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Catherine "Kate" Davis Higgins (born August 16, 1969) is a voice actress and singer. She was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is best known as the English voice of Sakura Haruno on the hit anime series Naruto, and more recently Saber from the anime "Fate/Stay Night" as well as the ps2 port Fate/Realta Nua. As of 2010, she is now the official voice of Miles "Tails" Prower of the SEGA series Sonic the Hedgehog. She has also been credited under the name of Kate Davis.

Higgins earned a degree in music from Auburn University. She is a trained pianist who studied with the jazz pianist, Bob Richardson.

Tina Armstrong in "Dead or Alive Xtreme 2" (VG) (English)

Twitter: @TheKateHiggins

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