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Ajin: Demi-Human
2016-01-16 to 2016-04-09

Mysterious immortal humans known as "Ajin" first appeared 17 years ago in Africa. Upon their discovery, they were labeled as a threat to mankind, as they might use their powers for evil and were incapable of being destroyed. Since then, whenever an Ajin is found within society, they are to be arrested and taken into custody immediately. Studying hard to become a doctor, Kei Nagai is a high schooler who knows very little about Ajin, only having seen them appear in the news every now and then. Students are taught that these creatures are not considered to be human, but Kei doesn't pay much attention in class. As a result, his perilously little grasp on this subject proves to be completely irrelevant when he survives an accident that was supposed to claim his life, signaling his rebirth as an Ajin and the start of his days of torment. However, as he finds himself alone on the run from the entire world, Kei soon realizes that more of his species may be a lot closer than he thinks. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Kei Nagai main Ayaka Asai Japanese
Kei Nagai main Diego Marques Portuguese
Kei Nagai main Bruno Borsu French
Kei Nagai main Patrick Baehr German
Kei Nagai main Yago Contatori Portuguese
Kei Nagai main Julie Ann Taylor English
Kei Nagai main Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Kei Nagai main Johnny Yong Bosch English
Araki supporting Robbie Daymond English
Colonel Kouma supporting Jamieson Price English
Futoi supporting Kaiji Tang English
Futoi supporting Júnior Nannetti Portuguese
Futoi supporting Antoni Lo Presti French
Gen supporting Daigo Fujimaki Japanese
Gen supporting Spencer Toth Portuguese
Hirasawa supporting Paul St. Peter English
Gen supporting Simon Derksen German
Gen supporting Miguel Ángel Leal Spanish
Kita supporting César Marchetti Portuguese
Kaito supporting Till Völger German
Gen supporting Antoni Lo Presti French
Nakajima Keisuke supporting Bruno Mello Portuguese
Grant Pharmaceutical President supporting Mauro Castro Portuguese
Horiguchi supporting Kenta Sasa Japanese
Kaito supporting Eri Goda Japanese
Grant Pharmaceutical President supporting Masaharu Tahara Japanese
Nakajima Keisuke supporting Ryota Osaka Japanese
Grant Pharmaceutical President supporting Axel Lutter German
Kuroki supporting Masaaki Yano Japanese
Horiguchi supporting Tino Kießling German
Kaito supporting Renato Cavalcanti Portuguese
Yuuji Kishi supporting Michael McConnohie English
Grant Pharmaceutical President supporting Richard Epcar English
Kaito supporting Bryce Papenbrook English
Yuuji Kishi supporting Minoru Inaba Japanese
Hirasawa supporting Atsuyoshi Miyazaki Japanese
Kou Nakano supporting Benjamin Stöwe German
Kou Nakano supporting Vinícius Fagundes Portuguese
Nomura supporting Jan Kurbjuweit German
Kou Nakano supporting Thibaut Delmotte French
Nekozawa supporting Renato Soares Portuguese
Izumi Shimomura supporting Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Masumi Okuyama supporting Fabian Oscar Wien German
Nekozawa supporting Masashi Nogawa Japanese
Ota supporting Sebastian Fitzner German
Nekozawa supporting Peter Sura German
Ikuya Ogura supporting Kyle McCarley English
Masumi Okuyama supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Newscaster supporting Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Ota supporting Takahiro Miyake Japanese
Newscaster supporting Ayaka Asai Japanese
Sokabe supporting Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Ikuya Ogura supporting Hiroyuki Kinoshita Japanese
Masumi Okuyama supporting Bruno Coronel Spanish
Izumi Shimomura supporting Mikako Komatsu Japanese
Newscaster supporting Jasmin Arnoldt German
Masumi Okuyama supporting Gabriel Noya Portuguese
Satou supporting Marcelo Pissardini Portuguese
Newscaster supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Kouji Tanaka supporting Daisuke Hirakawa Japanese
Kouji Tanaka supporting Keith Silverstein English
Yuu Tosaki supporting Sven Gerhardt German
Kouji Tanaka supporting Ricardo Sawaya Portuguese
Kouji Tanaka supporting Bernhard Völger German
Hanae Yamanaka supporting Tamie Kubota Japanese
Yuuwa Tokui supporting Mauro Ramos Portuguese
Yuuwa Tokui supporting Tooru Ookawa Japanese
Hiroaki Wakai supporting Sérgio Corsetti Portuguese
Watanabe supporting KENN Japanese
Yuuwa Tokui supporting Dave Mallow English
Hanae Yamanaka supporting Rosana Beltrame Portuguese
Yuuwa Tokui supporting Thomas Kästner German
Hiroaki Wakai supporting Shougo Nakamura Japanese
Hanae Yamanaka supporting Nina Herting German
Yuu Tosaki supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Watanabe supporting Michel Di Fiori Portuguese
Kita supporting Tobias Lelle German
Horiguchi supporting Fábio de Castro Portuguese
Hirasawa supporting César Marchetti Portuguese
Kita supporting Shouto Kashii Japanese
Mother Nagai supporting Yoko Soumi Japanese
Kuroki supporting Ricardo Fábio Portuguese
Kita supporting Jamieson Price English
Hirasawa supporting Klaus Lochthove German
Kaito supporting Diego Lima Portuguese
Nakajima Keisuke supporting Dirk Stollberg German
Kuroki supporting Felix Isenbügel German
Yuuji Kishi supporting Luiz Antônio Lobue Portuguese
Mother Nagai supporting Laura Torres Spanish
Kaito supporting Yoshimasa Hosoya Japanese
Mother Nagai supporting Fernanda Keller Portuguese
Kaito supporting Olivier Prémel French
Yuuji Kishi supporting Alexander Ziegenbein German
Mother Nagai supporting Julia Blankenburg German
Eriko Nagai supporting Aya Suzaki Japanese
Eriko Nagai supporting Agatha Paulita Portuguese
Eriko Nagai supporting Anna Gamburg German
Kou Nakano supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Kou Nakano supporting Miguel Ángel Ruiz Spanish
Kou Nakano supporting Griffin Burns English
Izumi Shimomura supporting Nicole Hannak German
Ikuya Ogura supporting Cassius Romero Portuguese
Nomura supporting Kazuhiro Fusegawa Japanese
Izumi Shimomura supporting Cristina Valenzuela English
Sokabe supporting Gerrit Hamann German
Sokabe supporting Dado Monteiro Portuguese
Izumi Shimomura supporting Leyla Rangel Spanish
Nomura supporting Márcio Vaz Portuguese
Masumi Okuyama supporting Lucien Dodge English
Ota supporting Max Mittelman English
Sokabe supporting Martin Billany English
Satou supporting Houchuu Otsuka Japanese
Sokabe supporting Sébastien Hebrant French
Ikuya Ogura supporting Tim Moeseritz German
Suzumura supporting Shougo Nakamura Japanese
Ota supporting Bruno Marçal Portuguese
Satou supporting Uwe Jellinek German
Suzumura supporting Dláigelles Silva Portuguese
Suzumura supporting Peter Sura German
Takahashi supporting Masashi Nogawa Japanese
Takahashi supporting Wellington Lima Portuguese
Takahashi supporting Steven Merting German
Takahashi supporting Arturo Castañeda Spanish
Takahashi supporting Michael Sorich English
Yuu Tosaki supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Hiroaki Wakai supporting Fabian Kluckert German
Yuu Tosaki supporting Sílvio Giraldi Portuguese
Yuu Tosaki supporting José Gilberto Vilchis Spanish
Watanabe supporting Christian Zeiger German
Hiroaki Wakai supporting Christopher Smith English
Hanae Yamanaka supporting Barbara Goodson English
Araki supporting Glauco Marques Portuguese
Araki supporting Tooru Sakurai Japanese
Colonel Kouma supporting Zeca Rodrigues Portuguese
Araki supporting Frederik Haùgness French
Araki supporting Marco Wittorf German
Colonel Kouma supporting Itaru Yamamoto Japanese
Colonel Kouma supporting Armin Schlagwein German

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