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Alternative titles

English: Eureka Seven


Aired 2005-04-17 to 2006-04-02
Episodes 50

Renton Thurston is a 14-year-old boy who lived with his mechanic grandfather in a backwater town. Every day he dreamed of being with the mercenary "Light Finding Operation (LFO)" aircraft pilot group "Gekkostate" and riding "Trapar" particle waves—a sport called "reffing"—with their charismatic leader Holland, especially when faced with his father's acclaimed past or his grandfather's desire to protect him. When a young girl named Eureka riding the original LFO, the "Nirvash typeZERO," asks his grandfather for a tune-up, she inadvertently brings the attention of the military to the garage; as a result, the garage is destroyed and Renton is forced to deliver a new type of interface—the "Amita Drive"—to the Nirvash. After a heated fight in which the Nirvash destroys the military LFOs by unleashing an immense amount of power, Renton is invited into Gekkostate. However, he quickly realizes that behind the facade of a traveling group of mercenaries is a very bitter reality.(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Eureka main Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Eureka main Stephanie Sheh English
Eureka main Valentina Mari Italian
Eureka main Julia Meynen German
Eureka main Myeong seon Lee Korean
Eureka main Catherine Fu English
Eureka main Esther Aflalo French
Holland Novak main Crispin Freeman English
Holland Novak main Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Holland Novak main Alessandro Quarta Italian
Holland Novak main Olaf Reichmann German
Holland Novak main Seok jeong Yang Korean
Renton Thurston main Johnny Yong Bosch English
Renton Thurston main Yuuko Sanpei Japanese
Renton Thurston main In Seong O Korean
Renton Thurston main Muriel Hofmann English
Talho Yuuki main Michiko Neya Japanese
Talho Yuuki main Kate Higgins English
Talho Yuuki main Yeo Jin Yun Korean
Talho Yuuki main Gundi Eberhard German
Talho Yuuki main Lily Truncale English
Anemone supporting Ami Koshimizu Japanese
Anemone supporting Kari Wahlgren English
Anemone supporting Ilaria Latini Italian
Anemone supporting Ui Jin Chae Korean
Matthieu supporting Kirk Thornton English
Matthieu supporting Akio Nakamura Japanese
Matthieu supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Matthieu supporting Matt Bailey English
Captain Jurgens supporting Michael McConnohie English
Captain Jurgens supporting Tetsuo Komura Japanese
Captain Jurgens supporting Jan Spitzer German
Mischa supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Mischa supporting Yoko Soumi Japanese
Mischa supporting Christin Marquitan German
Mischa supporting Myeong seon Lee Korean
Maurice supporting Michiko Neya Japanese
Maurice supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Maurice supporting Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Gidget supporting Fumie Mizusawa Japanese
Gidget supporting Jessica Straus English
Gidget supporting Julia Kaufmann German
Gidget supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Norb supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Norb supporting Rikiya Koyama Japanese
Norb supporting Jamieson Price English
Norb supporting Sam Riegel English
Norb supporting Yong Wu Shin Korean
Sakuya supporting Akiko Yajima Japanese
Sakuya supporting Jennie Kwan English
Sakuya supporting Sin Jeong Han Korean
Hap supporting Tony Oliver English
Hap supporting Tarou Yamaguchi Japanese
Hap supporting Bernhard Völger German
Hap supporting Marco Vivio Italian
Stoner supporting Yasunori Matsumoto Japanese
Stoner supporting Doug Stone English
Stoner supporting Jong Gu Lee Korean
Ken-Goh supporting Kyle Hebert English
Ken-Goh supporting Tamio Ooki Japanese
Ken-Goh supporting Bob Papenbrook English
Ken-Goh supporting Tilo Schmitz German
Ken-Goh supporting Han Choi Korean
Hilda supporting Mayumi Asano Japanese
Hilda supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Hilda supporting Silvia Missbach German
Hilda supporting Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Hilda supporting Dominique Wagner French
Moondoggie supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Moondoggie supporting Steve Staley English
Moondoggie supporting Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Moondoggie supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Jobs supporting Tomoyuki Shimura Japanese
Jobs supporting Dave Mallow English
Jobs supporting Tim Moeseritz German
Woz supporting Dave Wittenberg English
Woz supporting Cho Japanese
Woz supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Maeter supporting Eriko Kigawa Japanese
Maeter supporting Peggy O'Neal English
Linck supporting Fumie Mizusawa Japanese
Digger supporting Yoshiyuki Kaneko Japanese
Uno supporting Katsumi Suzuki Japanese
Tiptory supporting Philece Sampler English
Tiptory supporting Kazuko Sugiyama Japanese
Neal supporting Junpei Morita Japanese
Gonzy supporting Takkou Ishimori Japanese
Gonzy supporting Han Choi Korean
Brittany supporting Unshou Ishizuka Japanese
Morita supporting Kenichi Ono Japanese
High Priest supporting Hisako Kyouda Japanese
Ageha A supporting Michelle Ruff English
Ageha A supporting Misato Fukuen Japanese
Ageha B supporting Bridget Hoffman English
Ageha B supporting Kazuko Kojima Japanese
Ageha C supporting Emiri Kato Japanese
Ageha C supporting Melissa Fahn English
Ageha D supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Ageha D supporting Kaori Mine Japanese
Ageha E supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Ageha E supporting Megumi Yamato Japanese
Deckard supporting Kirk Thornton English
Deckard supporting Mahito Tsujimura Japanese
William B. Baxter supporting Toshio Furukawa Japanese
William B. Baxter supporting Keith Silverstein English
William B. Baxter supporting Jesco Wirthgen German
Charles Beams supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Charles Beams supporting Patrick Seitz English
Charles Beams supporting Thomas Petruo German
Ray Beams supporting Aya Hisakawa Japanese
Ray Beams supporting Melissa Fahn English
Greg Egan supporting Banjou Ginga Japanese
Yukatan Iglasias supporting Yutaka Nakano Japanese
Coda Lovell supporting Barbara Goodson English
Coda Lovell supporting Mariko Akashi Japanese
Braya Mattingly supporting Michael Forest English
Braya Mattingly supporting Mugihito Japanese
Dewey Novak supporting Kouji Tsujitani Japanese
Dewey Novak supporting Kim Strauss English
Dewey Novak supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Maria Schneider supporting Eriko Kigawa Japanese
Maria Schneider supporting Peggy O'Neal English
Dominic Sorel supporting Peter Doyle English
Dominic Sorel supporting Shigenori Yamazaki Japanese
Dominic Sorel supporting Robin Kahnmeyer German
Dominic Sorel supporting Flavio Aquilone Italian
Dominic Sorel supporting Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Kuzemi Swigert supporting William Frederick Knight English
Kuzemi Swigert supporting Tamio Ooki Japanese
Axel Thurston supporting Takeshi Aono Japanese
Axel Thurston supporting Steve Kramer English
Diane Thurston supporting Sakiko Tamagawa Japanese
Diane Thurston supporting Peggy O'Neal English
Sonia Wakabayashi supporting Yuriko Yamaguchi Japanese
Sonia Wakabayashi supporting Bridget Hoffman English

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