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Lupin III: Part II
1977-10-03 to 1980-10-06

Lupin III chronicles the adventures of Arsene Lupin III, the world's greatest thief, and his partners in crime: master marksman Daisuke Jigen, beautiful and scheming Fujiko Mine and stoic samurai Goemon Ishikawa XIII. Lupin and his gang travel around the globe in search of the world's greatest treasures and riches and always keeping one step ahead of the tireless Inspector Zenigata, who has vowed to bring Lupin to justice.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Lex Lang English
Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Steve Kramer English
Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Makio Inoue Japanese
Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Massimo Rossi Italian
Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Jacques Ferrière French
Daisuke Jigen main Kiyoshi Kobayashi Japanese
Daisuke Jigen main Richard Epcar English
Daisuke Jigen main Steve Bulen English
Arsene Lupin III main Yasuo Yamada Japanese
Arsene Lupin III main Tony Oliver English
Arsene Lupin III main Roberto Del Giudice Italian
Arsene Lupin III main Bob Bergen English
Fujiko Mine main Michelle Ruff English
Fujiko Mine main Eiko Masuyama Japanese
Fujiko Mine main Catherine Lafond French
Fujiko Mine main Edie Mirman English
Koichi Zenigata main Goro Naya Japanese
Koichi Zenigata main Dan Martin English
Koichi Zenigata main David Povall English
Phantoma Mark III supporting Junpei Takiguchi Japanese
Scorpion Boss supporting Junpei Takiguchi Japanese
Oz supporting Tetsuya Kaji Japanese
Switzerland Bank President supporting Tamio Ooki Japanese
Dr. Paolo supporting Seizou Katou Japanese
Anti-Earthquake Chief supporting Yuji Mikimoto Japanese
Bordeaux Police Chief supporting Kiyoshi Kawakubo Japanese
Fujiko's subordinate supporting Kouji Yada Japanese
Doctor supporting Jouji Yanami Japanese
Black Magician supporting Mahito Tsujimura Japanese
Earl Gabriel XIII supporting Tamio Ooki Japanese
Fake Lupin supporting Ben Hiura Japanese
Dr. Nomil supporting Hiroshi Ootake Japanese
Lawrence III supporting Katsunosuke Hori Japanese
Inspector Konaizo supporting Kousei Tomita Japanese
Hageito supporting Masashi Hirose Japanese
Chief Shakil supporting Osamu Saka Japanese
Joutarou supporting Ryuusei Nakao Japanese
Hess supporting Junpei Takiguchi Japanese
Hatler supporting Mahito Tsujimura Japanese
Defender supporting Hiroshi Masuoka Japanese
Judge supporting Minoru Midorikawa Japanese
Prosecutor supporting Osamu Ichikawa Japanese
Sheik Ali supporting Kouji Yada Japanese
Phillip Archer supporting Tessyo Genda Japanese
Alan Budonson supporting Kouichi Chiba Japanese
Marcel Duran supporting Isao Sasaki Japanese
Kreuzen Genhard supporting Ichiro Nagai Japanese
Jinkurou Hissatsu supporting Takeshi Watabe Japanese
Sherlock Holmes III supporting Toshiya Ueda Japanese
Monica Ivanov supporting Masako Ikeda Japanese
Fuutarou Jinen supporting Junji Chiba Japanese
Kousuke Kindani supporting Rokuro Naya Japanese
Don Martino supporting Ushio Shima Japanese
Olivera Net supporting Kousei Tomita Japanese
Socrates Nexus supporting Masashi Amenomori Japanese

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