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English: Gintama
2006-04-04 to 2010-03-25

Life isn't easy in feudal Japan... especially since the aliens landed and conquered everything! Oh sure, the new health care is great, but the public ban on the use of swords has left a lot of defeated samurai with a difficult decision to make concerning their future career paths! This is especially true if, as in the case of Gintoki Sakata, they're not particularly inclined towards holding a day job, which is why Gintoki's opted for the freelance route, taking any job that's offered to him as long as the financial remuneration sounds right. Unfortunately, in a brave new world filled with stray bug-eyed monsters, upwardly mobile Yakuza and overly ambitious E.T. entrepreneurs, those jobs usually don't pay as well as they should for the pain, suffering and indignities endured!

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Kagura main Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Kagura main Seon hui Mun Korean
Gintoki Sakata main Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Gintoki Sakata main Asami Yaguchi Japanese
Gintoki Sakata main Marco Guadagno Italian
Gintoki Sakata main Jesús Barrero Spanish
Gintoki Sakata main Alfredo Martínez Spanish
Gintoki Sakata main Ja hyeong Gu Korean
Shinpachi Shimura main Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
Shinpachi Shimura main Daniele Raffaeli Italian
Shinpachi Shimura main Beom Gi Hong Korean
Sadaharu supporting Mikako Takahashi Japanese
Elizabeth supporting Shinji Takamatsu Japanese
Elizabeth supporting Jong Hwan Son Korean
Narrator supporting Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese
Narrator supporting Ryouko Kinomiya Japanese
Narrator supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Narrator supporting Emilio Garcia Spanish
Otose supporting Kujira Japanese
Otose supporting Atsuko Enomoto Japanese
Otose supporting Do Yeong Song Korean
Okuni supporting Ai Shimizu Japanese
Tama supporting Omi Minami Japanese
Hedoro supporting Tessyo Genda Japanese
Prince Hata supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Prince Hata supporting Fabrizio Mazzotta Italian
Catherine supporting Yuu Sugimoto Japanese
Catherine supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Lake Toya supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Umibouzu supporting Show Hayami Japanese
Musashi supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Musashi supporting Won Je Tak Korean
No. 502 supporting Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese
Mutsu supporting Akeno Watanabe Japanese
Kamui supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Tsukuyo supporting Yuko Kaida Japanese
Taka-tin supporting Shigeo Kiyama Japanese
Dragon Taichou supporting Hiroya Ishimaru Japanese
Hosen supporting Banjou Ginga Japanese
Abuto supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Ungyou supporting Shigeo Kiyama Japanese
Gedoumaru supporting Ayako Kawasumi Japanese
Kaikei supporting Anri Katsu Japanese
Pandemonium supporting Mamiko Noto Japanese
Ebina supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Tatsumi supporting Aiko Hibi Japanese
Hachirou's Mother supporting Reiko Suzuki Japanese
Kariya supporting Masashi Sugawara Japanese
Puu supporting Yasuhiko Kawazu Japanese
Yashichi supporting Kouhei Fukuhara Japanese
Inoue supporting Daisuke Gouri Japanese
Jii supporting Toshitaka Hirano Japanese
Vanessa supporting Takako Honda Japanese
Daraku supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
No.305 supporting Miwa Kouzuki Japanese
Hanako supporting Kana Ueda Japanese
Ryou supporting Yuko Sato Japanese
Mone supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Mone supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Ane supporting Maya Okamoto Japanese
Ane supporting Sin Jeong Han Korean
Kada supporting Miki Itou Japanese
Yocchan supporting Satsuki Yukino Japanese
Urara supporting Megumi Toyoguchi Japanese
Kirara supporting Yuuko Gotou Japanese
Hinowa supporting Tomo Sakurai Japanese
Seita supporting Yuuko Sanpei Japanese
Oonishi supporting Tetsuharu Oota Japanese
Leukocyte King supporting Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Wakame supporting Tetsuharu Oota Japanese
Goemon supporting Junichi Suwabe Japanese
Tamo supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Muu supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Muu supporting Edoardo Stoppacciaro Italian
Mamushi supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Eromes supporting Yui Kano Japanese
Eromes supporting Hyeon Jeong Joe Korean
Shichibei supporting Yukimasa Obi Japanese
Tomu supporting Bon Ishihara Japanese
Shuwa supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Matsuo supporting Matsuo Matsuo Japanese
Gou supporting Wataru Hatano Japanese
Kanbei supporting Masashi Hirose Japanese
Hachiro supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Kankichi supporting Chikara Ousaka Japanese
Saizou supporting Akio Otsuka Japanese
Kuroda supporting Ryuuji Nakagi Japanese
Haji supporting Kumiko Higa Japanese
Uchino supporting Aya Endou Japanese
Kurikan supporting Jin Yamanoi Japanese
Suekichi supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Shachi supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Juurouta supporting Hisafumi Oda Japanese
Kamenashi supporting Tetsu Shiratori Japanese
Otohime supporting Gara Takashima Japanese
Rei supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Tasuke supporting Takafumi Kawakami Japanese
Kimiko supporting Touko Aoyama Japanese
Taki supporting Seiko Tomoe Japanese
Colonel Cherry supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Doushin supporting Jouji Nakata Japanese
Daito supporting Nobuyuki Hiyama Japanese
Santa supporting Kenichi Ogata Japanese
Ben supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Akage supporting Junji Majima Japanese
Megami supporting Naomi Shindo Japanese
Kai supporting Kaori Akashi Japanese
Ivanov supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Ojii-san supporting Mugihito Japanese
Kintaro supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Kamiyama supporting Toshihiko Seki Japanese
Shimomoto supporting Shingo Horii Japanese
Amachi supporting Taketoshi Kawano Japanese
Fusa supporting Haruhi Nanao Japanese
Reporter supporting Toshio Furukawa Japanese
Houichi supporting Yousuke Akimoto Japanese
Ochi-san supporting Masaki Aizawa Japanese
Kei supporting Rie Kanda Japanese
Marinosuke supporting Hiroshi Tsuchida Japanese
Secretary supporting Kaho Kouda Japanese
Omohidezake's Old Man supporting Masaaki Tsukada Japanese
Space Woman supporting Rica Fukami Japanese
Space Boss supporting Yuuto Kazama Japanese
Heidi supporting Akiko Japanese
Magistrate supporting Hideyuki Umezu Japanese
Kawasaki supporting Yuuki Ono Japanese
Store Manager supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Grandpa supporting Yasumichi Kushida Japanese
Hana supporting Kei Kobayashi Japanese
Nakano supporting Shinichirou Oota Japanese
Sugiyama supporting Naomi Wakabayashi Japanese
Kamemiya supporting Kazuyuki Okitsu Japanese
Captain Turtle supporting Shigeo Kiyama Japanese
Breeza supporting Tetsuharu Oota Japanese
Cello supporting Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Delde supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Kobayashi supporting Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
M supporting Toshinobu Iida Japanese
Puke Shogun supporting Kentarou Tone Japanese
Koishi supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Ikezawa supporting Ikumi Sugiyama Japanese
Kanemaru supporting Mitsutaka Tachikawa Japanese
Stainless Boy supporting Shigeo Kiyama Japanese
Tom supporting Chie Nakamura Japanese
Debugon supporting Yuu Mizushima Japanese
Shachou supporting Cho Japanese
Recycle-shop Proprietress supporting Ayumi Tsunematsu Japanese
Azumi Agonoske supporting Keikou Sakai Japanese
Mitsuhide Akechi supporting Yoshihisa Kawahara Japanese
Daisaku Amarao supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Suitsu Andromeda supporting Yasuhiko Kawazu Japanese
Jirochou Doromizu supporting Fumitoshi Miyajima Japanese
Kameyama Duuke supporting Noriaki Sugiyama Japanese
Sanzo Fudo supporting Kousei Tomita Japanese
Ishida Genpachi Zaemon supporting Hideyuki Umezu Japanese
Kenji Haga supporting Ken Narita Japanese
Saki Hanano supporting Yukari Tamura Japanese
Saki Hanano supporting Seon Hye Kim Korean
Taizou Hasegawa supporting Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese
Taizou Hasegawa supporting Seung jun Kim Korean
Hatsu Hasegawa supporting Sayuri Kubo Japanese
Kahei Hashida supporting Kouji Yada Japanese
Kanshichirou Hashida supporting Eriko Kigawa Japanese
Kantarou Hashida supporting Hisayoshi Suganuma Japanese
Zenzo Hattori supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Zenzo Hattori supporting Han Choi Korean
Father Hattori supporting Tomomichi Nishimura Japanese
Ryuuzan Hayashi supporting Yukitoshi Hori Japanese
Toshiro Hijikata supporting Kazuya Nakai Japanese
Toshiro Hijikata supporting Stefano Crescentini Italian
Toshiro Hijikata supporting Ju Chang Lee Korean
Gengai Hiraga supporting Takeshi Aono Japanese
Hisashi Hongou supporting Makoto Tsumura Japanese
Kyoshiro Honjo supporting Atsushi Kisaichi Japanese
Kamotaro Ito supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
Ken Kato supporting Kazunari Tanaka Japanese
Kotaro Katsura supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Kotaro Katsura supporting Marco Baroni Italian
Bansai Kawakami supporting Takumi Yamazaki Japanese
Michiko Kawasaki supporting Mariko Suzuki Japanese
Christel Ketsuno supporting Sayaka Narita Japanese
Seimei Ketsuno supporting Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Seimei Ketsuno supporting Momoko Oohara Japanese
Matako Kijima supporting Risa Hayamizu Japanese
Itsuki Kitaooji supporting Kenji Hamada Japanese
Daigorou Kitaouji supporting Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Isao Kondo supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Isao Kondo supporting Vittorio Guerrieri Italian
Isao Kondo supporting Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Kohei Konishi supporting Chihiro Suzuki Japanese
Heiji Kozenigata supporting Unshou Ishizuka Japanese
Seizou Kumanaku supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Touma Kuraba supporting Jouji Nakata Japanese
Katsuo Kurogoma supporting Katashi Ishizuka Japanese
Kaguzo Mashiroi supporting Kenji Utsumi Japanese
Utsuzo Mashiroi supporting Chikara Ousaka Japanese
Utsuzo Mashiroi supporting Ayano Ishikawa Japanese
Matsuko Matsubara supporting Eriko Nakamura Japanese
Katakuriko Matsudaira supporting Norio Wakamoto Japanese
Katakuriko Matsudaira supporting Gi hyeon Kim Korean
Kuriko Matsudaira supporting Chiwa Saito Japanese
Sui Minamito supporting Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Kirie Muneharu supporting Akiko Kimura Japanese
Tetsuko Murata supporting Keiko Nemoto Japanese
Tetsuya Murata supporting Takeharu Onishi Japanese
Mikako Nakajima supporting Yukana Japanese
Kyojiro Nakamura supporting Masaya Matsukaze Japanese
Ikumatsu Nishiki supporting Mayumi Asano Japanese
Tsukamu Nishino supporting Yoshinori Sonobe Japanese
Mahha Noriko supporting Akiko Japanese
Nobunaga Oda supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Iwa Ogami supporting Seiko Tomoe Japanese
Nizou Okada supporting Yutaka Aoyama Japanese
Sougo Okita supporting Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Sougo Okita supporting Alessio De Filippis Italian
Sougo Okita supporting Nami Okamoto Japanese
Sougo Okita supporting Il Kim Korean
Mitsuba Okita supporting Sumi Shimamoto Japanese
Tokumori Saigou supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Teruhiko Saigou supporting Touko Aoyama Japanese
Tatsuma Sakamoto supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Tatsuma Sakamoto supporting Nanni Baldini Italian
Tatsuma Sakamoto supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Ayame Sarutobi supporting Yuu Kobayashi Japanese
Ayame Sarutobi supporting Antonella Baldini Italian
Ayame Sarutobi supporting Seon Hye Kim Korean
Tae Shimura supporting Satsuki Yukino Japanese
Tae Shimura supporting Diana Torres Spanish
Tae Shimura supporting Yeo Jin Yun Korean
Tae Shimura supporting Eleonora Reti Italian
Shinnoshin Shinohara supporting Keiichi Kuwabara Japanese
Doman Shirino supporting Ken Narita Japanese
Doman Shirino supporting Kyoko Yamaguchi Japanese
Gindou Shoji supporting Isshin Chiba Japanese
Hideaki Sorachi supporting Hideaki Sorachi Japanese
Tendou Soutatsu supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Shinsuke Takasugi supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Shinsuke Takasugi supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Hachibei Takaya supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Henpeita Takechi supporting Chafurin Japanese
Kahei Tanaka supporting Anri Katsu Japanese
Tsu Terakado supporting Mikako Takahashi Japanese
Tsu Terakado supporting Do Yeong Song Korean
Ichi Terakado supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Father Terakado supporting Hidetoshi Nakamura Japanese
Danzou Tobita supporting Yuusaku Yara Japanese
Shigeshige Tokugawa supporting Yuuki Ono Japanese
Soyo Tokugawa supporting Ryou Hirohashi Japanese
Ieyasu Tokugawa supporting Ryou Sugisaki Japanese
Ayumu Toujou supporting Kouji Yusa Japanese
Hideyoshi Toyotomi supporting Tadashi Miyazawa Japanese
Harada Unosuke supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Kaoru Waki supporting Satomi Arai Japanese
Atsumasuke Watanabe supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Kyubei Yagyu supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Binbokusai Yagyu supporting Naoki Tatsuta Japanese
Koshinori Yagyu supporting Takaya Kuroda Japanese
Sagaru Yamazaki supporting Tetsuharu Oota Japanese
Shouyou Yoshida supporting Kouichi Yamadera Japanese

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