Poster depicting Sunabouzu
7438 ratings
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Alternative titles
English: Desert Punk
2004-10-06 to 2005-03-30

In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kantou Desert, scattered humans seek out a living in the hot sand. Among them, a short-statured man they call "Sunabouzu" makes a living as a bounty hunter. Like a demon of the sand, he seems unbeatable. Yet, like all men, he has a particular weakness for the opposite sex...(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Junko Asagiri main Stephanie Young English
Junko Asagiri main Tomoko Kotani Japanese
Junko Asagiri main Laura Lenghi Italian
Taiko Koizumi main Chiwa Saito Japanese
Taiko Koizumi main Luci Christian English
Taiko Koizumi main Letizia Ciampa Italian
Kanta Mizuno main Chihiro Suzuki Japanese
Kanta Mizuno main Eric Vale English
Kanta Mizuno main Stefano Crescentini Italian
Amagumo supporting Norio Wakamoto Japanese
Amagumo supporting Kenny Green English
Stryker supporting Robert McCollum English
Stryker supporting Takahiro Imamura Japanese
Mariko supporting Hitomi Nabatame Japanese
Mariko supporting Lydia Mackay English
Mugenya supporting Sonny Strait English
Mugenya supporting Ikkei Seta Japanese
Narrator supporting Tamio Ooki Japanese
Narrator supporting Cole Brown English
Kaoru Kaizuka supporting Tamio Ooki Japanese
Kaoru Kaizuka supporting Randy Tallman English
Natsuko Kawaguchi supporting Yuko Minaguchi Japanese
Natsuko Kawaguchi supporting Jamie Marchi English
Fuyuo Kawaguchi supporting Jeremy Inman English
Fuyuo Kawaguchi supporting Jirou Saitou Japanese
Akio Kawaguchi supporting Justin Cook English
Akio Kawaguchi supporting Otoya Kawano Japanese
Akio Kawaguchi supporting Julien Chatelet French
Haruo Kawaguchi supporting Mike McFarland English
Haruo Kawaguchi supporting Yasuhiro Takato Japanese
Tamehiko Kawano supporting Yoichi Masukawa Japanese
Makoto Kawazu supporting Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese
Makoto Kawazu supporting Troy Baker English
Mitsuru Koidemizu supporting Greg Ayres English
Mitsuru Koidemizu supporting Shigeru Mogi Japanese

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