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English: D.Gray-man
2006-10-03 to 2008-09-30

Toward the end of the 19th century, Allen Walker officially joins the organization of Exorcists that destroy the beings known as Akuma; mechanic weapons made by the Millennium Earl with the suffering souls of the dead. Allen has both a cursed eye and an anti-Akuma weapon as an arm, bearing the power of "Innocence," a gift given to him as an apostle of God. Allen, along with his fellow Exorcists must put a stop to the Millennium Earl's ultimate plot that could lead to the destruction of the world and all who live on it.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Lavi main Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Lavi main Chris Patton English
Lavi main Jason Liebrecht English
Lavi main Xavier Percy French
Lavi main Miklós Sörös Hungarian
Lavi main Yong Wu Shin Korean
Yuu Kanda main Travis Willingham English
Yuu Kanda main Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Yuu Kanda main Tim Knauer German
Yuu Kanda main Gwang ju Jeon Korean
Yuu Kanda main Alexandre Crepet French
Lenalee Lee main Shizuka Itou Japanese
Lenalee Lee main Luci Christian English
Lenalee Lee main Éva Dögei Hungarian
Lenalee Lee main Seon Hye Kim Korean
Allen Walker main Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Allen Walker main Todd Haberkorn English
Allen Walker main Leonhard Mahlich German
Allen Walker main Csongor Szalay Hungarian
Allen Walker main Silvia Sarmentera Spanish
Allen Walker main Won Il Son Korean
Allen Walker main Jennifer Baré French
Millenium Earl supporting Junpei Takiguchi Japanese
Millenium Earl supporting Jason Liebrecht English
Millenium Earl supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Millenium Earl supporting Jeong Gu Lee Korean
Bookman supporting Takeshi Aono Japanese
Bookman supporting R. Bruce Elliott English
Bookman supporting Vilmos Papucsek Hungarian
Bookman supporting Olivier Cuvellier French
Lulu Bell supporting Monica Rial English
Lulu Bell supporting Arisa Ogasawara Japanese
Lulu Bell supporting Orsolya Oláh Hungarian
Lulu Bell supporting Janka Solecki Hungarian
Lulu Bell supporting Kaya Marie Möller German
Fou supporting Miina Tominaga Japanese
Sachiko supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Mimi supporting Atsuko Enomoto Japanese
Mimi supporting Kate Oxley English
Mimi supporting Andrea Laudon Hungarian
Mimi supporting Borbála Csuha Hungarian
Mimi supporting Cristina Yuste Spanish
Anita supporting Minami Takayama Japanese
Anita supporting Pam Dougherty English
Elda supporting Marina Inoue Japanese
Elda supporting Laura Bailey English
Elda supporting Andrea Laudon Hungarian
Lero supporting Shizuka Itou Japanese
Lero supporting Monica Rial English
Lero supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Lero supporting Marie-Line Landerwijn French
Rikei supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Rikei supporting Seong Jun Bang Korean
Gozu supporting Kazuya Nakai Japanese
Gozu supporting Jerry Jewell English
Lala supporting Houko Kuwashima Japanese
Lala supporting Caitlin Glass English
Lala supporting Titanilla Bogdányi Hungarian
Shifu supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Shifu supporting Gwang ju Jeon Korean
Mei-Ling supporting Yui Horie Japanese
Mei-Ling supporting Carrie Savage English
Eliade supporting Brina Palencia English
Eliade supporting Maya Okamoto Japanese
Eliade supporting Titanilla Bogdányi Hungarian
Jean supporting Laura Bailey English
Jean supporting Yuuko Sanpei Japanese
Jean supporting Hyeon Wu Byeon Korean
Jean supporting Dominique Wagner French
Hevlaska supporting Yuko Kaida Japanese
Hevlaska supporting Wendy Powell English
Jessica supporting Cristina Yuste Spanish
Jessica supporting Kata Kelemen Hungarian
Eshi supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
Jasdero supporting Showtaro Morikubo Japanese
Jasdero supporting Joel Mcdonald English
Jasdero supporting Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Debitto supporting Mitsuki Saiga Japanese
Debitto supporting Z. Charles Bolton English
Debitto supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Toma supporting Mike McFarland English
Toma supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Toma supporting Gábor Joó Hungarian
Jerry supporting Takuma Suzuki Japanese
Jerry supporting Bryan Massey English
Narain supporting Miyu Irino Japanese
Narain supporting Aaron Dismuke English
Narain supporting Seong Jun Bang Korean
Cell Roron supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
Liza supporting Jamie Marchi English
Daisya Barry supporting Justin Cook English
Daisya Barry supporting Hiroshi Yanaka Japanese
Skin Boric supporting Sonny Strait English
Skin Boric supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Bak Chang supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Bak Chang supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Aleister Crowley III supporting Eric Vale English
Aleister Crowley III supporting Mitsuo Iwata Japanese
Aleister Crowley III supporting Botond Előd Hungarian
Aleister Crowley III supporting Hyeon Wu Byeon Korean
Aleister Crowley III supporting Christophe Hespel French
Suman Dark supporting Robert McCollum English
Suman Dark supporting Hozumi Gouda Japanese
Suman Dark supporting Balázs Láng Hungarian
Lou Fa supporting Maaya Sakamoto Japanese
Lou Fa supporting Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Johnny Gill supporting Tomohiro Tsuboi Japanese
Johnny Gill supporting Maxime Donnay French
Chaoji Han supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Chaoji Han supporting Ian Sinclair English
Chaoji Han supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Road Kamelot supporting Ai Shimizu Japanese
Road Kamelot supporting Cherami Leigh English
Road Kamelot supporting Ui Jin Chae Korean
Road Kamelot supporting Marie Van Renterghem French
Komui Lee supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Komui Lee supporting J. Michael Tatum English
Komui Lee supporting Gábor Maday Hungarian
Komui Lee supporting Mathieu Moreau French
Komui Lee supporting Il Kim Korean
Howard Link supporting Daisuke Kishio Japanese
Howard Link supporting Si Ho Hong Korean
Miranda Lotto supporting Megumi Toyoguchi Japanese
Miranda Lotto supporting Colleen Clinkenbeard English
Miranda Lotto supporting Erika Kiss Hungarian
Miranda Lotto supporting Seon Yeong Park Korean
Miranda Lotto supporting Josephine Schmidt German
Miranda Lotto supporting Laurence César French
Cross Marian supporting Hiroki Touchi Japanese
Cross Marian supporting Christopher Sabat English
Cross Marian supporting Vilmos Papucsek Hungarian
Tyki Mikk supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Tyki Mikk supporting Szabolcs Pálmai Hungarian
Tyki Mikk supporting Brad Hawkins English
Tyki Mikk supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Tyki Mikk supporting Valéry Benjilali French
Klaud Nine supporting Masako Katsuki Japanese
Marie Noise supporting Kiyoyuki Yanada Japanese
Marie Noise supporting Ray Gestaut English
Malcom C. Rouvelier supporting Ryusuke Ohbayashi Japanese
Jake Russell supporting Kent Williams English
Jake Russell supporting Mitsuaki Hoshino Japanese
Jake Russell supporting Gyula Mesterházy Hungarian
Claudia Sardini supporting Nathalie Homs French
Winters Sokaro supporting Norio Wakamoto Japanese
Froi Tiedoll supporting Takaya Hashi Japanese
Froi Tiedoll supporting Jerry Russell English
Froi Tiedoll supporting Attila Vári Hungarian
Froi Tiedoll supporting Peppino Capotondi French
Mana Walker supporting Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese
Mana Walker supporting Charles Campbell English
Mana Walker supporting Il Kim Korean
Reever Wenhamm supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Reever Wenhamm supporting Chuck Huber English
Reever Wenhamm supporting Lionel Bourguet French
Reever Wenhamm supporting Zoltán Juhász Hungarian
Reever Wenhamm supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Samo Han Wong supporting Hidekatsu Shibata Japanese
Kevin Yeegar supporting Kiyoshi Kawakubo Japanese
Kevin Yeegar supporting Bill Jenkins English
Kevin Yeegar supporting Michel Hinderyckx French

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