Poster depicting Kidou Senkan Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness

Alternative titles

機動戦艦ナデシコ The prince of darkness
English: Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness


Aired 1998-08-01 to 1998-08-01

Two years have passed since the end of the "Martian Successor Nadesico" . Akito and Yurika have dissapeared. The Jovians and the Earthlings have joined forces and Ruri is now captain of Nadesico B. As the popularity of Boson Jumping grows, a vast transportation network has been developed. Dubbed the Hisago Plan, this network of Chulip portals holds the answers to the mysteries behind Bose particles and their power. If those secrets should fall into the wrong hands, it could mean big trouble. And big trouble there is. A Martian splinter group has launched an offensive, leaving the United Forces befuddled and desperate. So much so, in fact, that the former crew of the Nadesico is called back to active duty for a special unsanctioned mission-to save us all. Does this menagerie of misfits have what it takes? Who will win the race for the Boson technology? And what the heck happened to Akito and Yurika?

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Voice Actors & Characters

Ruri Hoshino main Kira Vincent-Davis English
Ruri Hoshino main Omi Minami Japanese
Ruri Hoshino main Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Ruri Hoshino main Patrizia Mottola Italian
Haruka Minato main Kelly Manison English
Haruka Minato main Maya Okamoto Japanese
Haruka Minato main Vanessa Alves Portuguese
Akito Tenkawa main Yuji Ueda Japanese
Akito Tenkawa main Spike Spencer English
Akito Tenkawa main Marcelo Campos Portuguese
Prospector supporting Kenichi Ono Japanese
Prospector supporting Paul Sidello English
Howmei supporting Marcy Rae English
Howmei supporting Miyuki Ichijou Japanese
Hokushin supporting Kouichi Yamadera Japanese
Hokushin supporting Mike MacRae English
Nagare Akatsuki supporting Ryotaro Okiayu Japanese
Nagare Akatsuki supporting Jay Hickman English
Nagare Akatsuki supporting Alexandre Marconatto Portuguese
Hikaru Amano supporting Cynthia Martinez English
Hikaru Amano supporting Shiho Kikuchi Japanese
Hikaru Amano supporting Priscilla Concépcion Portuguese
Jun Aoi supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Jun Aoi supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
Jun Aoi supporting Mark Laskowski English
Ines Fressange supporting Shelley Calene-Black English
Ines Fressange supporting Naoko Matsui Japanese
Ines Fressange supporting Raquel Marinho Portuguese
Goat Hoary supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Goat Hoary supporting Rob Mungle English
Erina Kinjo Won supporting Yuuko Nagashima Japanese
Erina Kinjo Won supporting Emily Carter-Essex English
Erina Kinjo Won supporting Tânia Gaidarji Portuguese
Lapis Lazuli supporting Shelley Calene-Black English
Lapis Lazuli supporting Yukie Nakama Japanese
Izumi Maki supporting Miki Nagasawa Japanese
Izumi Maki supporting Tamara Lo English
Hari Makibi supporting Noriko Hidaka Japanese
Hari Makibi supporting Patrizia Scianca Italian
Hari Makibi supporting Monica Villasenor Spanish
Yurika Misumaru supporting Houko Kuwashima Japanese
Yurika Misumaru supporting Mario Scarabelli Italian
Yurika Misumaru supporting Jennifer K. Earhart English
Yurika Misumaru supporting Márcia Regina Portuguese
Sadaaki Munetake supporting Mitsuaki Madono Japanese
Sadaaki Munetake supporting John Gremillion English
Sadaaki Munetake supporting Gileno Santoro Portuguese
Megumi Reinard supporting Jenny Strader English
Megumi Reinard supporting Naoko Takano Japanese
Megumi Reinard supporting Úrsula Bezerra Portuguese
Yukina Shiratori supporting Ikue Ootani Japanese
Yukina Shiratori supporting Hilary Haag English
Yukina Shiratori supporting Debora Magnaghi Italian
Yukina Shiratori supporting Cristina Hernandez Spanish
Ryoko Subaru supporting Tiffany Grant English
Ryoko Subaru supporting Chisa Yokoyama Japanese
Saburota Takasugi supporting Shinichiro Miki Japanese
Saburota Takasugi supporting Chris Patton English
Genichirou Tsukiomi supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Genichirou Tsukiomi supporting Jason Douglas English
Seiya Uribatake supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Seiya Uribatake supporting John Swasey English
Yamazaki Yoshiki supporting David Matranga English