Eduardo Garza


Official Name

Is a mexican actor, announcer, dubbing director, youtuber and publicist.

His acting training comes from the CUM Theater Workshop of the Dimitrios Sarrás theater school. In 1989 she formally began her career at XEW with radio soap operas: "Sendero de Cipreses", "Lupita Rueda" and "En las puertas del infierno" among others. Also, he has a degree in advertising, graduated from the University of Communication, however, he never practiced, but uses his knowledge to expand himself through social networks.

He began his career in the specialty of voice dubbing in 1990, where he also works as a director, singer and translator-adapter.

He works both acting and directing in almost every dubbing studio in Mexico City, and has received special invitations to participate in dubbing projects in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Currently, he has a YouTube channel called Eduardogaara where he uploads dubbing material as well as his personal inventions.

He also works in theater, television and commercial voice over.

Twitter: @LaloGarx

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