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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
2008-04-02 to 2011-03-30

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, set in the not too distant future, is the sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Following on from its predecessors, the show is centered around the Duel Monsters Card Game.

Neo Domino City, a newer, evolved city is the largest in the world, watched over by its Director, Rex Godwin. Satellite, the renamed old Domino City, is now the city's main waste disposal area and the inhabitants who live there, Satellites, live in poor conditions and are forbidden from Duelling.

Fudou Yusei, the shows main protaganist, has built a D-Wheel (used for the new form of duelling, Riding Duels) in the hope that he can escape to Neo Domino City. Spurred on by revenge towards Jack Atlus, the King of Riding Duels, he manages to escape and duel Jack for his precious card, Stardust Dragon. However when it is summoned along with Jack's ace monster, Red Demons Dragon, a wonderous Crimson Dragon appears, along with a mysterious Birthmark on Yusei's arm.

From here on, Yusei and his friends are thrown into a world of Darkness, from which they must duel their way out and attempt to save the world from the destructive forces that soon appear.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Lua main Ai Horanai Japanese
Lua main Eileen Stevens English
Lua main Luisa Wietzorek German
Lua main Cassandra Lee Morris English
Luca main Yuka Terasaki Japanese
Luca main Eileen Stevens English
Luca main Cassandra Lee Morris English
Luca main Talya Barkay Hebrew
Jack Atlas main Takanori Hoshino Japanese
Jack Atlas main Patrizio Prata Italian
Jack Atlas main Ted Lewis English
Jack Atlas main Tobias Nath German
Jack Atlas main Seung jun Kim Korean
Jack Atlas main Pierre Lognay French
Jack Atlas main Camilo Rodríguez Spanish
Yusei Fudou main Paolo De Santis Italian
Yusei Fudou main Yuya Miyashita Japanese
Yusei Fudou main Greg Abbey English
Yusei Fudou main Wanja Gerick German
Yusei Fudou main Dor Srogo Hebrew
Yusei Fudou main Yong Wu Shin Korean
Yusei Fudou main Felipe Zilse Portuguese
Yusei Fudou main Alexandre Crepet French
Crow Hogan main Shintaro Asanuma Japanese
Crow Hogan main Federico Zanandrea Italian
Crow Hogan main Tom Wayland English
Crow Hogan main Pete Capella English
Crow Hogan main Aurélien Ringelheim French
Crow Hogan main Dirk Petrick German
Crow Hogan main Gadi Levy Hebrew
Aki Izayoi main Ayumi Kinoshita Japanese
Aki Izayoi main Erica Schroeder English
Aki Izayoi main Maia Baran French
Aki Izayoi main Victoria Frenz German
Uryu supporting Gianluca Iacono Italian
Uryu supporting Toshiyuki Kusuda Japanese
Uryu supporting Tony Salerno English
Divine supporting Masaya Matsukaze Japanese
Divine supporting Konrad Bösherz German
Yeager supporting Tetsuya Yanagihara Japanese
Yeager supporting Marc Thompson English
Yeager supporting Luca Bottale Italian
Placido supporting Masakazu Nemoto Japanese
Placido supporting David Manet French
Bruno supporting Jason Griffith English
Bruno supporting Hiroki Tanaka Japanese
Bruno supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Bruno supporting Ruggero Andreozzi Italian
Bruno supporting Jan Makino German
Bruno supporting Bruno Mullenaerts French
Bruno supporting Nicolas Matthys French
Luciano supporting Sebastian Arcelus English
Luciano supporting Hitomi Yoshida Japanese
Luciano supporting Romain Barbieux French
Jose supporting Takayuki Sugou Japanese
Jose supporting Matt Hoverman English
Taka supporting Sébastien Hebrant French
Taka supporting Tomohiro Oomura Japanese
Nerve supporting Dirk Stollberg German
Nerve supporting Jamie Mcgonnigal English
Nerve supporting Kensuke Fujita Japanese
Master of Ceremonies supporting Sean Schemmel English
Master of Ceremonies supporting Gadi Levy Hebrew
Master of Ceremonies supporting Bernard Ackah Japanese
Demak supporting Kenji Nomura Japanese
Demak supporting Scottie Ray English
Sly supporting Sebastian Arcelus English
Sly supporting Sachi Kokuryu Japanese
Harald supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Harald supporting Gadi Levy Hebrew
Brave supporting Ryouhei Kimura Japanese
Brave supporting Seong Jun Bang Korean
Dragan supporting David Wills English
Dragan supporting Miya Kenichi Japanese
Aporia supporting Takayuki Sugou Japanese
Aporia supporting Guy Rushiniak Hebrew
Aporia supporting Masakazu Nemoto Japanese
Zone supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Blitz supporting Takahiro Hirano Japanese
Blitz supporting Philippe Allard French
Atsuko supporting Yuuko Nakamura Japanese
Martha supporting Kimiko Saito Japanese
Martha supporting Veronica Taylor English
Zora supporting Erica Schroeder English
Zora supporting Kiri Yoshizawa Japanese
Saiga supporting Hidenobu Kiuchi Japanese
Saiga supporting Tom Wayland English
Bommer supporting Sean Schemmel English
Bommer supporting Keiji Hirai Japanese
Barbara supporting Akemi Okamura Japanese
Barbara supporting Lisa Ortiz English
Lotten supporting Masami Iwasaki Japanese
Lotten supporting David Wills English
Nico supporting Akiko Yajima Japanese
Nico supporting Kether Donohue English
West supporting Hiromi Igarashi Japanese
Mizoguchi supporting Takashi Matsuyama Japanese
Mizoguchi supporting Eric Stuart English
Andore supporting Darren Dunstan English
Andore supporting Lion Kako Japanese
Jean supporting Ryou Naitou Japanese
Jean supporting Wayne Grayson English
Breo supporting Yuuki Masuda Japanese
Breo supporting Tom Wayland English
Rally Dawson supporting Mika Itou Japanese
Rally Dawson supporting Caroline Lawson English
Rally Dawson supporting Erica Schroeder English
Rally Dawson supporting Stéphane Flamand French
Mukuro Enjou supporting Naoki Yanagi Japanese
Hakase Fudou supporting Rikiya Koyama Japanese
Hakase Fudou supporting Wayne Grayson English
Hakase Fudou supporting Sébastien Hebrant French
Rex Godwin supporting Oliver Wyman English
Rex Godwin supporting Shinya Kote Japanese
Rex Godwin supporting Felix Spieß German
Rex Godwin supporting Gadi Levy Hebrew
Rex Godwin supporting Thierry Janssen French
Rudger Godwin supporting Taketora Japanese
Yoshizo Hayashi supporting Atsushi Kousaka Japanese
Jin Himuro supporting Wayne Grayson English
Jin Himuro supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Jin Himuro supporting Mathieu Moreau French
Kyosuke Kiryu supporting Yuuki Ono Japanese
Kyosuke Kiryu supporting Marc Diraison English
Kyosuke Kiryu supporting Tommy Morgenstern German
Kyosuke Kiryu supporting Ju Chang Lee Korean
Kyosuke Kiryu supporting Christophe Hespel French
Sherry Leblanc supporting Tara Sands English
Sherry Leblanc supporting Erika Nakagawa Japanese
Misty Lola supporting Junko Minagawa Japanese
Misty Lola supporting Rebecca Soler English
Misty Lola supporting Alexandra Correa French
Carly Nagisa supporting Ioanna Gkizas French
Carly Nagisa supporting Veronica Taylor English
Carly Nagisa supporting Aki Kanada Japanese
Carly Nagisa supporting Debora Magnaghi Italian
Carly Nagisa supporting Li Mei Chan Japanese
Mikage Sagiri supporting Carrie Keranen English
Mikage Sagiri supporting Caroline Lawson English
Mikage Sagiri supporting Aiko Aihashi Japanese
Jinbei Tanigawa supporting Suguru Inoue Japanese
Yanagi Tenzen supporting Marc Thompson English
Yanagi Tenzen supporting Bunmei Tobayama Japanese
Tetsu Ushio supporting Dan Green English
Tetsu Ushio supporting Kouji Ochiai Japanese
Tetsu Ushio supporting Olaf Reichmann German
Taro Yamashita supporting Naru Kawamoto Japanese

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