Portrait of character named  Yachiru Kusajishi


11th Division Vice Captain

Born: 12th February (Area 79 North, Kurushishi)

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Tall: 109 cm

Weight: 15.5

Fav Food: Konpeitou

Fav Song: "Yahoo!" from album sorohe

Theme songs: Andre Previn's "Veni, Veni, Venias" (Yachiru Theme #1) and "Izumikawa Sora's Yahoo!" (Yachiru Theme #2)

Notes: Yachiru is the shortest member of the Gotei 13. She became a shinigami without having taken the standard exams. She is the current Vice-Captain of the 11th division but her strength and powers thus far are unknown. She is also the president of the shinigami's Womans Society.

Habits: Known to bother Kuchiki Byakuya on occasion. Makes fun of Ikkaku's bald head. Gives funny nicknames to people and has a fondness for sweets.

She first met Kenpachi as a baby after he had just killed a group of people. She instantly became drawn to him as she later said that it was though Kenpachi had used blood to wash away the dark, hopeless, unforgiving world she lived in. After crawling over to him and seeing that she held no fear of his sword or all the blood around them, Kenpachi gave himself his name, and gave her the name Yachiru after the only person he ever admired. Ever since then, she goes with Kenpachi almost everywhere, riding on his shoulder. She consideres Ichigo, or "Ichi" as she calls him, to be a good friend since he allowed Kenpachi to have a fun time fighting him. Her zanpakuto has yet to be named or drawn at all since Kenpachi attacks anyone who threatens her at all, though the hilt of her sword is shaped like a flower and the bottom of her sword hilt has wheels as she drags her sword behind her wherever she goes instead of wearing it. A running joke is that she has a terrible sense of direction as she's always sending Kenpachi or others down a dead end or away from their intended objective. Though she appears to be completely child-like and happy-go-lucky all the time, she was once shown to have incredible power and rage when a messenger tried to interrupt her as she was watching Kenpachi and Ichigo fight, indicating that her lieutenant position was actually earned.

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