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10880 ratings
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Alternative titles
ゲットバッカーズ 奪還屋
English: Getbackers
2002-10-05 to 2003-09-20

Mido Ban and Amano Ginji are known as the Get Backers, retrievers with a success rate of 100%. Whatever is lost or stolen, they can definitely get it back. Despite their powerful abilities and enthusiastic behavior, Ban and Ginji are terminally broke no matter what they do simply because few people would actually desire to hire them. As a result, the pair of them tend to do dangerous jobs, often leading to unwanted re-encounters with their old (and dangerous) friends.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Ginji Amano main Showtaro Morikubo Japanese
Ginji Amano main Ryoko Shiraishi Japanese
Ginji Amano main J. Shanon Weaver English
Ginji Amano main Marcelo Campos Portuguese
Ginji Amano main François Creton French
Ginji Amano main Darren Pleavin English
Ginji Amano main Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Kazuki Fuuchoin main Soichiro Hoshi Japanese
Kazuki Fuuchoin main Yumiko Kobayashi Japanese
Kazuki Fuuchoin main Matt Hislope English
Kazuki Fuuchoin main Seok jeong Yang Korean
Shido Fuyuki main Takanori Hoshino Japanese
Shido Fuyuki main Angel Balam Spanish
Shido Fuyuki main Dado Monteiro Portuguese
Shido Fuyuki main Min Seok Kim Korean
Shido Fuyuki main Omar Gallaga English
Himiko Kudou main Natsuko Kuwatani Japanese
Himiko Kudou main Véronique Uzureau French
Himiko Kudou main Claudia Thompson English
Himiko Kudou main Jeong Sin Wu Korean
Ban Mido main Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Ban Mido main Jason Liebrecht English
Ban Mido main Mauro Eduardo Portuguese
Ban Mido main Óscar Redondo Spanish
Ban Mido main Russell Wait English
Ban Mido main Su Jin Kang Korean
Ban Mido main Stéphane Ronchewski French
Hevn supporting Rio Natsuki Japanese
Hevn supporting Ellie Mcbride English
Hevn supporting Marie Zidi French
Hevn supporting Rebeca Aponte Spanish
Hevn supporting Candice Moore English
Hevn supporting Márcia Regina Portuguese
Hevn supporting Mun Ja Choi Korean
MakubeX supporting Mitsuki Saiga Japanese
MakubeX supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
MakubeX supporting Si Ho Hong Korean
MakubeX supporting Jhonny Torres Spanish
Clayman supporting Megumi Ogata Japanese
Clayman supporting Katherine Catmull English
Clayman supporting Laurence Bréheret French
Clayman supporting Raquel Marinho Portuguese
Midori supporting Miho Yamada Japanese
Hera supporting Yumi Fukamizu Japanese
Kuroudo Akabane supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Kuroudo Akabane supporting Shannon McCormick English
Kuroudo Akabane supporting Hermes Baroli Portuguese
Shunsuke Akutsu supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Haruki Emishi supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
Haruki Emishi supporting Judson Jones English
Takuma Fudou supporting Masahiko Tanaka Japanese
Takuma Fudou supporting José Otávio Guarnieri Portuguese
Takuma Fudou supporting Luc Boulad French
Maguruma Gouzou supporting Tadahisa Saizen Japanese
Kyoji Kagami supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Kyoji Kagami supporting Joey Hood English
Kyoji Kagami supporting Alfredo Rollo Portuguese
Kyoji Kagami supporting Frédéric Popovic French
Kyoji Kagami supporting In Seong O Korean
Jubei Kakei supporting Romi Park Japanese
Jubei Kakei supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Jubei Kakei supporting Adolfo Nittoli Spanish
Jubei Kakei supporting Philippe Bozo French
Sakura Kakei supporting Yukiko Iwai Japanese
Sakura Kakei supporting Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Sakura Kakei supporting Nathalie Bienaime French
Sakura Kakei supporting Yensi Rivero Spanish
Yamato Kudou supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Masaki Kurusu supporting Hideyuki Hori Japanese
Masaki Kurusu supporting Cyrille Monge French
Natsuhiko Miroku supporting Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Natsuhiko Miroku supporting Frédéric Popovic French
Natsuhiko Miroku supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Yukihiko Miroku supporting Akiko Kimura Japanese
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Kelly Dealyn English
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Otoha Japanese
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Mercedes Prato Spanish
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Nathalie Bienaime French
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Sarah Hauser English
Natsumi Mizuki supporting Jeong Sin Wu Korean
Haruo Ootaki supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Madoka Otowa supporting Yuki Matsuoka Japanese
Gensui Radou supporting Masaharu Sato Japanese
Ren Radou supporting Frédérique Marlot French
Ren Radou supporting Yumiko Nakanishi Japanese
Riko Tachibana supporting Haruka Shimazaki Japanese
Yuuji Takamura supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Toshizou Tatsukawa supporting Tomoyuki Shimura Japanese
Takeru Teshimine supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Takeru Teshimine supporting Frédéric Popovic French
Kaoru Ujiie supporting Satsuki Yukino Japanese
Kaoru Ujiie supporting Laurence Bréheret French
Kaoru Ujiie supporting Maythe Guedes Spanish
Toshiki Uryuu supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Paul Wang supporting Yasunori Matsumoto Japanese
Paul Wang supporting Corey Gagne English
Paul Wang supporting Luis Miguel Perez Spanish
Paul Wang supporting Rik Thomas English
Paul Wang supporting Luc Boulad French
Rika Yamamura supporting Yuu Sugimoto Japanese

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