Poster depicting Fairy Tail (2014)
34384 ratings
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Alternative titles
English: Fairy Tail Series 2
Fairy Tail Series 2
FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル)
2014-04-05 to 2016-03-26

The story follows a teenage girl named Lucy Heartfilla who is determined to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail Guild. During a daring rescue, she encounters Natsu who is part of the guild and eventually offers her a place. They become teammates performing various missions for the Fairy Tail Guild. Be prepared for an action-packed adventure!(Source: Crunchyroll)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Happy main Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Happy main Tia Ballard English
Charles main Yui Horie Japanese
Charles main Jad Saxton English
Natsu Dragneel main Tetsuya Kakihara Japanese
Natsu Dragneel main Todd Haberkorn English
Gray Fullbuster main Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Gray Fullbuster main Newton Pittman English
Lucy Heartfilia main Aya Hirano Japanese
Lucy Heartfilia main Cherami Leigh English
Wendy Marvell main Brittney Karbowski English
Wendy Marvell main Satomi Sato Japanese
Erza Scarlet main Sayaka Ohara Japanese
Erza Scarlet main Colleen Clinkenbeard English
Plue supporting Monica Rial English
Plue supporting Saori Gotou Japanese
Loki supporting Eric Vale English
Loki supporting Daisuke Kishio Japanese
Aquarius supporting Eri Kitamura Japanese
Aquarius supporting Jessica Cavanagh English
Virgo supporting Miyuki Sawashiro Japanese
Virgo supporting Terri Doty English
Taurus supporting Jeremy Inman English
Taurus supporting Eiji Sekiguchi Japanese
Cancer supporting Will Short English
Cancer supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Narrator supporting Hidekatsu Shibata Japanese
Narrator supporting Bob Magruder English
Sagittarius supporting Masaki Kawanabe Japanese
Jet supporting Masaki Kawanabe Japanese
Droy supporting Eiji Sekiguchi Japanese
Droy supporting Z. Charles Bolton English
Bickslow supporting Yoshihisa Kawahara Japanese
Bickslow supporting Scott Freeman English
Evergreen supporting Caitlin Glass English
Evergreen supporting Saori Seto Japanese
Cobra supporting Atsushi Imaruoka Japanese
Cobra supporting Jarrod Greene English
Horologium supporting Masaki Kawanabe Japanese
Goldmine supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Aries supporting Sayaka Narita Japanese
Crux supporting Masafumi Kimura Japanese
Scorpio supporting Daisuke Kishio Japanese
Scorpio supporting Andrew Chandler English
Gemi supporting Yukiyo Fujii Japanese
Mini supporting Kanami Satou Japanese
Pantherlily supporting Hiroki Touchi Japanese
Pantherlily supporting Rick Keeling English
Millianna supporting Alexis Tipton English
Millianna supporting Yukiyo Fujii Japanese
Yajima supporting Masafumi Kimura Japanese
Yajima supporting Steve Powell English
Yuka Suzuki supporting Masaki Kawanabe Japanese
Yuka Suzuki supporting Anthony Bowling English
Eve Tilm supporting Fuyuka Ooura Japanese
Eve Tilm supporting Daniel Litwin English
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki supporting Show Hayami Japanese
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki supporting Chris Guerrero English
Beth Vanderwood supporting Rie Murakawa Japanese
Lyon Vastia supporting Jerry Jewell English
Lyon Vastia supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Mavis Vermillion supporting Mamiko Noto Japanese
Mavis Vermillion supporting Leah Clark English
Arania Web supporting Harumi Sakurai Japanese
Doranbalt supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Doranbalt supporting Alex Organ English
Zeref supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Meredy supporting Saori Gotou Japanese
Meredy supporting Bryn Apprill English
Capricorn supporting Takaya Kuroda Japanese
Lahar supporting Christopher Bevins English
Lahar supporting Hideyuki Hayami Japanese
Kinana supporting Natsue Sasamoto Japanese
Kinana supporting Lara Woodhull English
Frosch supporting Satomi Koorogi Japanese
Lector supporting Akiko Yajima Japanese
Libra supporting Saori Gotou Japanese
Arcadios supporting Takaya Kuroda Japanese
Jiemma supporting Eiji Miyashita Japanese
Novali supporting Masaki Kawanabe Japanese
Mato supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Kamika supporting Eriko Matsui Japanese
Cosmos supporting Nao Tamura Japanese
Darton supporting Yoshihisa Kawahara Japanese
Zirconis supporting Takaya Kuroda Japanese
Atlas Flame supporting Takashi Matsuyama Japanese
Uosuke supporting Ayumu Murase Japanese
Neppa supporting Kenta Matsumoto Japanese
Kama supporting Yuya Uchida Japanese
Yukino Aguria supporting Fuyuka Ooura Japanese
Ren Akatsuki supporting Masaya Matsukaze Japanese
Ren Akatsuki supporting Christopher Wehkamp English
Kana Alberona supporting Eri Kitamura Japanese
Kana Alberona supporting Jamie Marchi English
Max Alors supporting Yuuichi Iguchi Japanese
Ooba Babasaama supporting Ako Mayama Japanese
Sherry Blendy supporting Yuka Iguchi Japanese
Sherry Blendy supporting Trina Nishimura English
Chelia Blendy supporting Yuka Iguchi Japanese
Rogue Cheney supporting Kenichi Suzumura Japanese
Romeo Conbolt supporting Mariya Ise Japanese
Romeo Conbolt supporting Lindsay Seidel English
Macao Conbolt supporting Masaki Kawanabe Japanese
Macao Conbolt supporting Brian Mathis English
Alzack Connell supporting Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Japanese
Alzack Connell supporting Austin Tindle English
Asuka Connell supporting Satomi Arai Japanese
Asuka Connell supporting Kristin Sutton English
Makarov Dreyar supporting R. Bruce Elliott English
Makarov Dreyar supporting Shinpachi Tsuji Japanese
Laxus Dreyar supporting Katsuyuki Konishi Japanese
Laxus Dreyar supporting Patrick Seitz English
Sting Eucliffe supporting Takahiro Sakurai Japanese
Sting Eucliffe supporting Michael Jones English
Jellal Fernandes supporting Daisuke Namikawa Japanese
Jellal Fernandes supporting Robert McCollum English
Hisui E. Fiore supporting Suzuko Mimori Japanese
Toma E. Fiore supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Bacchus Groh supporting Kenjirou Tsuda Japanese
Toby Horhorta supporting Daisuke Kishio Japanese
Reedus Jonah supporting Sonny Strait English
Reedus Jonah supporting Eiji Sekiguchi Japanese
Fried Justine supporting Junichi Suwabe Japanese
Fried Justine supporting John Burgmeier English
Nab Lasaro supporting Mike McFarland English
Nab Lasaro supporting Daisuke Endou Japanese
Risley Law supporting Miki Narahashi Japanese
Hibiki Laytis supporting Takashi Kondou Japanese
Hibiki Laytis supporting Aaron Dismuke English
Juvia Lockser supporting Mai Nakahara Japanese
Juvia Lockser supporting Brina Palencia English
Chapati Lola supporting Anri Katsu Japanese
Rufus Lore supporting Tsubasa Yonaga Japanese
Levy McGarden supporting Mariya Ise Japanese
Levy McGarden supporting Kristi Kang English
Kagura Mikazuchi supporting Saori Hayami Japanese
Ultear Milkovich supporting Miyuki Sawashiro Japanese
Ultear Milkovich supporting Lydia Mackay English
Wakaba Mine supporting Eiji Sekiguchi Japanese
Wakaba Mine supporting Charles Campbell English
Bisca Mulan supporting Satomi Arai Japanese
Bisca Mulan supporting Angela Chase English
Orga Nanagear supporting Masafumi Kimura Japanese
Jura Nekis supporting Kent Williams English
Jura Nekis supporting Yutaka Aoyama Japanese
Laki Olietta supporting Ikumi Hayama Japanese
Laki Olietta supporting Apphia Yu English
Minerva Orland supporting Kikuko Inoue Japanese
Mother Pisces supporting Kanami Satou Japanese
Son Pisces supporting Shohei Kajikawa Japanese
Jenny Realight supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Gajeel Redfox supporting Wataru Hatano Japanese
Gajeel Redfox supporting David Wald English
Warren Rocko supporting Daisuke Kageura Japanese
Warren Rocko supporting Gregory Lush English
Mirajane Strauss supporting Monica Rial English
Mirajane Strauss supporting Ryouko Ono Japanese
Elfman Strauss supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Elfman Strauss supporting Christopher Sabat English
Lisanna Strauss supporting Carrie Savage English
Lisanna Strauss supporting Harumi Sakurai Japanese

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