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English: Tenjho Tenge
2004-04-02 to 2004-09-17

Souchirou Nagi and Bob Makihara are two delinquents who arrive at Toudou Academy with the objective of ruling over the school with their strength. But on their first day, they encountered the Jyuukenbu, a martial arts group of the school. Members of the group, Maya Natsume, her sister Aya, and Masataka Takayanagi easily overpowered Souchirou and Bob. And what's more, due to what was assumed to be their "connections" with the Jyuukenbu, the two were attacked by members of the Enforcement Group, which oversees the martial arts groups of the school. Drawn into the personal conflicts between the Jyuukenbu and the Enforcement Group, Souchirou and Bob have no choice but to join up with Maya Natsume's group and to hone their skills to become even stronger.

(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Bob Makihara main Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Bob Makihara main Jamieson Price English
Bob Makihara main Jan-David Rönfeldt German
Souichiro Nagi main Soichiro Hoshi Japanese
Souichiro Nagi main Steve Staley English
Souichiro Nagi main Massimo Di benedetto Italian
Souichiro Nagi main Benoit Dupac French
Souichiro Nagi main Fabian Hollwitz German
Maya Natsume main Wendee Lee English
Maya Natsume main Aya Hisakawa Japanese
Maya Natsume main Julia Ziffer German
Maya Natsume main Cinzia Massironi Italian
Maya Natsume main Marie-Luise Schramm German
Maya Natsume main Valérie Nosrée French
Aya Natsume main Minori Chihara Japanese
Aya Natsume main Stephanie Sheh English
Aya Natsume main Adeline Moreau French
Masataka Takayanagi main Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Masataka Takayanagi main Johnny Yong Bosch English
Masataka Takayanagi main Paolo De Santis Italian
Masataka Takayanagi main Benjamin Pascal French
Ishimatsu supporting Lex Lang English
Ishimatsu supporting Nobuyuki Hiyama Japanese
Wu-Tan supporting Michael Sorich English
Wu-Tan supporting Isshin Chiba Japanese
Chiein Fuu supporting Issei Miyazaki Japanese
Chiein Fuu supporting Ezra Weisz English
Dan Inosato supporting Junichi Suwabe Japanese
Dan Inosato supporting Sam Riegel English
Dan Inosato supporting Benjamin Pascal French
Dan Inosato supporting Pascal Nowak French
Emi Isuzu supporting Kate Higgins English
Emi Isuzu supporting Haruhi Nanao Japanese
Emi Isuzu supporting Melanie Hinze German
Emi Isuzu supporting Dominique Vallee French
Shinobu Kagurazaka supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
Shinobu Kagurazaka supporting Christopher Smith English
Shinobu Kagurazaka supporting Pascal Nowak French
Chiaki Kounoike supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Chiaki Kounoike supporting Ryoko Shiraishi Japanese
Chiaki Kounoike supporting Giuliana Jakobeit German
Mana Kuzunoha supporting Melissa Fahn English
Mana Kuzunoha supporting Shiho Kawaragi Japanese
Mana Kuzunoha supporting Claudine Grémy French
Makiko Nagi supporting Yuri Amano Japanese
Makiko Nagi supporting Karen Strassman English
Makiko Nagi supporting Claudine Grémy French
Shin Natsume supporting Liam O'Brien English
Shin Natsume supporting Shuuichi Ikeda Japanese
Shin Natsume supporting Hikaru Tokita Japanese
Shin Natsume supporting Matthias Hinze German
Shin Natsume supporting Cyrille Monge French
Kaima Natsume supporting Ryuuzaburou Ootomo Japanese
Tsutomu Ryuuzaki supporting Kenji Hamada Japanese
Tsutomu Ryuuzaki supporting Derek Stephen Prince English
Tsutomu Ryuuzaki supporting Cyrille Monge French
Koji Sagara supporting Lex Lang English
Koji Sagara supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Koji Sagara supporting Paul St. Peter English
Koji Sagara supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Masahiro Sanada supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Masahiro Sanada supporting Sam Riegel English
Kagesada Sugano supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
Kagesada Sugano supporting Richard Cansino English
Shiro Tagami supporting Eiji Hanawa Japanese
Shiro Tagami supporting Dave Mallow English
Mitsuomi Takayanagi supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Mitsuomi Takayanagi supporting Bruno Magne French
Mitsuomi Takayanagi supporting Kim Strauss English
Mitsuomi Takayanagi supporting Michael Deffert German
Dougen Takayanagi supporting Kinryuu Arimoto Japanese
Dougen Takayanagi supporting Steve Kramer English
Bunshichi Tawara supporting Kazuki Yao Japanese
Bunshichi Tawara supporting Kirk Thornton English
Bunshichi Tawara supporting Matthias Klages German

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