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English: Shaman King
2001-07-04 to 2002-09-25

Asakura Yoh is a shaman, one who can see and communicate with spirits. Yoh is training to become the Shaman King, strongest among all the Shamans. The ones helping him are Manta, a short boy who can see ghosts and Amidamaru, who is an old samurai spirit and Yoh's partner. However there are also others who are trying to get the title Shaman King.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Amidamaru main Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Amidamaru main Sean Schemmel English
Amidamaru main Claudio Moneta Italian
Amidamaru main Yeong Seon Kim Korean
Amidamaru main Luiz Antônio Lobue Portuguese
Amidamaru main Gilad Kleter Hebrew
You Asakura main Yuko Sato Japanese
You Asakura main Simone D'Andrea Italian
You Asakura main Sebastian Arcelus English
You Asakura main Rodrigo Andreatto Portuguese
You Asakura main István Baráth Hungarian
You Asakura main Hubertus von Lerchenfeld German
You Asakura main Yehonatan Magon Hebrew
You Asakura main Mi Na Yun Korean
You Asakura main Gabriel Gama Spanish
You Asakura main Taric Mehani French
Hao Asakura main Minami Takayama Japanese
Hao Asakura main Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Hao Asakura main Sebastian Arcelus English
Hao Asakura main Massimo Di benedetto Italian
Hao Asakura main Szabolcs Pálmai Hungarian
Hao Asakura main Hubertus von Lerchenfeld German
Hao Asakura main Mi Sook Jeong Korean
Hao Asakura main Yehonatan Magon Hebrew
Hao Asakura main Taric Mehani French
Anna Kyouyama main Megumi Hayashibara Japanese
Anna Kyouyama main Tara Sands English
Anna Kyouyama main Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Anna Kyouyama main Letícia Quinto Portuguese
Anna Kyouyama main Beate Pfeiffer German
Anna Kyouyama main Gaby Ugarte Spanish
Anna Kyouyama main Márta Talmács Hungarian
Anna Kyouyama main Nathalie Bienaime French
Anna Kyouyama main Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Manta Oyamada main Inuko Inuyama Japanese
Manta Oyamada main Patrizia Scianca Italian
Manta Oyamada main Oliver Wyman English
Manta Oyamada main Thiago Longo Portuguese
Manta Oyamada main Laura Torres Spanish
Manta Oyamada main Andrea Wick German
Manta Oyamada main Yuval Segal Hebrew
Manta Oyamada main Nathalie Homs French
Ren Tao main Romi Park Japanese
Ren Tao main Fábio Lucindo Portuguese
Ren Tao main Patrizio Prata Italian
Ren Tao main Andrew Rannells English
Ren Tao main Csongor Szalay Hungarian
Ren Tao main Il Kim Korean
Ren Tao main Rolando De la Fuente Spanish
Iron Maiden Jeanne supporting Yui Horie Japanese
Iron Maiden Jeanne supporting Veronica Taylor English
Iron Maiden Jeanne supporting Patricia Acevedo Spanish
Iron Maiden Jeanne supporting Rita Almeida Portuguese
Iron Maiden Jeanne supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Silva supporting Hikaru Midorikawa Japanese
Silva supporting Dan Green English
Silva supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Silva supporting Patrick Bethune French
Silva supporting Frank Röth German
Opacho supporting Megumi Hayashibara Japanese
Opacho supporting Christine Byrd Spanish
Opacho supporting Andrea Wick German
Opacho supporting Flávia Narciso Portuguese
Opacho supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Morphine supporting Talya Barkay Hebrew
Morphine supporting Liliana Barba Spanish
Tokagero supporting Wataru Takagi Japanese
Tokagero supporting Wayne Grayson English
Tokagero supporting Il Kim Korean
Tokagero supporting Yuval Segal Hebrew
Eliza supporting Patricia Acevedo Spanish
Eliza supporting Yuka Komatsu Japanese
Sharona supporting Rumi Ochiai Japanese
Sharona supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Sharona supporting Mi Sook Jeong Korean
Sharona supporting Circe Luna Spanish
Bason supporting Shinpachi Tsuji Japanese
Bason supporting David Brimmer English
Bason supporting Salvador Delgado Spanish
Bason supporting Giora Kenneth Hebrew
Kororo supporting Nana Mizuki Japanese
Kororo supporting Francisco Freitas Portuguese
Sally supporting Inuko Inuyama Japanese
Sally supporting Dana Halsted English
Conchi supporting Tsutomu Kashiwakura Japanese
Mic supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Lily supporting Yui Horie Japanese
Lily supporting Norma Echevarría Spanish
Lily supporting Priscilla Concépcion Portuguese
Ellie supporting Makoto Tsumura Japanese
Ellie supporting Shandra Schadt German
Ellie supporting Kerry Williams English
Ellie supporting Chantal Baroin French
Millie supporting Miyako Itou Japanese
Millie supporting Amy Palant English
Millie supporting Ilona Molnár Hungarian
Millie supporting Talya Barkay Hebrew
Millie supporting Guadalupe Leal Rodríguez Spanish
Lilirara supporting Mami Koyama Japanese
Nichrom supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Nichrom supporting Sean Schemmel English
Nichrom supporting Paolo De Santis Italian
Nichrom supporting Tae Yeol Jeon Korean
Kalim supporting Kazuhiro Nakata Japanese
Kalim supporting Zvika Shwarzberg Hebrew
Radim supporting Toshitaka Shimizu Japanese
Ponchi supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Ashil supporting Kouki Miyata Japanese
Ashil supporting Jan Makino German
Chrysler supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Kanae supporting Rumi Kasahara Japanese
Billy Anderson supporting Shinpachi Tsuji Japanese
Mikihisa Asakura supporting Kenyuu Horiuchi Japanese
Mikihisa Asakura supporting Zvika Shwarzberg Hebrew
Youmei Asakura supporting Takeshi Aono Japanese
Keiko Asakura supporting Mika Doi Japanese
Kino Asakura supporting Hisako Kyouda Japanese
Kino Asakura supporting Nurit Banai corne Hebrew
Kanna Bismarch supporting Yoko Soumi Japanese
Kanna Bismarch supporting Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Bill Burton supporting Yoshinori Sonobe Japanese
Peyote Díaz supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
John Denbat supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Lyserg Diethel supporting Yoko Soumi Japanese
Lyserg Diethel supporting Davide Garbolino Italian
Lyserg Diethel supporting Irwin Daayán Spanish
Lyserg Diethel supporting Erica Schroeder English
Lyserg Diethel supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Lyserg Diethel supporting Francisco Freitas Portuguese
Liam Diethel supporting Masamichi Sato Japanese
Liam Diethel supporting Greg Abbey English
Boris Tepes Dracula supporting Kouji Ishii Japanese
Johann Faust VIII supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Johann Faust VIII supporting Sam Riegel English
Johann Faust VIII supporting Sérgio Corsetti Portuguese
Johann Faust VIII supporting Szabolcs Pálmai Hungarian
Johann Faust VIII supporting Jang Kim Korean
Johann Faust VIII supporting Giora Kenneth Hebrew
Johann Faust VIII supporting Daniele Demma Italian
Johann Faust VIII supporting Stéphane Ronchewski French
Zorya Gagarik supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Pino Graham supporting Nana Mizuki Japanese
Pino Graham supporting Susumu Chiba Japanese
Pino Graham supporting Christopher Kromer English
Pino Graham supporting Ryan Carrassi Italian
Pino Graham supporting Frank Röth German
Zang-Ching Hang supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Marco Lasso supporting Akimitsu Takase Japanese
Marco Lasso supporting Eric Stuart English
Marco Lasso supporting Wellington Lima Portuguese
Luchist Lasso supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Matilda Matisse supporting Tomoe Hanba Japanese
Matilda Matisse supporting Erica Schroeder English
Matilda Matisse supporting Nurit Banai corne Hebrew
Chocolove McDonell supporting Motoko Kumai Japanese
Chocolove McDonell supporting Yuri Chesman Portuguese
Chocolove McDonell supporting Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Meene Montgomery supporting Tomoko Kawakami Japanese
Meene Montgomery supporting Rossy Aguirre Spanish
Lee Pailong supporting Nobutoshi Canna Japanese
Lee Pailong supporting Dan Green English
Lee Pailong supporting Affonso Amajones Portuguese
Lee Pailong supporting Giora Kenneth Hebrew
Marion Phauna supporting Michiko Neya Japanese
Marion Phauna supporting Melissa Garcia Portuguese
Mohammed Tabarsi supporting Masahiko Tanaka Japanese
Tamao Tamamura supporting Nana Mizuki Japanese
Tamao Tamamura supporting Veronica Taylor English
Tamao Tamamura supporting Serena Clerici Italian
Tamao Tamamura supporting Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Tamao Tamamura supporting Adeline Moreau French
Jun Tao supporting Michiko Neya Japanese
Jun Tao supporting Lisa Ortiz English
Jun Tao supporting Elisabetta Spinelli Italian
Jun Tao supporting Nikolett Tamási Hungarian
Jun Tao supporting Raquel Marinho Portuguese
Jun Tao supporting Do Yeong Song Korean
Yúan Tao supporting Masashi Ebara Japanese
Yúan Tao supporting Marc Thompson English
Yúan Tao supporting Ami Mendelman Hebrew
Ran Tao supporting Ai Satou Japanese
Ran Tao supporting Nurit Banai corne Hebrew
Ching Tao supporting Hidekatsu Shibata Japanese
Ryunosuke Umemiya supporting Sean Schemmel English
Ryunosuke Umemiya supporting Gianluca Iacono Italian
Ryunosuke Umemiya supporting Masahiko Tanaka Japanese
Ryunosuke Umemiya supporting Yoram Yosefsberg Hebrew
Ryunosuke Umemiya supporting Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Horokeu Usui supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Horokeu Usui supporting Michael Sinterniklaas English
Horokeu Usui supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
Horokeu Usui supporting Tamás Stukovszky Hungarian
Horokeu Usui supporting Benjamin Pascal French
Horokeu Usui supporting Dirk Meyer German
Horokeu Usui supporting Ido Mosseri Hebrew
Horokeu Usui supporting Luca Bottale Italian
Horokeu Usui supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Horokeu Usui supporting Luis Daniel Ramirez Spanish
Pirika Usui supporting Tomoko Kawakami Japanese
Pirika Usui supporting Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Pirika Usui supporting Rachael Lillis English
Pirika Usui supporting Ilona Molnár Hungarian
Pirika Usui supporting Seo Yeong Kim Korean

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