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Eyeshield 21
2005-04-06 to 2008-03-19

Welcome To the Gridiron of the Damned! Huge hulking bodies throw themselves at each other, while a tiny lithe body runs between them for the goal! No, it’s not a game of football, it’s Sena Kobayakawa trying to evade the monstrous Ha-Ha brothers down the halls of Deimon High School! But wait! Sena’s incredible skills at not getting caught have been spotted by the devilish (possibly actually demonic) captain of the school’s embryonic American style football team, and when Sena asks to be the teams manager, he gets thrust onto the field as a running back instead! But there are two BIG catches: first, to keep the identity of their new "star" player an absolute secret, Yoichi makes Sena wear an opaque visor on his helmet and gives him the alias of "Eyeshield 21." And the second catch? Well, in order to hit his fastest "speed of light" running mode, Sena usually has to be absolutely terrified. Not that THAT will be a problem with the monstrous players that he’ll soon find himself running from! The insanity hits the streets when the feet meet the cleats in EYESHIELD 21!

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Mamori Anezaki main Aya Hirano Japanese
Mamori Anezaki main Kate Higgins English
Mamori Anezaki main Mi Sook Jeong Korean
Mamori Anezaki main Mayra Arellano Spanish
Yoichi Hiruma main Atsushi Tamura Japanese
Yoichi Hiruma main Derek Stephen Prince English
Yoichi Hiruma main Jesús Barrero Spanish
Yoichi Hiruma main Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Sena Kobayakawa main Miyu Irino Japanese
Sena Kobayakawa main Yuri Lowenthal English
Sena Kobayakawa main Kokoro Kikuchi Japanese
Sena Kobayakawa main Beom Gi Hong Korean
Sena Kobayakawa main Miguel Ángel Ruiz Spanish
Ryokan Kurita main Kouichi Nagano Japanese
Ryokan Kurita main Francisco Javier Rivero Pichardo Spanish
Tarou Raimon main Kappei Yamaguchi Japanese
Tarou Raimon main Si Ho Hong Korean
Tarou Raimon main Moisés Iván Mora Spanish
Cerberos supporting Masami Iwasaki Japanese
Hayato Akaba supporting Daisuke Hirakawa Japanese
Hayato Akaba supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Hayato Akaba supporting Moisés Iván Mora Spanish
Mamoru Banba supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Devil Bat supporting Kalihamal Martinez Spanish
Devil Bat supporting DJ Taro Japanese
Homer Fitzgerald supporting Kouji Ochiai Japanese
Rikiya Gaou supporting Tsuyoshi Koyama Japanese
Rui Habashira supporting Kouji Yusa Japanese
Rui Habashira supporting In Seong O Korean
Rui Habashira supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Kiminari Harao supporting Kousuke Takeuchi Japanese
Masaru Honjou supporting Ichiro Mikami Japanese
Billy Horide supporting Tadashi Miyazawa Japanese
Ikkyu Hosakawa supporting Toshiyuki Toyonaga Japanese
Daigo Ikari supporting Eiji Takemoto Japanese
Tetsuo Ishimaru supporting Grant George English
Kazuki Juumonji supporting Kirk Thornton English
Kazuki Juumonji supporting Takanori Hoshino Japanese
Kazuki Juumonji supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Riku Kaitani supporting Yuuki Masuda Japanese
Riku Kaitani supporting Kyouko Chikiri Japanese
Riku Kaitani supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Shun Kakei supporting Kousuke Takeuchi Japanese
Taiga Kamiya supporting Hidekazu Ichinose Japanese
Daikichi Komusubi supporting Sakaki Hidenori Japanese
Agon Kongo supporting Takuya Kirimoto Japanese
Unsui Kongo supporting Takeshi Maeda Japanese
Katsuko Konjo supporting Keiko Nakamura Japanese
Riko Kumabukuro supporting Mariya Ise Japanese
Koji Kuroki supporting Tony Oliver English
Koji Kuroki supporting Masami Iwasaki Japanese
Reiji Maruko supporting Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Kengo Mizumachi supporting Daisuke Ono Japanese
Kengo Mizumachi supporting Yong Wu Shin Korean
Shien Mushanokoji supporting Yuya Uchida Japanese
Shien Mushanokoji supporting José Gilberto Vilchis Spanish
Futoshi Omosadake supporting DJ Taro Japanese
Makoto Otawara supporting Kenji Nomura Japanese
Doburoku Sakaki supporting Shoichiro Akaboshi Japanese
Haruto Sakuraba supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Haruto Sakuraba supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Koutaro Sasaki supporting Eiji Moriyama Japanese
Juri Sawai supporting Chieko Higuchi Japanese
Juri Sawai supporting Christine Byrd Spanish
Seijuro Shin supporting Naoya Gomoto Japanese
Gunpei Shouji supporting Tetsuo Komura Japanese
Patrick Spencer supporting Kousuke Kujirai Japanese
Patrick Spencer supporting Moisés Iván Mora Spanish
Ichirou Takami supporting Kenji Hamada Japanese
Ichirou Takami supporting Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Gen Takekura supporting Rikiya Koyama Japanese
Natsuhiko Taki supporting Kouji Ochiai Japanese
Suzuna Taki supporting Shoko Nakagawa Japanese
Suzuna Taki supporting Christine Byrd Spanish
Jo Tetsuma supporting Eiji Takemoto Japanese
Shozo Togano supporting Liam O'Brien English
Shozo Togano supporting Takeshi Maeda Japanese
Megu Tsuyumine supporting Ayaka Yamashita Japanese
Baharou Ushijima supporting Kazuya Sueyoshi Japanese
Koharu Wakana supporting Mika Sakenobe Japanese
Jeremy Watt supporting Yakkun Sakurazuka Japanese
Onihei Yamamoto supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Manabu Yukimitsu supporting Masaru Hotta Japanese
Manabu Yukimitsu supporting José Gilberto Vilchis Spanish

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