Poster depicting Naruto: Shippuuden

Alternative titles

ナルト- 疾風伝
English: Naruto: Shippuden


Aired 2007-02-15 to 1970-01-01
Episodes 0

Naruto: Shippuuden is the continuation of the original animated TV series Naruto.The story revolves around an older and slightly more matured Uzumaki Naruto and his quest to save his friend Uchiha Sasuke from the grips of the snake-like Shinobi, Orochimaru. After 2 and a half years Naruto finally returns to his village of Konoha, and sets about putting his ambitions to work, though it will not be easy, as he has amassed a few (more dangerous) enemies, in the likes of the shinobi organization; Akatsuki. (Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Sakura Haruno main Chie Nakamura Japanese
Sakura Haruno main Kate Higgins English
Sakura Haruno main Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Sakura Haruno main Christine Byrd Spanish
Sakura Haruno main Min Jeong Yeo Korean
Sakura Haruno main Maia Baran French
Kakashi Hatake main Kazuhiko Inoue Japanese
Kakashi Hatake main Dave Wittenberg English
Kakashi Hatake main Claudio Moneta Italian
Kakashi Hatake main Lionel Bourguet French
Kakashi Hatake main Mutsumi Tamura Japanese
Kakashi Hatake main Won Il Son Korean
Kakashi Hatake main Alfonso Obregón Spanish
Sasuke Uchiha main Noriaki Sugiyama Japanese
Sasuke Uchiha main Yuri Lowenthal English
Sasuke Uchiha main Alessandro Rigotti Italian
Sasuke Uchiha main Yeong Seon Kim Korean
Sasuke Uchiha main Jannik Endemann German
Sasuke Uchiha main Victor Ugarte Spanish
Sasuke Uchiha main Christophe Hespel French
Naruto Uzumaki main Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Naruto Uzumaki main Maile Flanagan English
Naruto Uzumaki main Leonardo Graziano Italian
Naruto Uzumaki main Carole Baillien French
Naruto Uzumaki main Isabel Martiñón Spanish
Naruto Uzumaki main Javier Balas Spanish
Gaara supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Gaara supporting Liam O'Brien English
Gaara supporting Eduardo Garza Spanish
Gaara supporting Tony Beck French
Gaara supporting Robert Kotulla German
Sasori supporting Johnny Yong Bosch English
Sasori supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Sasori supporting Akiko Yajima Japanese
Sasori supporting Davide Perino Italian
Sasori supporting Tae Yeol Jeon Korean
Sasori supporting Pierre Bodson French
Sai supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Sai supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Sai supporting Maurizio Merluzzo Italian
Sai supporting Maxime Donnay French
Deidara supporting Katsuhiko Kawamoto Japanese
Deidara supporting Roger Craig Smith English
Deidara supporting Jesús Barrero Spanish
Deidara supporting Luca Sandri Italian
Deidara supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Deidara supporting Valéry Benjilali French
Yamato supporting Rikiya Koyama Japanese
Yamato supporting Troy Baker English
Yamato supporting Matthew Mercer English
Yamato supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Yamato supporting Eri Goda Japanese
Haku supporting Susan Dalian English
Haku supporting Mayumi Asano Japanese
Temari supporting Romi Park Japanese
Temari supporting Tara Platt English
Temari supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Temari supporting Claire Tefnin French
Temari supporting Cathy Boquet French
Temari supporting Mayra Arellano Spanish
Jiraiya supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Jiraiya supporting David Lodge English
Jiraiya supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Jiraiya supporting Brad Macdonald English
Jiraiya supporting Gwang Jang Korean
Jiraiya supporting Olivier Cuvellier French
Orochimaru supporting Steven Blum English
Orochimaru supporting Kujira Japanese
Orochimaru supporting Yuriko Yamaguchi Japanese
Orochimaru supporting Mayumi Yamaguchi Japanese
Orochimaru supporting Jeong Gu Lee Korean
Orochimaru supporting Peppino Capotondi French
Pakkun supporting J.B. Blanc English
Pakkun supporting Shinpachi Tsuji Japanese
Pakkun supporting Bruno Bulté French
Tsunade supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Tsunade supporting Debi Mae West English
Tsunade supporting Stefania Patruno Italian
Tsunade supporting Haruhi Nanao Japanese
Tsunade supporting Dulce Guerrero Spanish
Tsunade supporting Do Yeong Song Korean
Tsunade supporting Laurence César French
Hidan supporting Masaki Terasoma Japanese
Hidan supporting Mario Castañeda Spanish
Hidan supporting Chris Edgerly English
Hidan supporting Jean-Marc Delhausse French
Tayuya supporting Akeno Watanabe Japanese
Tobi supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Tobi supporting Naoya Uchida Japanese
Tobi supporting Jens Wawrczeck German
Tobi supporting Neil Kaplan English
Tobi supporting Michael Yurchak English
Tobi supporting Si Ho Hong Korean
Tobi supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Zetsu supporting Travis Willingham English
Zetsu supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Karin supporting Kanako Tojo Japanese
Karin supporting Cathy Boquet French
Karin supporting Ali Hillis English
Karin supporting Seon hui Mun Korean
Juugo supporting Travis Willingham English
Juugo supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Kakuzu supporting Takaya Hashi Japanese
Kakuzu supporting Fred Tatasciore English
Kakuzu supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Konan supporting Atsuko Tanaka Japanese
Konan supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Konan supporting Kaori Mine Japanese
Pain supporting Vic Mignogna English
Pain supporting Troy Baker English
Pain supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Pain supporting Tomoaki Maeno Japanese
Pain supporting Wendel Bezerra Portuguese
Pain supporting Shiho Hisajima Japanese
Pain supporting Junpei Morita Japanese
Pain supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Pain supporting Arturo Mercado jr. Spanish
Tenten supporting Yukari Tamura Japanese
Tenten supporting Danielle Judovits English
Tenten supporting Sin Jeong Han Korean
Tenten supporting Elisabeth Guinand French
Gamabunta supporting Michael Sorich English
Gamabunta supporting Hiroshi Naka Japanese
Gamabunta supporting Takeshi Watabe Japanese
Gamabunta supporting Jean-Marc Delhausse French
Shizune supporting Keiko Nemoto Japanese
Shizune supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Shizune supporting Geraldine Frippiat French
Kankuro supporting Michael Lindsay English
Kankuro supporting Yasuyuki Kase Japanese
Kankuro supporting Doug Erholtz English
Kankuro supporting Hyeon Wu Byeon Korean
Kankuro supporting Thierry Janssen French
Akamaru supporting Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Matsuri supporting Michelle Ruff English
Matsuri supporting Maaya Sakamoto Japanese
Matsuri supporting Delphine Moriau French
Kyuubi supporting Tessyo Genda Japanese
Kyuubi supporting Paul St. Peter English
Kyuubi supporting Philippe Résimont French
Katsuyu supporting Mamiko Noto Japanese
Katsuyu supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Katsuyu supporting Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Jiroubou supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Jiroubou supporting Peppino Capotondi French
Kidomaru supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Sakon supporting Shunsuke Sakuya Japanese
Sakon supporting Gregory Praet French
Sakon supporting Gwang ju Jeon Korean
Ebisu supporting Crispin Freeman English
Ebisu supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Chiyo supporting Barbara Goodson English
Chiyo supporting Ikuko Tani Japanese
Chiyo supporting Julie Basecqz French
Yashamaru supporting Soichiro Hoshi Japanese
Moegi supporting Wendee Lee English
Moegi supporting Noriko Shitaya Japanese
Moegi supporting Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Sora supporting Daisuke Hirakawa Japanese
Sora supporting Michael Sinterniklaas English
Sora supporting Alessio De Filippis Italian
Sora supporting Nico Sablik German
Furido supporting Kazuya Nakai Japanese
Tsunami supporting Laura Bailey English
Tsunami supporting Misa Watanabe Japanese
Baki supporting Jouji Nakata Japanese
Baki supporting Sam Riegel English
Baki supporting Mathieu Moreau French
Baki supporting In Seong O Korean
Kitane supporting Lex Lang English
Kitane supporting Akio Katou Japanese
Chiriku supporting Akio Otsuka Japanese
Chiriku supporting Kirk Thornton English
Enma supporting Hiroshi Naka Japanese
Gamatatsu supporting Dave Wittenberg English
Gamatatsu supporting Tomo Shigematsu Japanese
Gamatatsu supporting Blanca Rada Spanish
Gamatatsu supporting Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Gamakichi supporting Dave Wittenberg English
Gamakichi supporting Youji Ueda Japanese
Tazuna supporting Kirk Thornton English
Tazuna supporting Shigeru Ushiyama Japanese
Tazuna supporting Bruno Bulté French
Ayame supporting Danielle Judovits English
Ayame supporting Masayo Hosono Japanese
Ayame supporting Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Ayame supporting Mireya Mendoza Spanish
Teuchi supporting Lex Lang English
Teuchi supporting Patrick Seitz English
Teuchi supporting Eisuke Asakura Japanese
Killer Bee supporting Hisao Egawa Japanese
Killer Bee supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Guren supporting Eri Miyajima Japanese
Guren supporting Erin Fitzgerald English
Guren supporting Laurence Stevenne French
Yukimaru supporting Mika Kanai Japanese
Yukimaru supporting Laura Bailey English
Yukimaru supporting Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Akane supporting Laura Bailey English
Akane supporting Toa Yukinari Japanese
Fuuka supporting Yuu Asakawa Japanese
Fuuka supporting Laura Bailey English
Inari supporting Mona Marshall English
Inari supporting Shizuka Ishikawa Japanese
Shiho supporting Laura Bailey English
Shiho supporting Shiho Hisajima Japanese
Rinji supporting Sam Riegel English
Rinji supporting Yuya Uchida Japanese
Karura supporting Yukari Oribe Japanese
Shin supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
Omoi supporting Kunihiro Kawamoto Japanese
Omoi supporting Ogie Banks English
Samui supporting Cindy Robinson English
Samui supporting Hikari Yono Japanese
Karui supporting Yuka Komatsu Japanese
Karui supporting Danielle Nicolet English
Nawaki supporting Yumiko Kobayashi Japanese
Nawaki supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
A supporting Beau Billingslea English
A supporting Hideaki Tezuka Japanese
Hyou supporting Kazuyuki Okitsu Japanese
Yondaime Kazekage supporting Masahiko Tanaka Japanese
Zori supporting Keijin Okuda Japanese
Kaiza supporting Akimitsu Takase Japanese
Bansai supporting Ryuuji Nakagi Japanese
Yahiko supporting Wataru Hatano Japanese
Yahiko supporting Troy Baker English
Yahiko supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Yahiko supporting Matthew Mercer English
Udon supporting Kate Higgins English
Udon supporting Tomo Shigematsu Japanese
Udon supporting Jean-Pierre Denuit French
Hiruko supporting J.B. Blanc English
Hiruko supporting Alessandro D'Errico Italian
Hiruko supporting Yutaka Aoyama Japanese
Mukade supporting Tomoyuki Dan Japanese
Hanzou supporting Ikuya Sawaki Japanese
Hanzou supporting Richard Epcar English
Yuudachi supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Yuudachi supporting Toshiharu Nakanishi Japanese
Jei supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Jei supporting Kenichirou Matsuda Japanese
Nekobaa supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Nekobaa supporting Kayou Nakajima Japanese
Tamaki supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Tamaki supporting Ayano Ishikawa Japanese
Taiseki supporting Kanji Suzumori Japanese
Taiseki supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Kakko supporting Tomoyuki Shimura Japanese
Suzume supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Suzume supporting Chie Nakamura Japanese
Suzume supporting Tomoko Miyadera Japanese
Utakata supporting Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Utakata supporting Michael Sinterniklaas English
Utakata supporting Il Kim Korean
Fuu supporting Ryoko Shiraishi Japanese
Roushi supporting Shigenori Soya Japanese
Yagura supporting Miyu Irino Japanese
Han supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Chojuro supporting Kouki Miyata Japanese
Chojuro supporting Brian Beacock English
Ao supporting Steven Blum English
Ao supporting Tadahisa Saizen Japanese
Akatsuchi supporting Kyle Hebert English
Akatsuchi supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Kurotsuchi supporting Laura Bailey English
Kurotsuchi supporting Hana Takeda Japanese
Oonoki supporting Steven Blum English
Oonoki supporting Tomomichi Nishimura Japanese
Oonoki supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Oonoki supporting Emmanuel Liénart French
Oonoki supporting Tony Fuochi Italian
Darui supporting Ryouta Takeuchi Japanese
Darui supporting Ogie Banks English
Shii supporting Vic Mignogna English
Shii supporting Kenji Fukuda Japanese
Guruko supporting Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Mifune supporting Kirk Thornton English
Mifune supporting Katsumi Chou Japanese
Fukasaku supporting Kirk Thornton English
Fukasaku supporting Ikuo Nishikawa Japanese
Fukasaku supporting Won Je Tak Korean
Shima supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Shima supporting Hikari Yono Japanese
Gamaken supporting Kyle Hebert English
Gamaken supporting Atsushi Ono Japanese
Hotaru supporting Megumi Toyoguchi Japanese
Hotaru supporting Kari Wahlgren English
En no Gyouja supporting Gorou Sanada Japanese
En no Gyouja supporting Neil Kaplan English
Tonbei supporting Kirk Thornton English
Tonbei supporting Shouzou Sasaki Japanese
Nangou supporting Kyle Hebert English
Nangou supporting Nobuaki Kanemitsu Japanese
Chuusin supporting Vic Mignogna English
Chuusin supporting Youhei Tadano Japanese
Benten supporting Chikara Ousaka Japanese
Benten supporting Michael Yurchak English
Akaboshi supporting Akimitsu Takase Japanese
Akaboshi supporting Christopher Smith English
Shiranami supporting Takeshi Kusao Japanese
Shiranami supporting Matthew Mercer English
The Great Toad Sage supporting Dave Wittenberg English
The Great Toad Sage supporting Mitsuo Senda Japanese
Harusame supporting Wally Wingert English
Harusame supporting Kenji Yamauchi Japanese
Tsurugi supporting Jamieson Price English
Tsurugi supporting Tadahisa Saizen Japanese
Yuura supporting Keith Silverstein English
Yuura supporting Hideo Watanabe Japanese
Yuura supporting Michel Hinderyckx French
Ebizou supporting Kyle Hebert English
Ebizou supporting Ken Shiroyama Japanese
Ebizou supporting Fernando Hernandez Spanish
Jouseki supporting Eisuke Asakura Japanese
Ittetsu supporting Masato Funaki Japanese
Yakku supporting Crispin Freeman Japanese
Sari supporting Kanako Tojo Japanese
Fudou supporting Travis Willingham English
Fudou supporting Atsushi Imaruoka Japanese
Fuen supporting Vic Mignogna English
Fuen supporting Youji Ueda Japanese
Mabui supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Mabui supporting Misaki Sekiyama Japanese
Kihou supporting Troy Baker English
Kihou supporting Kenichirou Matsuda Japanese
Gozu supporting Patrick Seitz English
Gozu supporting Atsushi Ono Japanese
Kigiri supporting Steven Blum English
Kigiri supporting Yoshimasa Hosoya Japanese
Nurari supporting Ezra Weisz English
Nurari supporting Kentarou Tone Japanese
Bisuke supporting Shinji Kawada Japanese
Denka supporting Kazuhiko Inoue Japanese
Denka supporting Sam Riegel English
Hina supporting Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Hina supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Kousuke supporting Mitsuhiro Sakamaki Japanese
Manda supporting Richard Epcar English
Manda supporting Masuo Amada Japanese
Gameru supporting Kunihiko Yasui Japanese
Gameru supporting Christopher Smith English
Iou supporting Yasuo Muramatsu Japanese
Kusune supporting Keith Silverstein English
Kusune supporting Takahiro Yoshino Japanese
Shouseki supporting Johnny Yong Bosch English
Shouseki supporting Kouki Miyata Japanese
Yaoki supporting Wally Wingert English
Yaoki supporting Takashi Onozuka Japanese
Korobi supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Korobi supporting Hiroto Torihata Japanese
Katazu supporting Doug Erholtz English
Katazu supporting Takashi Irie Japanese
Kanabun supporting Matthew Mercer English
Kanabun supporting Fumiya Yazaki Japanese
Tsukado supporting Lex Lang English
Tsukado supporting Kousuke Okano Japanese
Furofoki supporting Ikuko Watanabe Japanese
Kandachi supporting Setsuji Satou Japanese
Kandachi supporting Christopher Smith English
Sukune supporting Keith Silverstein English
Sukune supporting Yasuhiko Nemoto Japanese
Tanishi supporting Kari Wahlgren English
Tanishi supporting Mayuki Makiguchi Japanese
Yone supporting Yuki Masuda Japanese
Yone supporting Kari Wahlgren English
Hanare supporting Wendee Lee English
Hanare supporting Hana Takeda Japanese
Nekomata supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
Nekomata supporting Joe Ochman English
Baji supporting Hiroyuki Kinoshita Japanese
Jako supporting Tomoyuki Shimura Japanese
Naho supporting Tomoko Kaneda Japanese
Sabiru supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Sadai supporting Takuya Kirimoto Japanese
Toufu supporting Takuma Suzuki Japanese
Ukon supporting Shunsuke Sakuya Japanese
Ukon supporting Gregory Praet French
Land of Fire Daimyo supporting Yoshiyuki Kaneko Japanese
Gerotora supporting Doug Stone English
Gerotora supporting Jin Urayama Japanese
Yuusuke supporting Yusuke Kamiji Japanese
Yuusuke supporting Nicolas Roye English
Hishaku supporting Kumiko Higa Japanese
Ship's Captain supporting Kenji Nomura Japanese
Gataro supporting Ryuuzaburou Ootomo Japanese
Honoka supporting Mariko Mizuno Japanese
Hibachi supporting Mariko Mizuno Japanese
Igii supporting Kouji Ochiai Japanese
Banna supporting Hiroshi Iwasaki Japanese
Suika supporting Kazuki Yao Japanese
Shizuka supporting Satsuki Yukino Japanese
Tokiwa supporting Mayumi Yamaguchi Japanese
Kokuyou supporting Junichi Endou Japanese
Nadeshiko Previous Leader supporting Marika Hayashi Japanese
Motoi supporting Daichi Endou Japanese
Motoi supporting Yukari Oribe Japanese
Gyuuki supporting Masaki Aizawa Japanese
Taji supporting Kayo Ishida Japanese
Kurenai's Father supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Kurenai's Father supporting Hiromu Kondou Japanese
Matatabi supporting Ryoko Shiraishi Japanese
Isobu supporting Shigenori Soya Japanese
Saiken supporting Miyu Irino Japanese
Son Gokuu supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Kokuou supporting Mie Sonozaki Japanese
Choumei supporting Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Tenga supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Ranka supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Gari supporting Takuji Katou Japanese
Chuukichi supporting Minoru Hirota Japanese
Ganryuu supporting Yasunori Matsumoto Japanese
Ittan supporting Takuji Katou Japanese
Kiri supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Kitsuchi supporting Masafumi Kimura Japanese
Tango supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Yukata supporting Tomomi Nakatsuka Japanese
Zaji supporting Kengo Kawanishi Japanese
Nagato's Mother supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Nagato's Mother supporting Toa Yukinari Japanese
Nagato's Father supporting Vic Mignogna English
Nagato's Father supporting Nobuaki Kanemitsu Japanese
Pakura supporting Yukari Oribe Japanese
Gatou supporting Naoki Bando Japanese
Gatou supporting Peppino Capotondi French
Iwa Kunoichi supporting Takako Fuji Japanese
Suiren supporting Yukari Oribe Japanese
Maki supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Muu supporting Osamu Mukai Japanese
Sandaime Raikage supporting Naoki Tamanoi Japanese
Nidaime Mizukage supporting Hideyuki Umezu Japanese
Kinkaku supporting Takaya Kuroda Japanese
Ginkaku supporting Fumiya Yazaki Japanese
Atsui supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Land of Wind Daimyo supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Land of Earth Daimyo supporting Kenji Yamauchi Japanese
Land of Frost Daimyo supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
Land of Lightning Daimyo supporting Yousuke Akimoto Japanese
Land of Water Daimyo supporting Hiromu Kondou Japanese
Okisuke supporting Hidenori Takahashi Japanese
Condor supporting Takeharu Onishi Japanese
Ran supporting Kozue Harashima Japanese
Shiseru supporting Kotono Mitsuishi Japanese
Fukai supporting Tohru Furusawa Japanese
Dodai supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Urakaku supporting Junpei Endou Japanese
Watase supporting Yuuki Tai Japanese
Gamahiro supporting Takeharu Onishi Japanese
Tatewaki supporting Takashi Irie Japanese
Chiyo supporting Megumi Han Japanese
Chen supporting Cho Japanese
Azami supporting Mariko Mizuno Japanese
Yota supporting Mika Kanai Japanese
Komushi supporting Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
Sukui supporting Yukari Oribe Japanese
Tonton supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Tonton supporting Patricia Acevedo Spanish
Shodai Tsuchikage supporting Toru Nakane Japanese
Monga supporting Kenichirou Matsuda Japanese
Ruka supporting Seiko Yoshida Japanese
Amai supporting Tomohiro Tsuboi Japanese
Karai supporting Setsuji Satou Japanese
Nigai supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Himushi supporting Kunihiro Kawamoto Japanese
Nurui supporting Tokuyoshi Kawashima Japanese
Kayui supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Yurui supporting Ryuuichi Kijima Japanese
Dock supporting Hiroto Torihata Japanese
Leo supporting Makoto Tsumura Japanese
Miina supporting Taeko Kawata Japanese
Fuzz supporting Miki Fukui Japanese
Sora supporting Mariko Mizuno Japanese
Land supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Disonas supporting Masayuki Omoro Japanese
Tonika Village Head supporting Shouzou Sasaki Japanese
Eff supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Musai supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Nonota supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Urushi supporting Miki Fukui Japanese
Urushi supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Yokaze supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Iou supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Shuu supporting Kengo Kawanishi Japanese
Isono supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Tamao supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Land of This Daimyo supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Daimaru supporting Hideo Watanabe Japanese
Chuukaku supporting Mitsuru Takakuwa Japanese
Osoi supporting Shinya Fukumatsu Japanese
Heiji supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Yukai supporting Ryuuichi Kijima Japanese
Sagan supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Shun supporting Ryuuichi Kijima Japanese
Natsu supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Kyuusuke supporting Hidenobu Kiuchi Japanese
Daibutsu supporting Kousuke Gotou Japanese
Yukimi supporting Kanae Oki Japanese
Hinoto supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Shino Aburame supporting Derek Stephen Prince English
Shino Aburame supporting Shinji Kawada Japanese
Shino Aburame supporting Seung jun Kim Korean
Shino Aburame supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Shino Aburame supporting Óscar Flores Japanese
Shibi Aburame supporting Crispin Freeman English
Shibi Aburame supporting Kenji Hamada Japanese
Torune Aburame supporting Grant George English
Torune Aburame supporting Hidenori Takahashi Japanese
Muta Aburame supporting Hidenori Takahashi Japanese
Muta Aburame supporting Nicolas Roye English
Jinin Akebino supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Chouji Akimichi supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Chouji Akimichi supporting Renato Novara Italian
Chouji Akimichi supporting Robbie Rist English
Chouji Akimichi supporting Min Seok Kim Korean
Chouji Akimichi supporting Manuel Campuzano Spanish
Chouji Akimichi supporting Yuumi Kawashima Japanese
Chouji Akimichi supporting Thierry Janssen French
Chouza Akimichi supporting Michael Sorich English
Chouza Akimichi supporting Nobuaki Fukuda Japanese
Mother Akimichi supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Mother Akimichi supporting Chiharu Kojima Japanese
Hayate Gekkou supporting Nozomu Sasaki Japanese
Kotetsu Hagane supporting Liam O'Brien English
Kotetsu Hagane supporting Tomoyuki Kouno Japanese
Kotetsu Hagane supporting David Manet French
Kizashi Haruno supporting Yasunori Matsumoto Japanese
Mebuki Haruno supporting Kazue Ikura Japanese
Sakumo Hatake supporting John Demita English
Sakumo Hatake supporting Daichi Endou Japanese
Kisame Hoshigaki supporting Kirk Thornton English
Kisame Hoshigaki supporting Tomoyuki Dan Japanese
Kisame Hoshigaki supporting Jean-Michel Vovk French
Suigetsu Hozuki supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
Suigetsu Hozuki supporting Grant George English
Suigetsu Hozuki supporting Ruggero Andreozzi Italian
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Nana Mizuki Japanese
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Federica Valenti Italian
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Alondra Hidalgo Spanish
Hinata Hyuuga supporting Elisabeth Guinand French
Neji Hyuuga supporting Steve Staley English
Neji Hyuuga supporting Kouichi Toochika Japanese
Neji Hyuuga supporting Felice Invernici Italian
Neji Hyuuga supporting Xavier Percy French
Neji Hyuuga supporting José Gilberto Vilchis Spanish
Neji Hyuuga supporting Jorge Saudinos Spanish
Neji Hyuuga supporting Yong Wu Shin Korean
Hanabi Hyuuga supporting Kiyomi Asai Japanese
Hiashi Hyuuga supporting John Demita English
Hiashi Hyuuga supporting Eizou Tsuda Japanese
Hizashi Hyuuga supporting Kazuaki Itou Japanese
Kou Hyuuga supporting Sam Riegel English
Kou Hyuuga supporting Youji Ueda Japanese
Tokuma Hyuuga supporting Manabu Sakamaki Japanese
Hoheto Hyuuga supporting Ryuuichi Kijima Japanese
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Kousuke Toriumi Japanese
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Kyle Hebert English
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Paolo De Santis Italian
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Enzo Fortuny Spanish
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Xavier Percy French
Kiba Inuzuka supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Hana Inuzuka supporting Eri Saitou Japanese
Tsume Inuzuka supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Tsume Inuzuka supporting Seiko Fujiki Japanese
Kimimaro Kaguya supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Kimimaro Kaguya supporting Keith Silverstein English
Kimimaro Kaguya supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Izumo Kamizuki supporting Richard Cansino English
Izumo Kamizuki supporting Tomohiro Tsuboi Japanese
Tekuno Kanden supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Tekuno Kanden supporting Joe Ochman English
Dan Katou supporting Takuma Suzuki Japanese
Dosu Kinuta supporting Daisuke Egawa Japanese
Kushimaru Kuriarare supporting Hiroshi Shirokuma Japanese
Rock Lee supporting Yoichi Masukawa Japanese
Rock Lee supporting Brian Donovan English
Rock Lee supporting Massimo Di benedetto Italian
Rock Lee supporting Beom Gi Hong Korean
Rock Lee supporting Jean-Pierre Denuit French
Rock Lee supporting Tim Kreuer German
Kisuke Maboroshi supporting Shinya Fukumatsu Japanese
Kosuke Maruboshi supporting Doug Stone English
Kosuke Maruboshi supporting Yutaka Nakano Japanese
Guy Might supporting Masashi Ebara Japanese
Guy Might supporting Skip Stellrecht English
Guy Might supporting Ivo De palma Italian
Guy Might supporting Mayuki Makiguchi Japanese
Guy Might supporting Gerardo Reyero Spanish
Guy Might supporting Bruno Georis French
Anko Mitarashi supporting Takako Honda Japanese
Anko Mitarashi supporting Laura Bailey English
Homura Mitokado supporting Beau Billingslea English
Homura Mitokado supporting Hikaru Miyata Japanese
Homura Mitokado supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Zabuza Momochi supporting Steven Blum English
Zabuza Momochi supporting Unshou Ishizuka Japanese
Zabuza Momochi supporting Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Ibiki Morino supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Ibiki Morino supporting Dan Woren English
Ibiki Morino supporting Christopher Smith English
Ibiki Morino supporting Hyeon Wu Byeon Korean
Jinpachi Munashi supporting Dai Matsumoto Japanese
Raido Namiashi supporting Patrick Seitz English
Raido Namiashi supporting Hiroshi Tsuchida Japanese
Raido Namiashi supporting Gregory Praet French
Raido Namiashi supporting Yuuko Takayama Japanese
Minato Namikaze supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Minato Namikaze supporting Miyu Irino Japanese
Minato Namikaze supporting Tony Oliver English
Minato Namikaze supporting Gauthier De Fauconval French
Shikamaru Nara supporting Showtaro Morikubo Japanese
Shikamaru Nara supporting Tom Gibis English
Shikamaru Nara supporting Jorge Saudinos Spanish
Shikamaru Nara supporting Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Shikamaru Nara supporting Jean-Pierre Denuit French
Shikamaru Nara supporting Matteo Zanotti Italian
Shikamaru Nara supporting Javier Olguín Spanish
Shikaku Nara supporting Hiroshi Yanaka Japanese
Shikaku Nara supporting Jonathan Fahn English
Yoshino Nara supporting Naoko Matsui Japanese
Yoshino Nara supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Ensui Nara supporting Masato Kaji Japanese
Yugito Nii supporting Wendee Lee English
Yugito Nii supporting Mie Sonozaki Japanese
Rin Nohara supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Rin Nohara supporting Haruhi Nanao Japanese
Hagoromo Ootsutsuki supporting Toru Nakane Japanese
Ameyuri Ringo supporting Seiko Tamura Japanese
Konohamaru Sarutobi supporting Ikue Ootani Japanese
Konohamaru Sarutobi supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Konohamaru Sarutobi supporting Akiko Koike Japanese
Konohamaru Sarutobi supporting Patrizia Mottola Italian
Konohamaru Sarutobi supporting Sin Jeong Han Korean
Konohamaru Sarutobi supporting Stéphane Flamand French
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Fujiko Takimoto Japanese
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Doug Erholtz English
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Marco Balzarotti Italian
Asuma Sarutobi supporting Ivan Jara Spanish
Hiruzen Sarutobi supporting Hidekatsu Shibata Japanese
Hiruzen Sarutobi supporting Steve Kramer English
Hiruzen Sarutobi supporting Mario Scarabelli Italian
Hiruzen Sarutobi supporting Keisuke Fujii Japanese
Biwako Sarutobi supporting Mona Marshall English
Biwako Sarutobi supporting Ikuko Watanabe Japanese
Hashirama Senju supporting Takayuki Sugou Japanese
Hashirama Senju supporting Yuuki Tai Japanese
Tobirama Senju supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Tobirama Senju supporting Jamieson Price English
Tobirama Senju supporting Kengo Kawanishi Japanese
Itama Senju supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Butsuma Senju supporting Keijin Okuda Japanese
Danzou Shimura supporting Masayuki Katou Japanese
Danzou Shimura supporting William Frederick Knight English
Danzou Shimura supporting Hiroshi Ito Japanese
Hayama Shirakumo supporting Ken Narita Japanese
Hayama Shirakumo supporting Roger Craig Smith English
Genma Shiranui supporting Johnny Yong Bosch English
Genma Shiranui supporting Hiroaki Hirata Japanese
Genma Shiranui supporting Gregory Praet French
Genma Shiranui supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Genma Shiranui supporting Han Choi Korean
Fuguki Suikazan supporting Minoru Hirota Japanese
Iwashi Tatami supporting Masato Funaki Japanese
Mei Terumi supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Mei Terumi supporting Yurika Hino Japanese
Mizuki Touji supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Itachi Uchiha supporting Crispin Freeman English
Itachi Uchiha supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Itachi Uchiha supporting Ja hyeong Gu Korean
Itachi Uchiha supporting Laurent Vernin French
Obito Uchiha supporting Vic Mignogna English
Obito Uchiha supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Obito Uchiha supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Obito Uchiha supporting Davide Garbolino Italian
Obito Uchiha supporting Sousuke Komori Japanese
Obito Uchiha supporting Megumi Han Japanese
Obito Uchiha supporting Alessandro Bevilacqua French
Izuna Uchiha supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Izuna Uchiha supporting You Tokinaga Japanese
Fugaku Uchiha supporting Kenji Hamada Japanese
Fugaku Uchiha supporting Doug Stone English
Mikoto Uchiha supporting Kari Wahlgren English
Mikoto Uchiha supporting Emi Sagara Japanese
Inabi Uchiha supporting Roger Craig Smith English
Inabi Uchiha supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Shisui Uchiha supporting Hidenobu Kiuchi Japanese
Madara Uchiha supporting Naoya Uchida Japanese
Madara Uchiha supporting Go Inoue Japanese
Madara Uchiha supporting Neil Kaplan English
Kagami Uchiha supporting Kengo Kawanishi Japanese
Naori Uchiha supporting Mariko Higashiuchi Japanese
Naka Uchiha supporting Kengo Kawanishi Japanese
Rai Uchiha supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Baru Uchiha supporting Ryuuichi Kijima Japanese
Tajima Uchiha supporting Shinobu Matsumoto Japanese
Iruka Umino supporting Toshihiko Seki Japanese
Iruka Umino supporting Quinton Flynn English
Iruka Umino supporting Taisuke Yamamoto Japanese
Iruka Umino supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Father Umino supporting Patrick Seitz English
Father Umino supporting Kouzou Douzaka Japanese
Father Umino supporting Minoru Hirota Japanese
Mother Umino supporting Noriko Miyashita Japanese
Koharu Utatane supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Koharu Utatane supporting Junko Midori Japanese
Koharu Utatane supporting Ikuko Watanabe Japanese
Koharu Utatane supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Yugao Uzuki supporting Keiko Nemoto Japanese
Kushina Uzumaki supporting Laura Bailey English
Kushina Uzumaki supporting Emi Shinohara Japanese
Kushina Uzumaki supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Mito Uzumaki supporting Noriko Miyashita Japanese
Mito Uzumaki supporting Ena Shimokawa Japanese
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Patrizio Prata Italian
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Mariko Mizuno Japanese
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Henry Dittman English
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Jang Kim Korean
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Romain Barbieux French
Kabuto Yakushi supporting Moisés Iván Mora Spanish
Nonou Yakushi supporting Ayumi Tsunematsu Japanese
Ino Yamanaka supporting Ryoka Yuzuki Japanese
Ino Yamanaka supporting Colleen O'Shaughnessey English
Ino Yamanaka supporting Myeong seon Lee Korean
Inoichi Yamanaka supporting Kyle Hebert English
Inoichi Yamanaka supporting Daiki Nakamura Japanese
Fu Yamanaka supporting Kirk Thornton English
Fu Yamanaka supporting Manabu Sakamaki Japanese
Fu Yamanaka supporting Ryuuichi Kijima Japanese
Santa Yamanaka supporting Shougo Nakamura Japanese
Mother Yamanaka supporting Noriko Suzuki Japanese
Aoba Yamashiro supporting Wally Wingert English
Aoba Yamashiro supporting Kenjirou Tsuda Japanese
Kurenai Yuuhi supporting Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English
Kurenai Yuuhi supporting Rumi Ochiai Japanese
Kurenai Yuuhi supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Kurenai Yuuhi supporting Megumi Han Japanese