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Aggretsuko (ONA) 3rd Season

After an emotional breakup with her boyfriend, red panda Retsuko closes herself off to the thought of ever being in love again—well, with an actual person anyway. Retreating into the world of VR, her virtual boyfriend showers her with praise and shows up in cute outfits, albeit for a price. While scrambling to find other ways to earn money, Retsuko finds herself in yet another financial bind after accidentally ramming into a parked van with a rental vehicle. The owner of the van, a gruff cheetah named Hyoudou, recruits her as an accountant for an underground idol group which he manages. Retsuko soon begins to buckle under the pressure from the new job, leading to plenty of inspiration for her next death metal vent sessions. In the midst of it all, Retsuko begins to wonder if she truly desires a colorless and uninteresting life, or if there's something waiting beyond her office desk. Will Retsuko finally come out on top, both in love and in the workplace? Or will she once again be convinced that the dull and sterile life in her office environment is the one she must lead? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Retsuko main Erica Mendez English
Retsuko main Jolanda Granato Italian
Hyoudou main Felipe Zilse Portuguese
Retsuko main Agatha Paulita Portuguese
Retsuko main Sophie Landresse French
Retsuko main Julia Stoepel German
Retsuko main Rareko Japanese
Retsuko main Vera Bosch Spanish
Hyoudou main SungWon Cho English
Hyoudou main Souta Arai Japanese
Hyoudou main Jean-Marc Delhausse French
Hyoudou main Mario Zucca Italian
Retsuko main Kaolip Japanese
Retsuko main Jamison Boaz English
Retsuko main Desiree Gonzalez Spanish
Migi supporting Luísa Horta Portuguese
Hidarin supporting Kandy Kathy Ricci Portuguese
Tadano supporting Amadeus Strobl German
Tsunoda supporting Gabriela Ortiz Spanish
Hidarin supporting Christine Marie Cabanos English
Manaka supporting Sayumi Manaka Japanese
Retsuko's Mother supporting Kaitlyn Robrock English
Megumi Kaba supporting Misty Lee Stankiewicz English
Megumi Kaba supporting Yuki Takahashi Japanese
Hidarin supporting Arisa Japanese
Haida supporting Julio Bernal Spanish
Migi supporting Rima Japanese
Migi supporting Esther Aflalo French
Hidarin supporting Alicia Duquesne French
Seiya supporting Gideon Emery English
Ton Buchou supporting Osvaldo Trejo Rodríguez Spanish
Migi supporting Patricia Rada Spanish
Inui supporting Samira Fernandes Portuguese
Haida supporting Vincent Dussaiwoir French
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Didier Colfs French
Haida supporting Shingo Katou Japanese
Ton Buchou supporting Pierre Bodson French
Tadano supporting Ezio Vivolo Italian
Tsunoda supporting Rina Inoue Japanese
Tsunoda supporting Michelle del Giudice Portuguese
Tsunoda supporting Esther Aflalo French
Washimi supporting Shallana Costa Portuguese
Washimi supporting Chiara Francese Italian
Washimi supporting Stéphanie Vondenhoff French
Inui supporting Lénaïc Brulé French
Gori Buchou supporting Adriana Pissardini Portuguese
Haida supporting Benjamin Diskin English
Megumi Kaba supporting Peppino Capotondi French
Gori Buchou supporting Nathalie Hons French
Gori Buchou supporting Gina Bowes English
Anai supporting Adrian Tatini Portuguese
Ton Buchou supporting Francisco Júnior Portuguese
Anai supporting Souta Arai Japanese
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Yuri Chesman Portuguese
Ookami supporting Lucien Dodge English
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Souta Arai Japanese
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Francesco Mei Italian
Puko supporting Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Retsuko's Mother supporting Sandra Mara Azevedo Portuguese
Manaka supporting Sayumi Watabe Japanese
Haida supporting Diego Marques Portuguese
Fenneko supporting Rina Inoue Japanese
Inui supporting Rina Inoue Japanese
Manaka supporting Elisa Giorgio Italian
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Pepe Carabias Spanish
Ton Buchou supporting Souta Arai Japanese
Fenneko supporting Ludovica De Caro Italian
Inui supporting Abby Trott English
Megumi Kaba supporting Maria Cláudia Cardoso Portuguese
Washimi supporting Komegumi Koiwasaki Japanese
Manaka supporting Camila Castellani Portuguese
Inui supporting Ilaria Silvestri Italian
Manaka supporting Karin Clercq French
Ookami supporting Souta Arai Japanese
Retsuko's Mother supporting Esther Aflalo French
Tadano supporting Griffin Burns English
Haida supporting Jorge Saudinos Spanish
Tadano supporting Fábio Lucindo Portuguese
Tadano supporting Didier Colfs French
Megumi Kaba supporting Lorella De Luca Italian
Ookami supporting Marco Benedetti Italian
Seiya supporting Gab Romuti Portuguese
Ton Buchou supporting Matteo Brusamonti Italian
Gori Buchou supporting Silvana Fantini Italian
Haida supporting Alessandro Germano Italian
Washimi supporting Tara Platt English
Puko supporting Allegra Clark English
Washimi supporting América Torres Spanish
Ookami supporting Ferso Velázquez Spanish
Tadano supporting Carlo Vázquez Spanish
Fenneko supporting Vanessa Olea Spanish
Gori Buchou supporting Maki Tsuruta Japanese
Fenneko supporting Tarsila Amorim Portuguese
Anai supporting Xavier Percy French
Puko supporting Cecilia Guerrero Spanish
Ookami supporting Marco Aurélio Campos Portuguese
Fenneko supporting Émilie Guillaume French
Megumi Kaba supporting Isabel Romo Spanish
Tsunoda supporting Gina Bowes English
Fenneko supporting Katelyn Gault English
Anai supporting Billy Kametz English
Unnamed Stalker supporting Diego Lima Portuguese
Manaka supporting María José Guerrero Spanish
Retsuko's Mother supporting Maki Tsuruta Japanese
Tsunoda supporting Giulia Maniglio Italian
Anai supporting Simone Lupinacci Italian
Tadano supporting Sasa Chiharu Japanese
Ton Buchou supporting Josh Petersdorf English
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Hugo Núñez Spanish
Gori Buchou supporting Antje von der Ahe German
Retsuko's Mother supporting Adriana Casas Spanish
Kakarichou Komiya supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Manaka supporting Deva Marie Gregory English
Migi supporting Xanthe Huynh English
Seiya supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Unnamed Stalker supporting Souta Arai Japanese
Ookami supporting Marco Rosenberg German
Unnamed Stalker supporting Ben Lepley English
Puko supporting Rina Inoue Japanese
Migi supporting Fernanda Ornelas Spanish
Hakumi supporting Komegumi Koiwasaki Japanese
Hakumi supporting Xanthe Huynh English

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