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2016-10-14 to 2016-10-14

Death does not have to be the end; one can live again, but only through beating the game posed by the black ball called Gantz. On his way home to celebrate his younger brother's birthday, brave and kind-hearted student named Masaru Katou is stabbed to death. He awakes in a small room with a cityscape view in the heart of Tokyo—and he is not alone. To his surprise, it is not the afterlife, but the waiting room for a high stakes game with their lives on the line. Before he has the chance to process the situation, Masaru is handed a gun and teleported into the center of Osaka to carry out one simple task: eliminate any alien on sight. Accompanied by the aged Yoshikazu Suzuki, the stunning idol Reika Shimohira, and the cold but experienced Jouichirou Nishi, Masaru must overcome his fears in order to survive the game and return home to his waiting brother. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Anzu Yamasaki main Cristina Valenzuela English
Anzu Yamasaki main Mao Ichimichi Japanese
Anzu Yamasaki main Marieke Oeffinger German
Masaru Katou main Sebastian Schulz German
Masaru Katou main Alejandro Orozco Spanish
Masaru Katou main Leonardo Rabelo Portuguese
Reika Shimohira main Analiz Sánchez Spanish
Masaru Katou main Nicolas Matthys French
Reika Shimohira main Saori Hayami Japanese
Reika Shimohira main Josephine Schmidt German
Reika Shimohira main Ruth Pazo Olivares Spanish
Reika Shimohira main Márcia Coutinho Portuguese
Anzu Yamasaki main Alondra Hidalgo Spanish
Anzu Yamasaki main Ana Lúcia Menezes Portuguese
Reika Shimohira main Laura Post English
Masaru Katou main Daisuke Ono Japanese
Masaru Katou main Kaiji Tang English
Hachirou Oka supporting Matthias Klages German
Yoshikazu Suzuki supporting Todd Haberkorn English
Joichiro Nishi supporting Kyle McCarley English
Joichiro Nishi supporting Roland Wolf German
Yasuharu Shimaki supporting Christoph Banken German
Kei Kurono supporting Lucien Dodge English
Kei Kurono supporting Jeremias Koschorz German
Kei Kurono supporting Miguel Ángel Ruiz Spanish
Yoshikazu Suzuki supporting Patrick Donnay French
Joichiro Nishi supporting Rafael Cappelli Portuguese
Yoshikazu Suzuki supporting Júlio Chaves Portuguese
Joichiro Nishi supporting Arturo Castañeda Spanish
Yasuharu Shimaki supporting Márcio Dondi Portuguese
Hachirou Oka supporting Kendou Kobayashi Japanese
Hachirou Oka supporting Doug Erholtz English
Yoshikazu Suzuki supporting Rainer Gerlach German
Yoshikazu Suzuki supporting Shuuichi Ikeda Japanese
Sanpei Taira supporting Kenjirou Tsuda Japanese
Ayumu Katou supporting Simon Kunze German
Ayumu Katou supporting Rihito Morio Japanese
Ayumu Katou supporting Arthur Salerno Portuguese
Susumu Kimura supporting Masaya Onosaka Japanese
Susumu Kimura supporting Bryce Papenbrook English
Tetsuo Hara supporting Teruaki Ogawa Japanese
Susumu Kimura supporting Bruno Rocha Portuguese
Kei Kurono supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Kei Kurono supporting Gregory Praet French
Nobuo Muroya supporting Keith Silverstein English
Hachirou Oka supporting Ricardo Schnetzer Portuguese
Nobuo Muroya supporting Peter Sura German
Nobuo Muroya supporting Ricardo Mendoza Spanish
Yoshikazu Suzuki supporting Ernesto Lezama Spanish
Nobuo Muroya supporting Arnaud Crèvecoeur French
Joichiro Nishi supporting Tomohiro Kaku Japanese

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