah Stevens English
Koushi Sugawara supporting Adam Gibbs English
Eita Semi supporting Takuma Terashima Japanese
Saeko Tanaka supporting Yuka Komatsu Japanese
Eita Semi supporting Rubén Felis Spanish
Akiteru Tsukishima supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Kiyoko Shimizu supporting Eva Bau Spanish
Ittetsu Takeda supporting Clemente López Spanish
Hidemi Tashiro supporting Rubén Felis Spanish
Makoto Shimada supporting Tomoaki Maeno Japanese
Koushi Sugawara supporting Rafa Albert Spanish
Ryuunosuke Tanaka supporting Joan Montañana Spanish
Makoto Shimada supporting Kregg Dailey English
Tanji Washijou supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
Hitoka Yachi supporting Sumire Morohoshi Japanese
Hitoka Yachi supporting Brittney Karbowski English
Hitoka Yachi supporting Eva Andrés Spanish
Hayato Yamagata supporting Kenji Fukuda Japanese
Tadashi Yamaguchi supporting Soma Saito Japanese
Tadashi Yamaguchi supporting Cameron Bautsch English
Tadashi Yamaguchi supporting Fernando Barber Spanish
Shizuyasu Yokoyama supporting Hiroshi Iwasaki Japanese
Hisashi Kinoshita supporting Nobuyori Sagara Japanese
Chikara Ennoshita supporting Adam Noble English
Keiji Akaashi supporting Ryota Osaka Japanese
Lev Haiba supporting Mike Yager English
Tetsurou Kuroo supporting Ty Mahany English
Koutarou Bokuto supporting Ryouhei Kimura Japanese
Tetsurou Kuroo supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Yuu Nishinoya supporting Nobuhiko Okamoto Japanese
Yui Michimiya supporting Maggie Flecknoe English
Hajime Iwaizumi supporting Benjamin McLaughlin English
Koutarou Bokuto supporting Ian Sinclair English
Tsutomu Goshiki supporting Howard Wang English
Kazuhito Narita supporting Koutarou Nishiyama Japanese
Yukitaka Izumi supporting Anthony Hunter English
Yuu Nishinoya supporting Greg Ayres English
Yuu Nishinoya supporting Carles Montoliu Spanish
Tooru Oikawa supporting Daisuke Namikawa Japanese
Tooru Oikawa supporting Chris Patton English
Reon Oohira supporting Teruyuki Tanzawa Japanese
Reon Oohira supporting Nelo Gómez Spanish
Kei Tsukishima supporting Kouki Uchiyama Japanese
Kenjirou Shirabu supporting Toshiyuki Toyonaga Japanese
Makoto Shimada supporting Miquel Viñoles Spanish
Satori Tendou supporting Subaru Kimura Japanese
Keishin Ukai supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Akiteru Tsukishima supporting Clifford Chapin English
Kei Tsukishima supporting Leraldo Anzaldua English
Kiyoko Shimizu supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Ittetsu Takeda supporting Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese
Saeko Tanaka supporting Carli Mosier English
Keishin Ukai supporting Kazunari Tanaka Japanese
Ryuunosuke Tanaka supporting Greg Cote English
Keishin Ukai supporting David Wald English
Koushi Sugawara supporting Miyu Irino Japanese
Keishin Ukai supporting César Lechiguero Spanish
Yuusuke Takinoue supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Hidemi Tashiro supporting Kouki Miyata Japanese
Ikkei Ukai supporting Hiroshi Naka Japanese
Ikkei Ukai supporting James Belcher English
Wakatoshi Ushijima supporting Ryouta Takeuchi Japanese
Wakatoshi Ushijima supporting Joe Daniels English
Wakatoshi Ushijima supporting Hèctor Navarro Spanish
Vice Principal supporting Yasumichi Kushida Japanese
Chikara Ennoshita supporting Rubén Felis Spanish
Vice Principal supporting César Lechiguero Spanish
Keiji Akaashi supporting Miquel Viñoles Spanish
Hiroki Kurokawa supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Hajime Iwaizumi supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Asahi Azumane supporting Yoshimasa Hosoya Japanese
Koutarou Bokuto supporting Hèctor Navarro Spanish

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