Poster depicting Mobile Fighter G Gundam
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English: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
1994-04-01 to 1995-03-31

In the Year FC 60, much of mankind inhabits space colonies which orbit the Earth. Dominance over the colonies is decided once every four years by a large tournament in which each nation sends a single representative to fight the others with a giant robot called a Gundam. Domon Kashuu is selected to represent Neo-Japan in one of these tournaments, but he fights less to ensure his nation's victory than to find his brother, who has been blamed for the deaths of Domon's parents and the disappearance of a very dangerous weapon, the Dark Gundam or Devil Gundam.(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Domon Kasshu main Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Domon Kasshu main Mark Gatha English
Domon Kasshu main Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Rain Mikamura main Yuri Amano Japanese
Rain Mikamura main Jennifer Holder English
Rain Mikamura main Jeong Hwa Yang Korean
Master Asia supporting Yousuke Akimoto Japanese
Master Asia supporting Dave Pettitt English
Master Asia supporting Gi hyeon Kim Korean
Karato supporting Shin Aomori Japanese
Maria Louise supporting Yumi Touma Japanese
Maria Louise supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Sofia supporting Hinako Yoshino Japanese
Akino supporting Aya Hisakawa Japanese
Akino supporting Meredith Taylor-Parry English
Dr. Mikamura supporting Motomu Kiyokawa Japanese
Min supporting Michiyo Yanagisawa Japanese
Hoi supporting Fushigi Yamada Japanese
Carlos Andalucia supporting Yukitoshi Hori Japanese
Allenby Beardsley supporting Carol-Anne Day English
Allenby Beardsley supporting Narumi Hidaka Japanese
Allenby Beardsley supporting Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Raymond Bishop supporting Kazuo Oka Japanese
Schwarz Bruder supporting Hideyuki Hori Japanese
Max Burns supporting Ginzou Matsuo Japanese
Michelo Chairiot supporting Kyousei Tsukui Japanese
Michelo Chairiot supporting Jonathan Love English
Chibodee Crocket supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Chibodee Crocket supporting Mami Matsui Japanese
Chibodee Crocket supporting Roger Rhodes English
Chibodee Crocket supporting Il Kim Korean
George de Sand supporting Takumi Yamazaki Japanese
George de Sand supporting Yeong Seon Kim Korean
George de Sand supporting Scott Roberts English
Andrew Graham supporting Masashi Sugawara Japanese
Andrew Graham supporting Naoh Umholtz English
Norma Graham supporting Sayuri Japanese
Argo Gulskii supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Argo Gulskii supporting Stephen Holgate English
Bunny Higgins supporting Wakana Yamazaki Japanese
Hans Holger supporting Masami Kikuchi Japanese
Cecile Holger supporting Yuri Shiratori Japanese
Ulube Ishikawa supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Kyoji Kasshu supporting Hideyuki Hori Japanese
Nashiusu Kiruhya supporting Minoru Inaba Japanese
Shirley Lane supporting Tsurumatsu Matsukuma Japanese
Shirley Lane supporting Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Alan Lee supporting Kinryuu Arimoto Japanese
Kyral Mekirel supporting Mugihito Japanese
Kyral Mekirel supporting Tom Edwards English
Jean-Pierre Mirabeau supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Romario Monini supporting Naoki Tatsuta Japanese
Chico Rodriguez supporting Urara Takano Japanese
Chico Rodriguez supporting Shinya Ootaki Japanese
Gina Rodriguez supporting Hiroko Emori Japanese
Cath Ronary supporting Kae Araki Japanese
Sai Saici supporting Kappei Yamaguchi Japanese
Sai Saici supporting Zoe Slusar English
Sai Saici supporting Jang Kim Korean
Chandra Shijiema supporting Issei Futamata Japanese
Janet Smith supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Janet Smith supporting Akie Sekine Japanese
Tris Surugeiref supporting Yuko Mizutani Japanese
Wong Yunfat supporting Kouichi Hashimoto Japanese
Nastasha Zabigov supporting Mari Yokoo Japanese
Nastasha Zabigov supporting Onalea Gilbertson English

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