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ロックマン エグゼ
English: MegaMan NT Warrior
2002-03-04 to 2003-03-31

In the year of 20XX, a young boy by the name of Netto Hikari receives a very special gift as he enters the 5th grade. His very own customized net navi, Rockman! Despite Rockman's small size and far more responsible personality, the two boys quickly become the best of friends. A net navi is designed to guide his operator from the inside of his or her PErsonal Terminal, or simply PET for short. Children and adults alike enjoy friendly "Net Battles", where they spar their navis against each other to prove their worth.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Rockman.EXE main Akiko Kimura Japanese
Rockman.EXE main Andrew Francis English
Rockman.EXE main Fábio Lucindo Portuguese
Rockman.EXE main Stefano Crescentini Italian
Rockman.EXE main Diana Torres Spanish
Rockman.EXE main Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Blues.EXE main David Kaye English
Blues.EXE main Masaya Matsukaze Japanese
Blues.EXE main Gerrit Schmidt-Foß German
Blues.EXE main Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
Blues.EXE main Rókus Varga Hungarian
Blues.EXE main Ricardo Mendoza Spanish
Blues.EXE main Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Roll.EXE main Valentina Mari Italian
Roll.EXE main Masako Jou Japanese
Roll.EXE main Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Roll.EXE main Seon Hye Kim Korean
Roll.EXE main Marianne Leroux French
Iceman.exe main Junko Noda Japanese
Iceman.exe main Samuel Vincent English
Iceman.exe main Tommy Morgenstern German
Iceman.exe main Jose Maria Carrero Spanish
Saloma main Omi Minami Japanese
Saloma main Kelly Sheridan English
Saloma main Tânia Gaidarji Portuguese
Saloma main Rosa Vivas Spanish
Saloma main Eleonora Reti Italian
Netto Hikari main Brad Swaile English
Netto Hikari main Kumiko Higa Japanese
Netto Hikari main Enzo Fortuny Spanish
Netto Hikari main David Turba German
Netto Hikari main Levente Molnár Hungarian
Netto Hikari main Alex Doduk English
Netto Hikari main Alessandro Vanni Italian
Enzan Ijuuin main Mitsuki Saiga Japanese
Enzan Ijuuin main Bill Switzer English
Enzan Ijuuin main Sebastian Schulz German
Enzan Ijuuin main Kristóf Steiner Hungarian
Enzan Ijuuin main Myeong seon Lee Korean
Miyuki Kuroi main Hyosei Japanese
Miyuki Kuroi main Anna Cummer English
Miyuki Kuroi main Pepa Agudo Spanish
Miyuki Kuroi main Marianne Leroux French
Mariko Ozono main Noriko Hidaka Japanese
Mariko Ozono main Janyse Jaud English
Mariko Ozono main Hye Ok Jeong Korean
Meiru Sakurai main Kaori Mizuhashi Japanese
Meiru Sakurai main Ilona Molnár Hungarian
Meiru Sakurai main Min Jeong Yeo Korean
Forte supporting Matt Hill English
Forte supporting Keiko Nemoto Japanese
Forte supporting Davide Lepore Italian
Magicman supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Magicman supporting Paul Dobson English
Magicman supporting Han Choi Korean
Magicman supporting Loris Loddi Italian
Gutsman.exe supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Gutsman.exe supporting Affonso Amajones Portuguese
Gutsman.exe supporting Yeong Jae Pyo Korean
Skullman.EXE supporting Brian Drummond English
Skullman.EXE supporting Riichi Nishimoto Japanese
Skullman.EXE supporting Wellington Lima Portuguese
Glyde.EXE supporting Ted Cole English
Glyde.EXE supporting Yasuhiko Kawazu Japanese
Glyde.EXE supporting Alexandre Marconatto Portuguese
Woodman.EXE supporting Lee Tockar English
Woodman.EXE supporting Toshihide Tsuchiya Japanese
Woodman.EXE supporting Juan Carlos Lozano Spanish
Numberman.EXE supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Numberman.EXE supporting Samuel Vincent English
Masa supporting Richard Newman English
Masa supporting Jin Horikawa Japanese
Masa supporting Yoram Yosefsberg Hebrew
Masa supporting Han Choi Korean
Masa supporting Gerald Paradies German
Sharkman.EXE supporting Don Brown English
Sharkman.EXE supporting Takuma Suzuki Japanese
Raoul supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Raoul supporting Salvador Serrano Spanish
Thunderman.EXE supporting Daiki Nakamura Japanese
Thunderman.EXE supporting Jose Maria Carrero Spanish
Thunderman.EXE supporting Nessym Guetat French
Toadman.EXE supporting Akiko Nakagawa Japanese
Toadman.EXE supporting Sharon Alexander English
Quickman.EXE supporting Masaru Motegi Japanese
Knightman.EXE supporting Jin Horikawa Japanese
Kingman.EXE supporting Keikou Sakai Japanese
Aki supporting Sakura Nogawa Japanese
Aki supporting Diana Torres Spanish
Aki supporting Melissa Garcia Portuguese
Rush.EXE supporting Akiko Kimura Japanese
Aquaman.EXE supporting Chiemi Chiba Japanese
Laika supporting Hiro Yuuki Japanese
Searchman.EXE supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Searchman.EXE supporting Myeong Jun Jeong Korean
Mameo supporting Motoko Kumai Japanese
Dingo supporting Mayumi Yamaguchi Japanese
Tomahawkman.EXE supporting Daisuke Sakaguchi Japanese
Tomahawkman.EXE supporting Yong Wu Shin Korean
Medi.EXE supporting Yumi Kakazu Japanese
Heatman.EXE supporting Issei Futamata Japanese
Elecman.EXE supporting Chihiro Suzuki Japanese
Elecman.EXE supporting Rainer Fritzsche German
Pharaohman.EXE supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Pharaohman.EXE supporting Jörg Hengstler German
Shadowman.EXE supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Romeda Andou supporting Mikako Takahashi Japanese
Torakichi Aragoma supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Yaito Ayanokouji supporting Jocelyne Loewen English
Yaito Ayanokouji supporting Hinako Yoshino Japanese
Yaito Ayanokouji supporting Angelica Santos Portuguese
Yaito Ayanokouji supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Yaito Ayanokouji supporting Shira Naor Hebrew
Yaito Ayanokouji supporting Victoria Frenz German
Meijin Eguchi supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Meijin Eguchi supporting Gilad Kleter Hebrew
Daisuke Hayami supporting Showtaro Morikubo Japanese
Daisuke Hayami supporting Kirby Morrow English
Yui Hazuki supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Yamitaro Higure supporting Yuji Ueda Japanese
Yamitaro Higure supporting Olaf Reichmann German
Yamitaro Higure supporting Lee Tockar English
Yamitaro Higure supporting Serge Faliu French
Yuuichirou Hikari supporting Michael Adamthwaite English
Yuuichirou Hikari supporting Tokuyoshi Kawashima Japanese
Yuuichirou Hikari supporting Christian Strempler Spanish
Yuuichirou Hikari supporting Leopoldo Ballesteros Spanish
Yuuichirou Hikari supporting Gilad Kleter Hebrew
Haruka Hikari supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Haruka Hikari supporting Adriana Pissardini Portuguese
Tohru Hikawa supporting Kumiko Watanabe Japanese
Tohru Hikawa supporting Fabian Hollwitz German
Tohru Hikawa supporting Bence Berkes Hungarian
Tohru Hikawa supporting Geoffrey Vigier French
Kennichi Hino supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Kennichi Hino supporting Trevor Devall English
Kennichi Hino supporting David Nathan German
Kennichi Hino supporting Philippe Dumond French
Madoi Iroaya supporting Junko Noda Japanese
Madoi Iroaya supporting Tabitha St. Germain English
Madoi Iroaya supporting Piroska Simonyi Hungarian
Madoi Iroaya supporting Monica Villasenor Spanish
Kero Midorikawa supporting Akiko Nakagawa Japanese
Kero Midorikawa supporting Raquel Marinho Portuguese
Kero Midorikawa supporting Márcia Regina Portuguese
Kero Midorikawa supporting Myeong seon Lee Korean
Shun Obihiro supporting Junko Minagawa Japanese
Dekao Oyama supporting Tony Sampson English
Dekao Oyama supporting Yusuke Numata Japanese
Dekao Oyama supporting Jose Maria Carrero Spanish
Chisao Oyama supporting Tomoko Ishimura Japanese
Princess Pride supporting Tomoko Kawakami Japanese
Princess Pride supporting Jussara Marques Portuguese
Tamako Shiraizuki supporting Takako Honda Japanese

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