Poster depicting Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 3 - Hi no Ishi wo Tsugu Mono
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Alternative titles
ナルト- 疾風伝 火の意志を継ぐ者
Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 3 - Hi no Ishi wo Tsugu Mono
2009-08-01 to 2009-08-01

Ninjas with bloodline limits begin disappearing in all the countries and blame points toward the fire nation. By Tsunade's order, Kakashi is sacrificed to prevent an all out war. After inheriting charms left by Kakashi, Naruto fights through friends and foes to prevent his death while changing the minds of those who've inherited the will of fire.(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Hiruko main Soichiro Hoshi Japanese
Hiruko main Todd Haberkorn English
Hiruko main Mathieu Moreau French
Kakashi Hatake main Kazuhiko Inoue Japanese
Kakashi Hatake main Dave Wittenberg English
Kakashi Hatake main Lionel Bourguet French
Sasuke Uchiha main Yuri Lowenthal English
Naruto Uzumaki main Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Naruto Uzumaki main Maile Flanagan English
Naruto Uzumaki main Leonardo Graziano Italian
Naruto Uzumaki main Carole Baillien French
Gaara supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Gaara supporting Liam O'Brien English
Gaara supporting Tony Beck French
Sai supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Sai supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Sai supporting Maxime Donnay French
Temari supporting Romi Park Japanese
Temari supporting Tara Platt English
Jiraiya supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Jiraiya supporting David Lodge English
Jiraiya supporting Olivier Cuvellier French
Tsunade supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Tsunade supporting Debi Mae West English
Tsunade supporting Laurence César French
Tenten supporting Yukari Tamura Japanese
Tenten supporting Danielle Judovits English
Shizune supporting Keiko Nemoto Japanese
Shizune supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Shizune supporting Claire Tefnin French
Kankuro supporting Yasuyuki Kase Japanese
Kankuro supporting Doug Erholtz English
Kankuro supporting Thierry Janssen French
Akamaru supporting Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Land of Fire Daimyo supporting Yoshiyuki Kaneko Japanese
Shino Aburame supporting Derek Stephen Prince English
Shino Aburame supporting Shinji Kawada Japanese
Shino Aburame supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Chouji Akimichi supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Chouji Akimichi supporting Robbie Rist English
Chouji Akimichi supporting Thierry Janssen French
Kotetsu Hagane supporting Liam O'Brien English
Kotetsu Hagane supporting Tomoyuki Kouno Japanese
Kotetsu Hagane supporting David Manet French
Sakura Haruno supporting Chie Nakamura Japanese
Sakura Haruno supporting Kate Higgins English
Sakura Haruno supporting Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Sakura Haruno supporting Maia Baran French
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Nana Mizuki Japanese
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Neji Hyuuga supporting Steve Staley English
Neji Hyuuga supporting Kouichi Toochika Japanese
Neji Hyuuga supporting Xavier Percy French
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Kousuke Toriumi Japanese
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Kyle Hebert English
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Xavier Percy French
Rock Lee supporting Yoichi Masukawa Japanese
Rock Lee supporting Brian Donovan English
Rock Lee supporting Jean-Pierre Denuit French
Shikamaru Nara supporting Showtaro Morikubo Japanese
Shikamaru Nara supporting Tom Gibis English
Shikamaru Nara supporting Jean-Pierre Denuit French
Shikamaru Nara supporting Matteo Zanotti Italian
Rin Nohara supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Rin Nohara supporting Haruhi Nanao Japanese
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Doug Erholtz English
Obito Uchiha supporting Vic Mignogna English
Obito Uchiha supporting Sousuke Komori Japanese
Ino Yamanaka supporting Ryoka Yuzuki Japanese
Ino Yamanaka supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Ino Yamanaka supporting Alexandra Correa French

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