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Log Horizon
2013-10-05 to 2014-03-22

By its eleventh expansion pack, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Elder Tale has become a global success, having a following of millions of players. However, during the release of its twelfth expansion pack: Novasphere Pioneers, thirty thousand Japanese gamers who are all logged on at the time of the update, suddenly find themselves transported inside the game world and donning their in-game avatars. In the midst of the event, a socially awkward gamer called Shiroe along with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki decide to team up so that they may face this world which has now become their reality along with the challenges which lie ahead.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Shiroe main Takuma Terashima Japanese
Shiroe main Mike Yager English
Akatsuki main Emiri Kato Japanese
Akatsuki main Jad Saxton English
Naotsugu main Tomoaki Maeno Japanese
Naotsugu main Andrew Love English
Nyanta main Jouji Nakata Japanese
Nyanta main Jovan Jackson English
Touya supporting Greg Ayres English
Touya supporting Daiki Yamashita Japanese
Minori supporting Luci Christian English
Minori supporting Nao Tamura Japanese
Isuzu supporting Margaret McDonald English
Isuzu supporting Eriko Matsui Japanese
Marielle supporting Maggie Flecknoe English
Marielle supporting Yumi Hara Japanese
Henrietta supporting Shelley Calene-Black English
Henrietta supporting Ayahi Takagaki Japanese
Serara supporting Hilary Haag English
Serara supporting Misaki Kuno Japanese
Kanami supporting Marina Inoue Japanese
Londark supporting Eiji Miyashita Japanese
Londark supporting Kyle Jones English
Demikas supporting Atsushi Imaruoka Japanese
Demikas supporting Rob Mungle English
Schreider supporting Eiji Miyashita Japanese
Karashin supporting Nobuhiko Okamoto Japanese
Karashin supporting John Gremillion English
Nazuna supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Smash supporting Hiroki Gotou Japanese
Smash supporting Ty Mahany English
Lycopene supporting Kanami Satou Japanese
Rezarick supporting Mike Vance English
Rezarick supporting Hironori Saitou Japanese
Dolce supporting Shouta Yamamoto Japanese
Kawara supporting Shiori Izawa Japanese
Isami supporting Natsue Sasamoto Japanese
Girov supporting David Wald English
Girov supporting Taishi Murata Japanese
Regan supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Regan supporting David Wald English
Nureha supporting Chiwa Saito Japanese
Ichimonjinosuke Akaneya supporting Cho Japanese
Lenessia Eruarte Cowen supporting Mariya Ise Japanese
Lenessia Eruarte Cowen supporting Emily Neves English
Sergiatte Cowen supporting Shinpachi Tsuji Japanese
Sergiatte Cowen supporting Marty Fleck English
Rundelhaus Kode supporting Tetsuya Kakihara Japanese
Rundelhaus Kode supporting Tyler Galindo English
William Massachusetts supporting Chris Patton English
William Massachusetts supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Soujirou Seta supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Misa Takayama supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Misa Takayama supporting Krystal LaPorte English
Woodstock W supporting Christopher Ayres English
Woodstock W supporting Hiroshi Shirokuma Japanese
Shouryuu supporting Houston Hayes English
Shouryuu supporting Ryota Osaka Japanese
Hien supporting Blake Shepard English
Hien supporting Shohei Kajikawa Japanese
Liliana supporting Sora Amamiya Japanese
Ashlynn supporting Kanami Satou Japanese
Ashlynn supporting Krystal LaPorte English
Eisel supporting Chris Patton English
Eisel supporting Taishi Murata Japanese
Asuka supporting Minami Takahashi Japanese
Krusty supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Krusty supporting Jay Hickman English
Michitaka supporting Hiroki Gotou Japanese
Isaac supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Isaac supporting George Manley English
Eins supporting Mike Vance English
Eins supporting Masakazu Nishida Japanese
Rodrick supporting David Matranga English
Rodrick supporting Masaki Terasoma Japanese

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