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2000-10-04 to 2001-01-10

All Shuichi ever dreamed about was following in the footsteps of his pop idol, Ryuichi Sakuma and the band Nittle Grasper. Together with his best friend Hiro, Shuichi's formed a band called Bad Luck and they've even managed to get signed to a major recording label! Unfortunately, the studio deadlines are looming and Shuichi still hasn't finished the lyrics for any of the songs. What he needs is a little inspiration... but he's been running a little low in that department lately. While Hiro recommends finding a girlfriend, fate has other things in store for him...

Walking through the park late one night, Shuichi's latest lyrics flutter away and land at the feet of a stunning stranger that takes his breath away. Unfortunately, that mysterious stranger happens to be the famous novelist Eiri Yuki, who completely crushes the young singer by telling him he has "zero talent". Now, Shuichi's so annoyed that he's managed to finish his song just so he can find and confront Yuki once again. But, are his actions really motivated by anger, or has he actually fallen in love?

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Voice Actors & Characters

Hiroshi Nakano main Yasunori Matsumoto Japanese
Hiroshi Nakano main Daniel Kevin Harrison English
Hiroshi Nakano main Nico Sablik German
Tohma Seguchi main Ai Orikasa Japanese
Tohma Seguchi main Oliver-Kim Hasper German
Tohma Seguchi main Bill Rogers English
Shuuichi Shindou main Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Shuuichi Shindou main Rich McNanna English
Shuuichi Shindou main Ozan Ünal German
Eiri Yuki main Kazuhiko Inoue Japanese
Taki Aizawa supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Suguru Fujisaki supporting Fujiko Takimoto Japanese
Sakano supporting Takehito Koyasu Japanese
Sakano supporting Wanja Gerick German
Ryuuichi Sakuma supporting Kappei Yamaguchi Japanese
Ryuuichi Sakuma supporting Bill Timoney English
Ryuuichi Sakuma supporting David Turba German
Ryuuichi Sakuma supporting Kenneth Robert Marlo English
Mika Seguchi supporting Hiromi Tsuru Japanese
Mika Seguchi supporting Debora Rabbai English
Tatsuha Uesugi supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Tatsuha Uesugi supporting Jason Griffith English
Tatsuha Uesugi supporting Hannes Maurer German
Noriko Ukai supporting Haruna Ikezawa Japanese
Noriko Ukai supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Ayaka Usami supporting Rie Tanaka Japanese
Ayaka Usami supporting Rachael Lillis English
Claude Winchester supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Claude Winchester supporting Gerrit Schmidt-Foß German

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