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English: Girls & Panzer
2012-10-09 to 2013-03-25

You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai High School practice gun-fu—really, really BIG 75mm gun-fu, in fact. It's called Sensha-do, and it's the martial art of operating armored tanks! They take it seriously too, and since winning the national Sensha-do championship is such a huge deal at Oarai, they sometimes go to extreme ends in order to get the best students from Panzer class to sign up. Which is how Miho Nishizumi, who HATES operating tanks, gets drafted to join doomsday-driven driver Mako, even-triggered gunner Hana, highly receptive radio operator Saori and combustible tank-fangirl and loader Yukari as the incomparable Anko Team. They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe a few of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they're absolutely driven.(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Yukari Akiyama main Ikumi Nakagami Japanese
Yukari Akiyama main Rebekah Stevens English
Hana Isuzu main Mami Ozaki Japanese
Hana Isuzu main Caitlynn French English
Miho Nishizumi main Mai Fuchigami Japanese
Miho Nishizumi main Margaret McDonald English
Mako Reizei main Yuka Iguchi Japanese
Mako Reizei main Molly Searcy English
Saori Takebe main Jessica Calvello English
Saori Takebe main Ai Kayano Japanese
Darjeeling supporting Eri Kitamura Japanese
Darjeeling supporting Kara Greenberg English
Orange Pekoe supporting Mai Ishihara Japanese
Kay supporting Ayako Kawasumi Japanese
Kay supporting Emily Neves English
Naomi supporting Mariya Ise Japanese
Arisa supporting Aya Hirano Japanese
Arisa supporting Brittney Karbowski English
Anchovy supporting Maya Yoshioka Japanese
Katyusha supporting Hilary Haag English
Katyusha supporting Hisako Kanemoto Japanese
Nonna supporting Shannon Emerick English
Nonna supporting Sumire Uesaka Japanese
Shinzaburou supporting Atsushi Imaruoka Japanese
Shinzaburou supporting David Matranga English
Piyotan supporting Maggie Flecknoe English
Piyotan supporting Sumire Uesaka Japanese
Momoga supporting Masayo Kurata Japanese
Jungorou Akiyama supporting Christopher Ayres English
Jungorou Akiyama supporting Yoshihisa Kawahara Japanese
Yoshiko Akiyama supporting Maggie Flecknoe English
Yoshiko Akiyama supporting Eri Sendai Japanese
Ami Chouno supporting Shelley Calene-Black English
Ami Chouno supporting Hekiru Shiina Japanese
Moyoko Gotou supporting Shelley Calene-Black English
Moyoko Gotou supporting Shiori Izawa Japanese
Hoshino supporting Hisako Kanemoto Japanese
Noriko Isobe supporting Mika Kikuchi Japanese
Noriko Isobe supporting Genevieve Simmons English
Yuri Isuzu supporting Masayo Kurata Japanese
Yuri Isuzu supporting Emily Neves English
Erika Itsumi supporting Hitomi Nabatame Japanese
Erika Itsumi supporting Elizabeth Bannor English
Anzu Kadotani supporting Misato Fukuen Japanese
Anzu Kadotani supporting Rozie Curtis English
Shinobu Kawanishi supporting Cynthia Martinez English
Shinobu Kawanishi supporting Mari Kirimura Japanese
Momo Kawashima supporting Kana Ueda Japanese
Momo Kawashima supporting Kendall McClellan English
Taeko Kondou supporting Maya Yoshioka Japanese
Taeko Kondou supporting Kalin Coates English
Nozomi Konparu supporting Emily Neves English
Nozomi Konparu supporting Shiori Izawa Japanese
Yuzu Koyama supporting Mikako Takahashi Japanese
Yuzu Koyama supporting Meaghan Avocato English
Saki Maruyama supporting Mikako Komatsu Japanese
Riko Matsumoto supporting Luci Christian English
Riko Matsumoto supporting Satomi Moriya Japanese
Satoko Nakajima supporting Nozomi Yamamoto Japanese
Satoko Nakajima supporting Beth Lazarou English
Nekota supporting Ikumi Hayama Japanese
Maho Nishizumi supporting Rie Tanaka Japanese
Maho Nishizumi supporting Kimberly Prause English
Shiho Nishizumi supporting Yumi Touma Japanese
Shiho Nishizumi supporting Genevieve Simmons English
Takeko Nogami supporting Nancy Novotny English
Takeko Nogami supporting Ayuru Ohashi Japanese
Aya Oono supporting Chuna Japanese
Aya Oono supporting Juliet Simmons English
Hisako Reizei supporting Luci Christian English
Hisako Reizei supporting Rikako Aikawa Japanese
Karina Sakaguchi supporting Monica Rial English
Karina Sakaguchi supporting Konomi Tada Japanese
Kanon Sasagawa supporting Yuri Yamaoka Japanese
Akebi Sasaki supporting Carli Mosier English
Akebi Sasaki supporting Sakura Nakamura Japanese
Azusa Sawa supporting Allison Sumrall English
Azusa Sawa supporting Hitomi Takeuchi Japanese
Midoriko Sono supporting Tiffany Grant English
Midoriko Sono supporting Shiori Izawa Japanese
Kiyomi Sugiyama supporting Tiffany Terrell English
Kiyomi Sugiyama supporting Yuka Inoue Japanese
Takako Suzuki supporting Eri Sendai Japanese
Takako Suzuki supporting Shannon Emerick English
Suzuki supporting Brittney Karbowski English
Suzuki supporting Mai Ishihara Japanese
Tsuchiya supporting Luci Christian English
Tsuchiya supporting Eri Kitamura Japanese
Yuuki Utsugi supporting Maggie Flecknoe English
Yuuki Utsugi supporting Yuri Yamaoka Japanese
Ayumi Yamagou supporting Nozomi Nakazato Japanese

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