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Lupin III
1971-10-24 to 1972-03-26

Arsene Lupin III is the grandson of the master thief Arsene Lupin. With his cohorts Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII and his love interest Fujiko Mine, he pulls off the greatest heists of all time while always escaping the grasp of Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Chikao Otsuka Japanese
Goemon Ishikawa XIII main Seok jeong Yang Korean
Daisuke Jigen main Kiyoshi Kobayashi Japanese
Daisuke Jigen main Sandro Pellegrini Italian
Arsene Lupin III main Yasuo Yamada Japanese
Arsene Lupin III main Roberto Del Giudice Italian
Arsene Lupin III main Peterson Adriano Portuguese
Arsene Lupin III main Su Jin Kang Korean
Arsene Lupin III main Jang Kim Korean
Fujiko Mine main Catherine Lafond French
Fujiko Mine main Yukiko Nikaido Japanese
Koichi Zenigata main Goro Naya Japanese
Pycal supporting Hideaki Ezumi Japanese
Linda supporting Reiko Mutou Japanese
Starn supporting Osamu Kobayashi Japanese
Lisa supporting Rihoko Yoshida Japanese
Catherine supporting Eiko Masuyama Japanese
Kamaitachi supporting Chikao Otsuka Japanese
Gantetsu supporting Kousei Tomita Japanese
Tatsu supporting Kei Tomiyama Japanese
Silver Fox supporting Nobuyo Tsuda Japanese
Flinch supporting Shigeyuki Hosoi Japanese
Gold supporting Ushio Shima Japanese
Gordon supporting Shingo Kanemoto Japanese
Ganimard III supporting Katsumi Itou Japanese
Chief of Police supporting Ichiro Nagai Japanese
Raymond supporting Keaton Yamada Japanese
Hayate supporting Hidekatsu Shibata Japanese
Ivanov supporting Eken Mine Japanese
Lupin II supporting Yonehiko Kitagawa Japanese
Dr. Heinlein supporting Kouichi Chiba Japanese
Baron supporting Kouji Nakata Japanese
Cap supporting Kazuo Arai Japanese
Poon supporting Jun Hongou Japanese
Smith supporting Kazuo Arai Japanese
Scorpion Boss supporting Junpei Takiguchi Japanese
Ginko Hoshikage supporting Michiko Hirai Japanese
Rie Makita supporting Michiko Hirai Japanese
Ken Makita supporting Isao Sakuma Japanese
Kyosuke Mamou supporting Iemasa Kayumi Japanese
Sandayuu Momochi supporting Masashi Amenomori Japanese
George Takigawa supporting Kousei Tomita Japanese

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