Poster depicting Turn A Gundam

Alternative titles

English: ∀ Gundam


Aired 1999-04-09 to 2000-04-14
Episodes 50

This story is set thousands of years in the future. The people of Earth have forgotten the space wars of the past, reverting back to a pre-industrial existence. But the lunar settlers known as the Moonrace, who have retained their high technology, now plan to seize their mother planet for themselves. As the war of the worlds begins, a young Moonrace citizen named Loran Cehack, pilot of the legendary Turn A Gundam, struggles to bridge the gap between humanity's long-separated branches.

(Source: GundamOfficial)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Loran Cehack main Romi Park Japanese
Sochie Heim main Akino Murata Japanese
Kihel Heim main Rieko Takahashi Japanese
Dianna Soreil main Rieko Takahashi Japanese
Taruka supporting Hiroki Touchi Japanese
Bruno supporting Kazunari Tanaka Japanese
Jacop supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Jessica supporting Chikako Akimoto Japanese
Sam supporting Hidenari Ugaki Japanese
Colonel Aji supporting Yutaka Nakano Japanese
Phil Ackman supporting Tsuyoshi Koyama Japanese
Poe Aijee supporting Yumiko Nakanishi Japanese
Lily Borjarno supporting Ai Kobayashi Japanese
Fran Doll supporting Kumiko Watanabe Japanese
Merrybell Gadget supporting Rio Natsuki Japanese
Will Game supporting Kenichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Michael Gern supporting Tetsuo Kaneo Japanese
Gym Ghingham supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Gavane Goonny supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Teteth Halleh supporting Yumi Touma Japanese
Dylan Heim supporting Katsumi Chou Japanese
Mrs. Heim supporting Fumie Houjou Japanese
Cancer Kafka supporting Urara Takano Japanese
Miashei Kune supporting Noriko Kitou Japanese
Ladderrum Kune supporting Ikuya Sawaki Japanese
Keith Laijie supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Agrippa Maintainer supporting Hiroya Ishimaru Japanese
Meam Midgard supporting Ryuji Mizuno Japanese
Khuen Morad supporting Hiroshi Yanaka Japanese
Reeche Morad supporting Yumi Fukamizu Japanese
Sid Munzer supporting Akio Nojima Japanese
Muron Muron supporting Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese
Corin Nander supporting Yasuhiko Kawazu Japanese
Harry Ord supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Yanny Oviess supporting Takuya Kirimoto Japanese
Milan Rex supporting Kazuyuki Sogabe Japanese
Guin Sard Rhineford supporting Gou Aoba Japanese
Joseph Yaht supporting Setsuji Satou Japanese