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Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan
2018-04-13 to 2018-06-29

Seeking to find purpose in her life, Hisone Amakasu enlists in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) and is stationed at Gifu Airbase. During a visit to a part of the base she did not know existed, she stumbles upon the JASDF's largest secret: the Organic Transformed Flyer (OTF), a dragon that has the ability to camouflage itself as an aircraft. After being swallowed up and spit out by the OTF, her commanding officers inform her that this encounter means that she has been chosen to be the next in a long line of Dragon Pilots. Together with her fellow pilot cadets and "Maso-tan," her own OTF, Hisone must overcome her insecurities in order to discover her true potential as a Dragon Pilot and unravel the secrets behind the OTFs. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Mayumi Hitomi main Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Mayumi Hitomi main Tarsila Amorim Portuguese
Eru Hoshino main Maki Kawase Japanese
Eru Hoshino main Katelyn Gault English
Eru Hoshino main Carmen Calvell Spanish
Eru Hoshino main Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Eru Hoshino main Katia Sorrentino Italian
Nao Kaizaki main Tomoyo Kurosawa Japanese
Nao Kaizaki main Sarah Williams English
Mayumi Hitomi main Xanthe Huynh English
Nao Kaizaki main Jussara Marques Portuguese
Nao Kaizaki main Léopoldine Serre French
Hisone Amakasu main Tiziana Martello Italian
Hisone Amakasu main Misaki Kuno Japanese
Ririko Kinutsugai main Satomi Arai Japanese
Hisone Amakasu main Anne Patricia Nilles German
Mayumi Hitomi main Frédérique Marlot French
Mayumi Hitomi main Melinda Rachfahl German
Ririko Kinutsugai main Erika Harlacher English
Ririko Kinutsugai main Kate Kelly Ricci Portuguese
Hisone Amakasu main Christine Marie Cabanos English
Ririko Kinutsugai main Céline Melloul French
Hisone Amakasu main Flora Paulita Portuguese
Shingo Maesawa supporting Kyle Hebert English
Miyagawa supporting Robson Kumode Portuguese
Haruto Okonogi supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Shingo Maesawa supporting Cassius Romero Portuguese
Moriyama supporting Allegra Clark English
Shingo Maesawa supporting Christophe Seugnet French
Haruto Okonogi supporting Bryce Papenbrook English
Moriyama supporting Chiwa Saito Japanese
Moriyama supporting Sylvia Salustti Portuguese
Haruto Okonogi supporting Jacopo Calatroni Italian
Haruto Okonogi supporting Jaume Aguiló Spanish
Haruto Okonogi supporting Michelle del Giudice Portuguese
Haruto Okonogi supporting Rémi Caillebot French
Hitoshi Ozaki supporting Kousuke Echigoya Japanese
Hitoshi Ozaki supporting César Marchetti Portuguese
Sakata supporting Takayuki Nakatsukasa Japanese
Shirota supporting Thiago Longo Portuguese
Sakata supporting Rodrigo Andreatto Portuguese
Shirota supporting Yohei Namekawa Japanese
Shirota supporting Chris Niosi English
Hiroshi Sosoda supporting Doug Stone English
Hiroshi Sosoda supporting Marco Antônio Abreu Portuguese
Hiroshi Sosoda supporting Jouji Nakata Japanese
Teranishi supporting Tomohiro Yamaguchi Japanese
Teranishi supporting Felipe Zilse Portuguese
Yutaka Zaito supporting Yukitoshi Tokumoto Japanese
Yutaka Zaito supporting Ben Pronsky English
Yutaka Zaito supporting Yuri Chesman Portuguese
Yutaka Zaito supporting Jordi Naro Spanish
Yutaka Zaito supporting Benjamin Gasquet French
Eiko Akishima supporting Hitomi Nabatame Japanese
Iiboshi supporting Alfredo Rollo Portuguese
Sada Hinomoto supporting Cindy Robinson English
Iiboshi supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Eiko Akishima supporting Maíra Paris Portuguese
Sada Hinomoto supporting Dania Cericola Italian
Hiroki Ikushima supporting Junichi Suwabe Japanese
Sada Hinomoto supporting Isaura Gomes Portuguese
Iiboshi supporting Jean-Marc Montalto French
Sada Hinomoto supporting Romi Park Japanese
Hiroki Ikushima supporting Ray Chase English
Hiroki Ikushima supporting Felipe Grinnan Portuguese
Hiroki Ikushima supporting Marc Zanni Spanish
Remi Kakiyasu supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Remi Kakiyasu supporting Carrie Keranen English
Remi Kakiyasu supporting Priscila Franco Portuguese
Remi Kakiyasu supporting Martina Felli Italian
Kogure supporting Kousuke Echigoya Japanese
Miyagawa supporting Hiromichi Tezuka Japanese
Kogure supporting Marco Aurélio Campos Portuguese
Shingo Maesawa supporting Shinji Kawada Japanese
Haruto Okonogi supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese

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