Poster depicting Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

Alternative titles

美少女戦士セーラームーン Super S
English: Sailor Moon SuperS


Aired 1995-03-04 to 1996-03-02
Episodes 39

SuperS centers heavily on Chibi-usa and the Sailor Team. A new enemy, the Dead Moon Circus, has now appeared. Their motive is to find the Golden Dream Mirror that would be used to rule the world. To do this, the enemy attacks innocent victims for their Dream Mirrors and test their energy. Chibi-usa also has a new ally on her side, Pegasus. This season also sees the Sailor Senshi obtaining new powers.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Chibiusa main Kae Araki Japanese
Chibiusa main Amélie Morin French
Chibiusa main Stephanie Beard English
Chibiusa main Cristina Hernandez Japanese
Chibiusa main Nicola Grupe German
Chibiusa main Ilona Molnár Hungarian
Chibiusa main Úrsula Bezerra Portuguese
Chibiusa main Anat Alpan Hebrew
Helios main Taiki Matsuno Japanese
Helios main Péter Szokol Hungarian
Helios main Alexandre Marconatto Portuguese
Helios main Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Helios main Robert Bockstael English
Helios main Luis Daniel Ramirez Spanish
Helios main Philippe Ogouz French
Queen Nehellenia main Yoshiko Sakakibara Japanese
Queen Nehellenia main Orli Katan Hebrew
Queen Nehellenia main Lisa Dalbello English
Queen Nehellenia main Sylvia Garcel Spanish
Zirconia main Hisako Kyouda Japanese
Zirconia main Efrat Ben israel Hebrew
Zirconia main Philippe Ogouz French
Minako Aino main Rica Fukami Japanese
Minako Aino main Amélie Morin French
Minako Aino main Stephanie Morgenstern English
Minako Aino main Emilie-Claire Barlow English
Minako Aino main Cherami Leigh English
Minako Aino main Virág Kiss Hungarian
Minako Aino main Priscilla Concépcion Portuguese
Minako Aino main Maria Fernanda Morales Spanish
Minako Aino main Hilly Israel Hebrew
Minako Aino main Claudia Lössl German
Mamoru Chiba main Toru Furuya Japanese
Mamoru Chiba main Vincent Corazza English
Mamoru Chiba main Nándor Holl Hungarian
Mamoru Chiba main Gerardo Reyero Spanish
Mamoru Chiba main Dominik Auer German
Mamoru Chiba main Zvika Fohrman Hebrew
Mamoru Chiba main Philippe Ogouz French
Mamoru Chiba main Robbie Daymond English
Rei Hino main Michie Tomizawa Japanese
Rei Hino main Cristina Valenzuela English
Rei Hino main Katie Griffin English
Rei Hino main Julia Haacke German
Rei Hino main Éva Dögei Hungarian
Rei Hino main Liat Har-lev Hebrew
Makoto Kino main Emi Shinohara Japanese
Makoto Kino main Susan Roman English
Makoto Kino main Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Makoto Kino main Ági Kökényessy Hungarian
Makoto Kino main Veronika Aryana Neugebauer German
Makoto Kino main Donatella Fanfani Italian
Makoto Kino main Amanda Celine Miller English
Makoto Kino main Noa Kashpitzki Hebrew
Ami Mizuno main Aya Hisakawa Japanese
Ami Mizuno main Kate Higgins English
Ami Mizuno main Debora Magnaghi Italian
Ami Mizuno main Ildikó Mics Hungarian
Ami Mizuno main Melissa Garcia Portuguese
Ami Mizuno main Rossy Aguirre Spanish
Ami Mizuno main Stefanie Beba German
Ami Mizuno main Shira Naor Hebrew
Ami Mizuno main Elad Samocha Hebrew
Usagi Tsukino main Kotono Mitsuishi Japanese
Usagi Tsukino main Stephanie Sheh English
Usagi Tsukino main Elisabetta Spinelli Italian
Usagi Tsukino main Linda Ballantyne English
Usagi Tsukino main Patricia Acevedo Spanish
Usagi Tsukino main Daniela Piquet Portuguese
Usagi Tsukino main Inez Günther German
Usagi Tsukino main Kata Csondor Hungarian
Usagi Tsukino main Michal Reshef Hebrew
Luna supporting Michelle Ruff English
Luna supporting Keiko Han Japanese
Luna supporting Jill Frappier English
Luna supporting Agnès Gribe French
Luna supporting Edina Somlai Hungarian
Luna supporting Rocío Garza Ramírez Spanish
Luna supporting Mara Winzer German
Luna supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Artemis supporting Johnny Yong Bosch English
Artemis supporting Yasuhiro Takato Japanese
Artemis supporting Ron Rubin English
Artemis supporting Zvika Fohrman Hebrew
Tiger's Eye supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Tiger's Eye supporting Oliver Mink German
Tiger's Eye supporting Péter Szokol Hungarian
Tiger's Eye supporting José Otávio Guarnieri Portuguese
Tiger's Eye supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Tiger's Eye supporting Jason Barr English
Tiger's Eye supporting François Leccia French
Diana supporting Kumiko Nishihara Japanese
Diana supporting Sabine Bohlmann German
Diana supporting Loretta Jafelice English
Diana supporting May Jacobson Hebrew
Grandpa Hino supporting Michael Sorich English
Grandpa Hino supporting Tomomichi Nishimura Japanese
Grandpa Hino supporting Yuval Segal Hebrew
Fish Eye supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Fish Eye supporting Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Fish Eye supporting Marcelo Campos Portuguese
Fish Eye supporting Simone Brahmann German
Fish Eye supporting Ildikó Ősi Hungarian
Fish Eye supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Hawk's Eye supporting Toshio Furukawa Japanese
Hawk's Eye supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
Hawk's Eye supporting Kai Taschner German
Hawk's Eye supporting Yuval Segal Hebrew
CereCere supporting Yuri Amano Japanese
CereCere supporting Letícia Quinto Portuguese
CereCere supporting Norma Echevarría Spanish
CereCere supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
PallaPalla supporting Machiko Toyoshima Japanese
PallaPalla supporting Sabine Bohlmann German
PallaPalla supporting Ildikó Ősi Hungarian
PallaPalla supporting Sapir Darmon Hebrew
PallaPalla supporting Circe Luna Spanish
JunJun supporting Kumiko Watanabe Japanese
JunJun supporting Amélie Morin French
JunJun supporting Mary Long English
JunJun supporting May Jacobson Hebrew
VesVes supporting Junko Hagimori Japanese
VesVes supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
VesVes supporting Gaby Willer Spanish
Mizugeiko supporting Chiharu Kataishi Japanese
Mizugeiko supporting Sapir Darmon Hebrew
Puko supporting Yuri Amano Japanese
Puko supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Tenko supporting Junko Hagimori Japanese
Tenko supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Karakuriko supporting Hinako Yoshino Japanese
Karakuriko supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Kyokubadanko supporting Sara Nakayama Japanese
Kyokubadanko supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Do Kanko supporting Akiko Hiramatsu Japanese
Do Kanko supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Otedamako supporting Mari Maruta Japanese
Otedamako supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Saori supporting Yuko Kobayashi Japanese
Saori supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Kobayashi supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Kobayashi supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Kigurumiko supporting Kumiko Watanabe Japanese
Kigurumiko supporting Sapir Darmon Hebrew
Sister Maria supporting Wakana Yamazaki Japanese
Sister Maria supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Teacher Morino supporting Eri Takeda Japanese
Teacher Morino supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Hebihanabiko supporting Eriko Hara Japanese
Hebihanabiko supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Kitakata supporting Isshin Chiba Japanese
Kitakata supporting Yuval Segal Hebrew
Tsunawatarou supporting Nobuyuki Hiyama Japanese
Tsunawatarou supporting Robert Bockstael English
Tsunawatarou supporting Itan Grinberg Hebrew
Buranko supporting Hiromi Nishikawa Japanese
Buranko supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Ayatoriko supporting Sara Nakayama Japanese
Gomumario supporting Tetsuya Iwanaga Japanese
Gomumario supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Gittanko supporting Hiromi Nishikawa Japanese
Gittanko supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Battanko supporting Machiko Toyoshima Japanese
Autobiko supporting Sara Nakayama Japanese
Autobiko supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Mayako supporting Yoko Kawanami Japanese
Mayako supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Aki supporting Ayako Ono Japanese
Robert supporting Mayumi Tanaka Japanese
Robert supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Mawashitarou supporting Michihiro Ikemizu Japanese
Mawashitarou supporting Zvika Fohrman Hebrew
Ponko supporting Mami Matsui Japanese
Ponko supporting Sabine Bohlmann German
Ponko supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Yamagishi supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Kiriko supporting Yuri Amano Japanese
Kiriko supporting Sapir Darmon Hebrew
Princess Rubina supporting Kikuko Inoue Japanese
Princess Rubina supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Elephanko supporting Sara Nakayama Japanese
Elephanko supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Shuffle Furuo supporting Tomohisa Asou Japanese
Shuffle Furuo supporting Zvika Fohrman Hebrew
Tobihaneru supporting Kouji Ishii Japanese
Mister Magic Pierrot supporting Naoki Tatsuta Japanese
Mister Magic Pierrot supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
GaraGara Musume supporting Sara Nakayama Japanese
GaraGara Musume supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
KeroKero Musume supporting Mami Matsui Japanese
Kyouko supporting Wakana Yamazaki Japanese
Kyouko supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Nanako supporting Omi Minami Japanese
ManeMane Musume supporting Yuuko Nagashima Japanese
ManeMane Musume supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
GariGari supporting Hinako Yoshino Japanese
GariGari supporting Liat Har-lev Hebrew
BiriBiri Yarou supporting Nobuhiko Kazama Japanese
BiriBiri Yarou supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Miharu Akiyama supporting Sakura Tange Japanese
Miharu Akiyama supporting Mary Long English
Miharu Akiyama supporting Sapir Darmon Hebrew
Fuyumi Akiyama supporting Shiho Niiyama Japanese
Fuyumi Akiyama supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Motoki Furuhata supporting Yuki Sato Japanese
Motoki Furuhata supporting Hubertus von Lerchenfeld German
Motoki Furuhata supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Motoki Furuhata supporting Lucien Dodge English
Unazuki Furuhata supporting Miyako Endo Japanese
Unazuki Furuhata supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Natsumi Ichinose supporting Kazue Ikura Japanese
Natsumi Ichinose supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Tomokazu Ichinose supporting Kouji Ishii Japanese
Yuuichirou Kumada supporting Bin Shimada Japanese
Yuuichirou Kumada supporting Gábor Sótonyi Hungarian
Yuuichirou Kumada supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Momoko Momohara supporting Mary Long English
Momoko Momohara supporting Taeko Kawata Japanese
Momoko Momohara supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Reika Nishimura supporting Rica Fukami Japanese
Reika Nishimura supporting Orli Katan Hebrew
Toshiyuki Nishino supporting Masami Kikuchi Japanese
Toshiyuki Nishino supporting Hubertus von Lerchenfeld German
Ichirou Ohno supporting Ikuya Sawaki Japanese
Ichirou Ohno supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Naru Oosaka supporting Danielle Judovits English
Naru Oosaka supporting Mary Long English
Naru Oosaka supporting Shino Kakinuma Japanese
Naru Oosaka supporting Tamara Zsigmond Hungarian
Naru Oosaka supporting May Jacobson Hebrew
Kyuusuke Sarashina supporting Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
Kyuusuke Sarashina supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Tomoko Takase supporting Michiko Neya Japanese
Tomoko Takase supporting Sharon Shachal Hebrew
Ikuko Tsukino supporting Tara Platt English
Ikuko Tsukino supporting Sanae Takagi Japanese
Ikuko Tsukino supporting Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Kenji Tsukino supporting Keith Silverstein English
Kenji Tsukino supporting Yuji Machi Japanese
Shingo Tsukino supporting Chiyoko Kawashima Japanese
Shingo Tsukino supporting Dániel Halasi Hungarian
Shingo Tsukino supporting Liron Lev Hebrew
Shingo Tsukino supporting Benedikt Gutjan German
Shingo Tsukino supporting Nicolas Roye English
Gurio Umino supporting Keiichi Nanba Japanese
Gurio Umino supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Gurio Umino supporting Mark Lesser French
Gurio Umino supporting Attila Bartucz Hungarian
Gurio Umino supporting Itan Grinberg Hebrew
Yoshiki Usui supporting Ryo Horikawa Japanese
Yoshiki Usui supporting Itan Grinberg Hebrew

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