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Summer Wars
2009-08-01 to 2009-08-01

When timid eleventh-grader and math genius Kenji Koiso is asked by older student and secret crush Natsuki to come with her to her family's Nagano home for a summer job, he agrees without hesitation. Natsuki's family, the Jinnouchi clan, dates back to the Muromachi era (1336 to 1573), and they've all come together to celebrate the 90th birthday of the spunky matriarch of the family, Sakae. That’s when Kenji discovers his "summer job" is to pretend to be Natsuki's fiance and dance with her at the birthday celebration. As Kenji attempts to keep up with Natsuki's act around her family, he receives a strange math problem on his cell phone which, being a math genius, he can't resist solving. As it turns out, the solution to the mysterious equation causes Oz, the program that controls nearly every aspect of life to be hacked into, it's up to Kenji and his new "family" to stop the hacker before it's too late.(Source:

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Voice Actors & Characters

Kazuma Ikezawa main Mitsuki Tanimura Japanese
Kazuma Ikezawa main Maxey Whitehead English
Kazuma Ikezawa main Jeong Hwa Yang Korean
Kazuma Ikezawa main Stefano Pozzi Italian
Kazuma Ikezawa main Olivier Podesta French
Sakae Jinnouchi main Pam Dougherty English
Sakae Jinnouchi main Sumiko Fuji Japanese
Sakae Jinnouchi main Mun Ja Choi Korean
Wabisuke Jinnouchi main J. Michael Tatum English
Wabisuke Jinnouchi main Ayumu Saitou Japanese
Wabisuke Jinnouchi main Andreas Meese German
Wabisuke Jinnouchi main Wan Gyeong Seong Korean
Wabisuke Jinnouchi main Ruggero Andreozzi Italian
Kenji Koiso main Michael Sinterniklaas English
Kenji Koiso main Ryunosuke Kamiki Japanese
Kenji Koiso main Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Natsuki Shinohara main Brina Palencia English
Natsuki Shinohara main Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Natsuki Shinohara main Nanami Sakuraba Japanese
Natsuki Shinohara main Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Natsuki Shinohara main Charlyne Pestel French
Kiyomi Ikezawa supporting Jennifer Seman English
Kiyomi Ikezawa supporting Tagame Tamura Japanese
Shingo Jinnouchi supporting Alison Viktorin English
Yumi Jinnouchi supporting Monica Rial English
Yumi Jinnouchi supporting Riisa Naka Japanese
Yumi Jinnouchi supporting Yeo Jin Yun Korean
Katsuhiko Jinnouchi supporting Christopher Sabat English
Katsuhiko Jinnouchi supporting Mitsutaka Itakura Japanese
Katsuhiko Jinnouchi supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Mariko Jinnouchi supporting Shelley Calene-Black English
Mariko Jinnouchi supporting Mieko Nobusawa Japanese
Kana Jinnouchi supporting Tia Ballard English
Nana Jinnouchi supporting Caitlin Glass English
Riichi Jinnouchi supporting Chuck Huber English
Riichi Jinnouchi supporting Takuya Kirimoto Japanese
Rika Jinnouchi supporting Sakiko Tamagawa Japanese
Rika Jinnouchi supporting Cynthia Cranz English
Mansuke Jinnouchi supporting John Swasey English
Mansuke Jinnouchi supporting Ichiro Nagai Japanese
Tasuke Jinnouchi supporting John Burgmeier English
Tasuke Jinnouchi supporting Markus Haase German
Shota Jinnouchi supporting Mike McFarland English
Shota Jinnouchi supporting Arthur Pestel French
Mansaku Jinnouchi supporting Tadashi Nakamura Japanese
Mansaku Jinnouchi supporting Barry Yandell English
Yorihiko Jinnouchi supporting Robert McCollum English
Kunihiko Jinnouchi supporting Patrick Seitz English
Kunihiko Jinnouchi supporting Michael-Che Koch German
Noriko Jinnouchi supporting Colleen Clinkenbeard English
Noriko Jinnouchi supporting Jasmine Laurenti Italian
Noriko Jinnouchi supporting Pauline De Meurville French
Ryohei Jinnouchi supporting Jason Liebrecht English
Ryohei Jinnouchi supporting Naoto Adachi Japanese
Yuhei Jinnouchi supporting Brittney Karbowski English
Yuhei Jinnouchi supporting Rieke Werner German
Yuhei Jinnouchi supporting Rikito Oota Japanese
Mao Jinnouchi supporting Cherami Leigh English
Mao Jinnouchi supporting Sumire Morohoshi Japanese
Naomi Miwa supporting Lydia Mackay English
Naomi Miwa supporting Kaori Yamagata Japanese
Takashi Sakuma supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Takashi Sakuma supporting Dennis Saemann German
Takashi Sakuma supporting Takahiro Yokokawa Japanese
Takashi Sakuma supporting Won Il Son Korean

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