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Boys Be...
2000-04-11 to 2000-07-04

There are two sides to every love story, and Boys Be... reveals what's really going on - from the guy's point of view!Meet three normal high school guys with just one thing on their minds: girls. Quiet Kyoichi has been friends with Chiharu ever since they were young, but lately, his feelings have begun to change. Lecherous Makoto, a self-proclaimed master of the rules of romance, is ready to sweep the ladies off their feet. And Yoshihiko, a handsome sports nut, is unfortunately a bit clueless in matters of the heart.Join this hapless trio for a year of romantic misadventures that will change their lives forever!(Source: RightStuf)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Kyoichi Kanzaki main Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Kyoichi Kanzaki main Sam Riegel English
Kyoichi Kanzaki main Patrizio Prata Italian
Kyoichi Kanzaki main Alexandre Crepet French
Yumi Kazama main Miki Nagasawa Japanese
Yumi Kazama main Stephanie Sheh English
Yumi Kazama main Claire Tefnin French
Yumi Kazama main Monica Vulcano Italian
Yoshihiko Kenjo main Patrick Seitz English
Yoshihiko Kenjo main Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Yoshihiko Kenjo main Alessandro Quarta Italian
Yoshihiko Kenjo main Christophe Hespel French
Makoto Kurumizawa main Akira Ishida Japanese
Makoto Kurumizawa main Liam O'Brien English
Makoto Kurumizawa main Davide Lepore Italian
Aki Mizutani main Michelle Ruff English
Aki Mizutani main Yuri Shiratori Japanese
Aki Mizutani main Elisabeth Guinand French
Chiharu Nitta main Stella Musy Italian
Chiharu Nitta main Kazusa Murai Japanese
Chiharu Nitta main Amy Kincaid English
Natsue Horikawa supporting Manabi Mizuno Japanese
Sayaka Kanzaki supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Sayaka Kanzaki supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Sayaka Kanzaki supporting Dominique Wagner French
Erika Kawai supporting Michiko Neya Japanese
Erika Kawai supporting Stéphane Flamand French
Aya Kurihara supporting Misato Fukuen Japanese
Aya Kurihara supporting Rachael Lillis English
Jyunna Morio supporting Wendee Lee English
Jyunna Morio supporting Rika Komatsu Japanese
Nao Nitta supporting Carrie Savage English
Nao Nitta supporting Chie Sawaguchi Japanese
Yuki Okazaki supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Yuki Okazaki supporting Jason Miller English
Chiharu Reicha supporting Megumi Hayashibara Japanese
Chiharu Reicha supporting Kirsten Potter English
Chiharu Reicha supporting Laura Lenghi Italian
Shoko Sayama supporting Yuka Imai Japanese
Shoko Sayama supporting Federica De Bortoli Italian
Shoko Sayama supporting Zarah Little English
Mizuki Takano supporting Tara Platt English
Mizuki Takano supporting Junko Noda Japanese
Tsuyoshi Ueno supporting Johnny Yong Bosch English
Tsuyoshi Ueno supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Takuya Yokota supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Takuya Yokota supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Takuya Yokota supporting Tony Beck French

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