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One Punch Man
2015-10-05 to 2015-12-21

The seemingly ordinary and unimpressive Saitama has a rather unique hobby: being a hero. In order to pursue his childhood dream, he trained relentlessly for three years—and lost all of his hair in the process. Now, Saitama is incredibly powerful, so much so that no enemy is able to defeat him in battle. In fact, all it takes to defeat evildoers with just one punch has led to an unexpected problem—he is no longer able to enjoy the thrill of battling and has become quite bored. This all changes with the arrival of Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, who wishes to be Saitama's disciple after seeing what he is capable of. Genos proposes that the two join the Hero Association in order to become certified heroes that will be recognized for their positive contributions to society, and Saitama, shocked that no one knows who he is, quickly agrees. And thus begins the story of One Punch Man, an action-comedy that follows an eccentric individual who longs to fight strong enemies that can hopefully give him the excitement he once felt and just maybe, he'll become popular in the process. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Genos main Michel Di Fiori Portuguese
Genos main Bastien Bourlé French
Genos main Jhonny Torres Spanish
Genos main Kaito Ishikawa Japanese
Genos main Flavio Aquilone Italian
Genos main Nico Sablik German
Saitama main Max Mittelman English
Saitama main Alessandro Campaiola Italian
Saitama main Dario Torrent Spanish
Genos main Enric Puig Spanish
Saitama main Makoto Furukawa Japanese
Saitama main Fabian Oscar Wien German
Saitama main Aurélien Cotentin French
Saitama main Yuri Chesman Portuguese
Saitama main Víctor Ruiz Spanish
Genos main Zach Aguilar English
Beast King supporting Marco Antônio Abreu Portuguese
Atomic Samurai supporting Alexandre Marconatto Portuguese
Bang supporting Carlos Campanile Portuguese
Bearded Worker supporting Jaron Löwenberg German
Armored Gorilla supporting Marcelo Pissardini Portuguese
Bang supporting John Demita English
Bearded Worker supporting Marc Diraison English
Armored Gorilla supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Beast King supporting Stefano Santerini Italian
Bofoy supporting Massimo Bitossi Italian
Bofoy supporting César Marchetti Portuguese
Carnage Kabuto supporting Unshou Ishizuka Japanese
Bofoy supporting Boris Sanz Spanish
Bofoy supporting Torsten Sense German
Crabrante supporting Santiago Ziesmer German
Charanko supporting Adrian Tatini Portuguese
Bofoy supporting Julien Chatelet French
Child Emperor supporting Marina Vinyals Spanish
Boros supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Carnage Kabuto supporting Mike McFarland English
Charanko supporting Toshiki Masuda Japanese
Boros supporting Maurizio Merluzzo Italian
Child Emperor supporting Eva Bau Spanish
Boros supporting Chris Jai Alex English
Crabrante supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Carnage Kabuto supporting Antonio Palumbo Italian
Charanko supporting Miguel Ángel Leal Spanish
Crabrante supporting Yukitoshi Tokumoto Japanese
Boros supporting Emmanuel Gradi French
Charanko supporting Leonardo Graziano Italian
Child Emperor supporting Sebastian Fitzner German
Boros supporting Peter Flechtner German
Doctor Genus supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Doctor Genus supporting Christian Strempler Spanish
Eyelashes supporting Sean Chiplock English
Doctor Kuseno supporting Kenichi Ogata Japanese
Doctor Kuseno supporting Doug Stone English
Geryuganshoop supporting Brian Beacock English
Flashy Flash supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Doctor Kuseno supporting Walter Cruz Portuguese
Fubuki supporting Laura Post English
Doctor Kuseno supporting Yann Pichon French
Eyelashes supporting Elias Karabolad Portuguese
Flashy Flash supporting Marco Aurélio Campos Portuguese
Drive Knight supporting Youji Ueda Japanese
Frog-Man supporting Márcio Vaz Portuguese
Drive Knight supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Geryuganshoop supporting Stefano Brusa Italian
Flashy Flash supporting Kousuke Toriumi Japanese
Frog-Man supporting Hiroki Gotou Japanese
Fubuki supporting Marta Aparicio Spanish
Drive Knight supporting Rodrigo Nanal Portuguese
Flashy Flash supporting Pau Ferrer Spanish
Ground Dragon supporting Tobias Lelle German
Ground Dragon supporting Marco Aurélio Campos Portuguese
Hukegao supporting Fritz Rott German
Ground Dragon supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Hammerhead supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Kombu Infinity supporting Tara Sands English
Iaian supporting Florian Hoffmann German
Hammerhead supporting Fabrizio Russotto Italian
King supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Hammerhead supporting Sven Fechner German
Hukegao supporting Fábio de Castro Portuguese
Iaian supporting Xander Mobus English
Hammerhead supporting Nestor Chiesse Portuguese
Melzalgald supporting Mauro Gravina Italian
Melzalgald supporting Ricardo Sawaya Portuguese
Mosquito Girl supporting Laura Lenghi Italian
Melzalgald supporting Boris Sanz Spanish
Melzalgald supporting Tim Knauer German
Mumen Rider supporting Angelo Evangelista Italian
Melzalgald supporting Adrien Solis French
Pig God supporting Marc Diraison English
Metal Bat supporting Wataru Hatano Japanese
Mosquito Girl supporting Cristina Valenzuela English
Mumen Rider supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Slugerous supporting Shinya Hamazoe Japanese
Slugerous supporting Chris Cason English
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Slugerous supporting Glauco Marques Portuguese
Slugerous supporting José Manuel Casany Spanish
Stinger supporting Emanuele Ruzza Italian
Split-Chinned Kid supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Snek supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Spring Mustache supporting David W. Collins English
Snek supporting Kirk Thornton English
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Erik Kimerer English
Superalloy Darkshine supporting Zeno Robinson English
Superalloy Darkshine supporting Thiago Zambrano Portuguese
Tanktop Black Hole supporting Atsushi Imaruoka Japanese
Superalloy Darkshine supporting Hèctor Navarro Spanish
Superalloy Darkshine supporting Peter Lontzek German
Tatsumaki supporting Caroline Combes French
Tanktop Master supporting Vanderlan Mendes Portuguese
Superalloy Darkshine supporting Davide Marzi Italian
Zeniru supporting Kirk Thornton English
Zeniru supporting Marco Antônio Abreu Portuguese
Zombieman supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Zombieman supporting Marco Baroni Italian
Zombieman supporting Vinícius Fagundes Portuguese
Zombieman supporting Marios Gavrilis German
Zombieman supporting Martial Leminoux French
Atomic Samurai supporting Germán Gijón Del Valle Spanish
Atomic Samurai supporting Kenjirou Tsuda Japanese
Beast King supporting Jirou Saitou Japanese
Bespectacled Worker supporting Kyle Hebert English
Bespectacled Worker supporting Youji Ueda Japanese
Beast King supporting Klaus-Dieter Klebsch German
Atomic Samurai supporting Kyle Hebert English
Bang supporting Marc Bretonnière French
Battery Man supporting Pierre Bittencourt Portuguese
Bespectacled Worker supporting Stefano Onofri Italian
Bearded Worker supporting Andrea Ward Italian
Bespectacled Worker supporting Felipe Zilse Portuguese
Atomic Samurai supporting Sven Gerhardt German
Bespectacled Worker supporting Manuel Campuzano Spanish
Bang supporting Sergio Capelo Spanish
Bearded Worker supporting Fábio Moura Portuguese
Bespectacled Worker supporting Arne Stephan German
Bespectacled Worker supporting Martial Leminoux French
Blue Fire supporting Yoshiaki Hasegawa Japanese
Blue Fire supporting Martial Leminoux French
Blue Fire supporting Márcio Vaz Portuguese
Bofoy supporting Tessyo Genda Japanese
Bofoy supporting Jamieson Price English
Crabrante supporting Chris Cason English
Carnage Kabuto supporting Mauro Ramos Portuguese
Boros supporting Armando Tiraboschi Portuguese
Crabrante supporting Luca Dal Fabbro Italian
Deep Sea King supporting Saverio Indrio Italian
Crabrante supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Crabrante supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
Boros supporting José Manuel Casany Spanish
Charanko supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Child Emperor supporting Sara Cravens English
Deep Sea King supporting Rikiya Koyama Japanese
Child Emperor supporting Felipe Volpato Portuguese
Deep Sea King supporting Keith Silverstein English
Carnage Kabuto supporting Torsten Münchow German
Deep Sea King supporting Zeca Rodrigues Portuguese
Child Emperor supporting Minami Takayama Japanese
Child Emperor supporting Mattia Fabiano Italian
Deep Sea King supporting Rafael Ordóñez Arrieta Spanish
Deep Sea King supporting Marc Bretonnière French
Doctor Genus supporting Daisuke Namikawa Japanese
Doctor Genus supporting Ray Chase English
Doctor Genus supporting Oreste Baldini Italian
Doctor Genus supporting Nico Mamone German
Doctor Genus supporting Fábio Azevedo Portuguese
Fubuki supporting Sonja Spuhl German
Drive Knight supporting Jorge Tejedor Spanish
Geryuganshoop supporting Hiroki Gotou Japanese
Flashy Flash supporting Omar Vitelli Italian
Drive Knight supporting Adrien Solis French
Fubuki supporting Jocelyn Robles Spanish
Golden Ball supporting Souta Arai Japanese
Geryuganshoop supporting Márcio Marconatto Portuguese
Geryuganshoop supporting Benjamin Pascal French
Eyelashes supporting Yoshiaki Hasegawa Japanese
Flashy Flash supporting Jan Makino German
Fubuki supporting Saori Hayami Japanese
Geryuganshoop supporting Asad Schwarz-Msesilamba German
Fubuki supporting Alessandra Bellini Italian
Golden Ball supporting Kaiji Tang English
Flashy Flash supporting Lex Lang English
Golden Ball supporting Jacob Weigert German
Frog-Man supporting Kirk Thornton English
Fubuki supporting Camila Castellani Portuguese
Golden Ball supporting Marco Nepomuceno Portuguese
Groribas supporting Shinya Hamazoe Japanese
Groribas supporting Bill Rogers English
Groribas supporting Carlos Silveira Portuguese
Ground Dragon supporting Shinya Hamazoe Japanese
Ground Dragon supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Ground Dragon supporting Fabrizio Mazzotta Italian
Kamakyuri supporting Kyle Hebert English
Hammerhead supporting Arturo Mercado jr. Spanish
Lightning Max supporting Soichiro Hoshi Japanese
Hukegao supporting Miguel Ángel Leal Spanish
Jet Nice Guy supporting Yoshiaki Hasegawa Japanese
King supporting Rich Brown English
Hammerhead supporting Edward Bosco English
Iaian supporting Diego Lima Portuguese
King supporting Martin Sabel German
Hammerhead supporting Julien Chatelet French
Kombu Infinity supporting Daniela Reidies German
Iaian supporting Yoshimasa Hosoya Japanese
Hukegao supporting Takuma Suzuki Japanese
Kombu Infinity supporting Ami Naitou Japanese
Lightning Max supporting Hèctor Navarro Spanish
Lightning Max supporting Ben Pronsky English
Kombu Infinity supporting Mariana Zink Portuguese
Hukegao supporting Kirk Thornton English
Iaian supporting Pau Ferrer Spanish
Kamakyuri supporting Douglas Guedes Portuguese
Lightning Max supporting Ricardo Teles​ Portuguese
King supporting Andrea Lavagnino Italian
Lightning Max supporting Sebastian Kluckert German
Iaian supporting Andrea Mete Italian
Lightning Max supporting Martial Leminoux French
Kamakyuri supporting Yoshiaki Hasegawa Japanese
King supporting José Otávio Guarnieri Portuguese
Lily supporting Ari Ozawa Japanese
Marugori supporting Shinya Hamazoe Japanese
Marugori supporting Bryce Papenbrook English
Marugori supporting Nick Forsberg German
Marugori supporting Raul Rosa Portuguese
Melzalgald supporting Kouki Uchiyama Japanese
Melzalgald supporting Vic Mignogna English
Metal Bat supporting Marco Vivio Italian
Mumen Rider supporting César Lechiguero Spanish
Metal Bat supporting Sam Riegel English
Mosquito Girl supporting Jessie Lambotte French
Mumen Rider supporting Robson Kumode Portuguese
Metal Bat supporting Julien Chatelet French
Puripuri Prisoner supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Mumen Rider supporting Robbie Daymond English
Puripuri Prisoner supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Metal Bat supporting Glauco Marques Portuguese
Mosquito Girl supporting Maria Jany German
Metal Bat supporting René Dawn-Claude German
Mosquito Girl supporting Miyuki Sawashiro Japanese
Mumen Rider supporting Jean-Pierre Leblan French
Pig God supporting Daisuke Namikawa Japanese
Puripuri Prisoner supporting Alberto Angrisano Italian
Pig God supporting Marcelo Caodaglio Portuguese
Puripuri Prisoner supporting José Manuel Casany Spanish
Mosquito Girl supporting Tarsila Amorim Portuguese
Mumen Rider supporting Jannik Endemann German
Puripuri Prisoner supporting Christoph Banken German
Puripuri Prisoner supporting Ray Chase English
Puripuri Prisoner supporting Dláigelles Silva Portuguese
Shibabawa supporting Kimiko Saito Japanese
Shibabawa supporting Barbara Goodson English
Shibabawa supporting Isaura Gomes Portuguese
Sitch supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Sitch supporting Luiz Antônio Lobue Portuguese
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Heitor Assali Portuguese
Snek supporting Benjamin Pascal French
Spring Mustache supporting Makoto Yasumura Japanese
Stinger supporting Bastian Sierich German
Snek supporting Danilo Di Martino Italian
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Mirko Cannella Italian
Split-Chinned Kid supporting Vinny Takahashi Portuguese
Stinger supporting Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Snek supporting Robert Missler German
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Jorge Tejedor Spanish
Spring Mustache supporting Francisco Brêtas Portuguese
Snek supporting César Emílio Portuguese
Stinger supporting Lucas Gama Portuguese
Stinger supporting Christopher Hackney English
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Adrien Solis French
Snek supporting José Manuel Casany Spanish
Subterranean King supporting Kirk Thornton English
Stinger supporting Benjamin Pascal French
Stinger supporting Miguel Ángel Leal Spanish
Snek supporting Edson Matus Zamora Spanish
Split-Chinned Kid supporting Ami Naitou Japanese
Spring Mustache supporting Roberto Draghetti Italian
Subterranean King supporting Youji Ueda Japanese
Spring Mustache supporting Erich Räuker German
Subterranean King supporting Antônio Moreno Portuguese
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic supporting Patrick Baehr German
Subterranean King supporting Roberto Fidecaro Italian
Split-Chinned Kid supporting Adrien Solis French
Spring Mustache supporting Marc Bretonnière French
Subterraneans supporting Shouta Yamamoto Japanese
Subterraneans supporting Vanderlan Mendes Portuguese
Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II supporting Hiroki Gotou Japanese
Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II supporting Marcelo Caodaglio Portuguese
Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II supporting Adrien Solis French
Superalloy Darkshine supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Tanktop Tiger supporting Jérémy Zylberberg French
Sweet Mask supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Tanktop Black Hole supporting Joshua Tomar English
Tanktop Master supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Sweet Mask supporting Emiliano Reggente Italian
Tanktop Tiger supporting Hiromu Miyazaki Japanese
Sweet Mask supporting Martial Leminoux French
Tatsumaki supporting Eva Andrés Spanish
Tanktop Black Hole supporting Affonso Amajones Portuguese
Tanktop Master supporting Gabriele Sabatini Italian
Tatsumaki supporting Eva Padoan Italian
Sweet Mask supporting Ben Lepley English
Tanktop Master supporting Patrick Seitz English
Tanktop Tiger supporting Renato Soares Portuguese
Sweet Mask supporting Oliver-Kim Hasper German
Tatsumaki supporting Sarah Alles German
Tanktop Black Hole supporting Gerrit Hamann German
Sweet Mask supporting Silas Borges Portuguese
Tatsumaki supporting Marieve Herington English
Vaccine Man supporting David Nathan German
Vaccine Man supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
Tatsumaki supporting Flora Paulita Portuguese
Sweet Mask supporting César Lechiguero Spanish
Tanktop Master supporting Rafael Ordóñez Arrieta Spanish
Tanktop Tiger supporting Chris Tergliafera English
Vaccine Man supporting Christopher Sabat English
Tanktop Tiger supporting Felix Spieß German
Vaccine Man supporting Wellington Lima Portuguese
Tanktop Black Hole supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Watchdog-man supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Tanktop Master supporting Tobias Brecklinghaus German
Tatsumaki supporting Aoi Yuuki Japanese
Watchdog-man supporting Alessio De Filippis Italian
Watchdog-man supporting Bruno Dias Portuguese
Watchdog-man supporting Jorge Tejedor Spanish
Watchdog-man supporting Julius Jellinek German
Watchdog-man supporting Arnie Pantoja English
Watchdog-man supporting Adrien Solis French
Zeniru supporting Hiroki Gotou Japanese
All Back-Man supporting Hiromichi Tezuka Japanese
All Back-Man supporting Bill Rogers English
Atomic Samurai supporting Yann Pichon French
All Back-Man supporting Roberto Garcia Portuguese
All Back-Man supporting Rainer Fritzsche German
Beast King supporting Paul St. Peter English
Bang supporting Saverio Moriones Italian
Armored Gorilla supporting Shouta Yamamoto Japanese
Bearded Worker supporting Shouta Yamamoto Japanese
Armored Gorilla supporting Kaiji Tang English
Atomic Samurai supporting Riccardo Scarafoni Italian
Bang supporting Kazuhiro Yamaji Japanese
Armored Gorilla supporting Giuliano Bonetto Italian
Bang supporting Elmar Gutmann German
Armored Gorilla supporting Tilo Schmitz German

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