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Ōnoki is the current Tsuchikage of Iwagakure.

As a young man, Ōnoki was a student to the Second Tsuchikage, Mū who taught him how to use the Dust Release techniques. Later in life, he himself would become teacher to Deidara. Though he often implied that Deidara's ideologies and fighting style annoyed him, he was still proud of him. At some time in the past, Ōnoki fought with Madara Uchiha, the only living Kage to do so. His knowledge of Madara's power made him wary of him, and was thus surprised that the latter would choose to carry out his designs behind the shadows through Akatsuki. Probably unaware of Madara's major role as Akatsuki's founder, he hired the former mercenary group many times for their services in the past, which he rationalized by his concern over Kumogakure's unwavering militarization. He has also apparently known and dealt with A, the Fourth Raikage, since the latter was young.

Ōnoki is very proud but appears frail, with constant complaints referring to his hips and back. He also refuses to retire and choose a successor as Tsuchikage despite his frailty, insisting that he is still strong enough to continue to rule the village. Kurotsuchi describes him as a "stubborn old man". His pride has him give very little respect for those younger than him, as he verbally attacked Gaara (a Kazekage who is many years younger) on numerous occasions, dismissing his presumed naivety on dealing with politics. Deidara also noted Ōnoki to hate art, possibly for ridiculing his Exploding Clay artwork. During the chaos Sasuke Uchiha had started, Ōnoki didn't seem to be alarmed once the battle in the Summit Room began. He appeared to be calm, enough to let Mei Terumī deal with the current situation. Upon observing the fight between the two, he seemed quite entertained, which led him to join the riot.

Ōnoki seems to be quite ruthless, taking down a heavily-injured Sasuke who had just been saved yet again after facing the wrath of three other Kage before him, on the claim that the Ninja World wants Sasuke dead even though Ōnoki himself has no grudge against Sasuke personally. He then immediately turned his attention to a devastated Karin, claiming that she's next to die. He does, however, seem to be considerate enough to let Madara speak for his actions, reasoning with the Raikage to listen to his reasons before making their own. According to his thinking of strategy, Ōnoki might be the type of person who takes risks. A similarity can be shown with Tsunade, as she has a habit of gambling and taking risks often. Remembering what Gaara said to him, he states to Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi that he remembered what he really used to be before he became a stubborn old man, likely meaning he had a more kind and friendly heart in his youth.

Ōnoki is a powerful and capable Tsuchikage. He is physically frail, however, and as such he isn't suited for taijutsu fighting. He has a great deal of experience, having fought Madara Uchiha and survived, thus his knowledge is invaluable to the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Nature Transformation

Ōnoki possesses the ability to use the Kekkei Tōta known as Dust Release, by combining three elements, such as Earth, Wind, and Fire. He is only the second shinobi in existence with this ability. Ōnoki's dust release ninjutsu allow him to pulverize his enemies to molecule-sized dust. His techniques can be so destructive that they reputably are capable of destroying an entire island.[4] His Earth Release ninjutsu is particularly powerful, and could turn targets into stone by a mere touch.

Flight Technique

Another one of Ōnoki's trademark techniques is his ability to fly, which he is also capable of transferring to others. He can fly at very high speeds even in his old age. Size also doesn't seem to matter when using the technique, as he used the technique on the Island Turtle carrying it in the air to Kumogakure.

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