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Slam Dunk
1993-10-16 to 1996-03-23

Hanamichi Sakuragi, an entering Shohoku high school freshman, holds a record for being rejected by 50 girls during middle school. His nearly 2 meters height and bright red hair causes most students to write him off as a delinquent.One day, a girl named Haruko Akagi approaches Hanamichi without any fear. When she asks Hanamichi "do you like basketball?" Hanamichi falls head over heels for the girl of his dreams. Without missing a beat, Hanamichi tells her he loves basketball, and the two head to the gymnasium where Hanamichi learns about the slam dunk. He also learns of Rukawa, one of the country's top basketball prospects, also a freshman at Shohoku.(Source: Funimation)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Takenori Akagi main Kiyoyuki Yanada Japanese
Takenori Akagi main Claudio Moneta Italian
Takenori Akagi main Victor Lee English
Takenori Akagi main Jeong Gu Lee Korean
Hisashi Mitsui main Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Hisashi Mitsui main Michael Pizzuto English
Hisashi Mitsui main Ja hyeong Gu Korean
Ryota Miyagi main Yoku Shioya Japanese
Ryota Miyagi main Dave Bridges English
Ryota Miyagi main Il Kim Korean
Kaede Rukawa main Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Kaede Rukawa main Ivo De palma Italian
Kaede Rukawa main David Lee McKinney English
Kaede Rukawa main Seung jun Kim Korean
Kaede Rukawa main Óscar Flores Spanish
Hanamichi Sakuragi main Takeshi Kusao Japanese
Hanamichi Sakuragi main Diego Sabre Italian
Hanamichi Sakuragi main René García Spanish
Hanamichi Sakuragi main Scott Evans English
Hanamichi Sakuragi main Si Ho Hong Korean
Ayako supporting Eriko Hara Japanese
Ayako supporting Dania Cericola Italian
Ayako supporting Andrea Kwan English
Ayako supporting Seon hui Mun Korean
Doctor T. supporting Yoku Shioya Japanese
Mikoshiba supporting Jin Yamanoi Japanese
Ryuu supporting Nobuhiko Kazama Japanese
Tetsuo supporting Masaharu Sato Japanese
Hayama supporting Masaharu Sato Japanese
Harada supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Nakamura supporting Nobuhiko Kazama Japanese
Sugadaira supporting Kouji Tsujitani Japanese
Koike supporting Masato Hirano Japanese
Anzai's Wife supporting Sanae Takagi Japanese
Matsui supporting Hiromi Nishikawa Japanese
Fujii supporting Machiko Toyoshima Japanese
Hikoichi Aida supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Hikoichi Aida supporting Dave Bridges English
Yayoi Aida supporting Yuuko Nagashima Japanese
Haruko Akagi supporting Akiko Hiramatsu Japanese
Haruko Akagi supporting Federica Valenti Italian
Haruko Akagi supporting Cristina Hernandez Spanish
Haruko Akagi supporting Mi Sook Jeong Korean
Haruko Akagi supporting Emily Woo Zeller English
Mitsuyoshi Anzai supporting Tomomichi Nishimura Japanese
Tatsuhiko Aota supporting Mario Castañeda Spanish
Tatsuhiko Aota supporting Hideyuki Umezu Japanese
Kazuo Araki supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Kenji Fujima supporting Kouji Tsujitani Japanese
Kenji Fujima supporting Seung jun Kim Korean
Kenji Fujima supporting Won Il Son Korean
Kicchou Fukuda supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Toru Hanagata supporting Massimo Di benedetto Italian
Toru Hanagata supporting Mario Castañeda Spanish
Toru Hanagata supporting Nobuhiko Kazama Japanese
Toru Hanagata supporting Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Kazushi Hasegawa supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Norio Hotta supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Ryoji Ikegami supporting Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Kentarou Ishii supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Taku Itou supporting Shinobu Satouchi Japanese
Soichiro Jin supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Soichiro Jin supporting Davide Garbolino Italian
Soichiro Jin supporting Seung jun Kim Korean
Satoru Kakuta supporting Shinobu Satouchi Japanese
Kazuo Karasawa supporting Kan Tokumaru Japanese
Mari Kawai supporting Nanae Sumitomo Japanese
Minori Kishimoto supporting Kazunari Tanaka Japanese
Kiminobu Kogure supporting Hideyuki Tanaka Japanese
Kiminobu Kogure supporting Felice Invernici Italian
Kiminobu Kogure supporting Jesús Barrero Spanish
Kiminobu Kogure supporting José Gilberto Vilchis Spanish
Kiminobu Kogure supporting David Lee McKinney English
Hiroaki Koshino supporting Shinobu Satouchi Japanese
Toki Kuwata supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Shinichi Maki supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Akira Mayuzumi supporting Hideyuki Umezu Japanese
Yohei Mito supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Yohei Mito supporting Simone D'Andrea Italian
Yohei Mito supporting Yamil Atala Spanish
Yoshihide Miura supporting Atsushi Kisaichi Japanese
Yoshinori Miyamasu supporting Shinobu Satouchi Japanese
Hiroshi Morishige supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Dai Moroboshi supporting Michio Nakao Japanese
Kengo Murasame supporting Yuji Mikimoto Japanese
Tadashi Mutou supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Mitsuru Nagano supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Tetsuya Naitou supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Kouichirou Nangou supporting Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese
Kiyota Nobunaga supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Kiyota Nobunaga supporting Luigi Rosa Italian
Kiyota Nobunaga supporting Won Il Son Korean
Chuichirou Noma supporting Yuji Mikimoto Japanese
Tatsumasa Oda supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Yuji Ohkusu supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Yuji Ohkusu supporting Daniele Demma Italian
Teruo Ookawa supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Satoru Sasaoka supporting Shinobu Satouchi Japanese
Akira Sendou supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Akira Sendou supporting Patrizio Prata Italian
Akira Sendou supporting Salvador Delgado Spanish
Youko Shimamura supporting Yuri Shiratori Japanese
Tetsushi Shiozaki supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Shouta Sugiyama supporting Kazuyuki Sogabe Japanese
Nozomi Takamiya supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Nozomi Takamiya supporting Ryan Carrassi Italian
Shouichi Takano supporting Yuji Mikimoto Japanese
Kazuma Takasago supporting Yasuhiko Kawazu Japanese
Riki Takatou supporting Masaharu Sato Japanese
Moichi Taoka supporting Unshou Ishizuka Japanese
Tomoyuki Uekusa supporting Kouji Tsujitani Japanese
Tomoyuki Uekusa supporting Kouzou Shioya Japanese
Jun Uozumi supporting Yukimasa Kishino Japanese
Jun Uozumi supporting Carlos Segundo Spanish
Jun Uozumi supporting Gerardo Reyero Spanish
Yasuharu Yasuda supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Ryuuji Yazawa supporting Michio Nakao Japanese
Isamu Yuuki supporting Nobuhiko Kazama Japanese

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