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Inazuma Eleven
2008-10-05 to 2011-04-27

The main character, Endou Mamoru, is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who died before he was born. Even though his skills are incredible his school lacks a real soccer club as the 6 other members don't appear very interested even in training. But as soon as a mysterious forward called Gouenji moves to Endou's town, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team.(Source: Wikipedia)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Mamoru Endou main Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Mamoru Endou main Gergő Ungvári Hungarian
Mamoru Endou main Sarah Hauser English
Mamoru Endou main Yuri Chesman Portuguese
Mamoru Endou main Rosa Vivas Spanish
Mamoru Endou main Lorenzo De Angelis Italian
Mamoru Endou main Maximilian Belle German
Mamoru Endou main Carlo Vázquez Spanish
Mamoru Endou main Bruno Coronel Spanish
Mamoru Endou main Pablo Hertsens French
Shuuya Gouenji main Hirofumi Nojima Japanese
Shuuya Gouenji main Davide Garbolino Italian
Shuuya Gouenji main Leonardo Graziano Italian
Shuuya Gouenji main Roland Czető Hungarian
Shuuya Gouenji main David Lee McKinney English
Shuuya Gouenji main Blanca Rada Spanish
Shuuya Gouenji main Manuel Campuzano Spanish
Shuuya Gouenji main Maxime Donnay French
Shuuya Gouenji main Paul Sedlmeir German
Shuuya Gouenji main Gabriel Noya Portuguese
Yuuto Kidou main Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Yuuto Kidou main Robson Kumode Portuguese
Yuuto Kidou main Gábor Joó Hungarian
Yuuto Kidou main Dave Bridges English
Yuuto Kidou main Tae Yeol Jeon Korean
Yuuto Kidou main Christophe Hespel French
Yuuto Kidou main Manuel Meli Italian
Yuuto Kidou main Max Felder German
Yuuto Kidou main Miguel Ángel Ruiz Spanish
Yuuto Kidou main Javier Lorca Spanish
Luca supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Luca supporting In Seong O Korean
Furukabu supporting Tomohisa Asou Japanese
Furukabu supporting Gileno Santoro Portuguese
Furukabu supporting Richard Magarey English
Furukabu supporting Gerhard Jilka German
Rushe supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Ekadel supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Belzebu supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Astaroth supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Hebimoth supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Belial supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Mephisto supporting Ayahi Takagaki Japanese
Arachnes supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Satanathos supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Deasta supporting Kensuke Satou Japanese
Nenel supporting Takahiro Mizushima Japanese
Sein supporting Yuki Kaida Japanese
Guel supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Aiel supporting Haruka Tomatsu Japanese
Winel supporting Junji Majima Japanese
Mantis supporting Haruka Tomatsu Japanese
Fox supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Elfel supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Coyote supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Yokato's Principal supporting David Lee McKinney English
Manyuuji's Coach supporting David Lee McKinney English
Zach Abdullah supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Aaron Adams supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Terumi Afuro supporting Yuuko Sanpei Japanese
Terumi Afuro supporting David Lee McKinney English
Terumi Afuro supporting Silvia Sarmentera Spanish
Terumi Afuro supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Terumi Afuro supporting Francisco Freitas Portuguese
Terumi Afuro supporting Patrick Roche German
Terumi Afuro supporting Arturo Mercado jr. Spanish
Yasuo Agarie supporting Megumi Tano Japanese
Chikara Aida supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Sou Aidoru supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Leonardo Almeida supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Masaru Anzai supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Paul Appleton supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Shimozuru Arata supporting Kayo Yuunagi Japanese
Shimozuru Arata supporting Mercedes Espinosa Spanish
Konko Araya supporting Saori Gotou Japanese
Fideo Ardena supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Fideo Ardena supporting Thiago Longo Portuguese
Fideo Ardena supporting Pepa Agudo Spanish
Fideo Ardena supporting Il Kim Korean
Fideo Ardena supporting Arturo Castañeda Spanish
Fideo Ardena supporting Yvan Reekmans French
Saneki Arute supporting Miwa Kouzuki Japanese
Tomo Atena supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Yuichi Ayano supporting Chiyako Shibahara Japanese
Yuichi Ayano supporting Scott Evans English
Jean Baker supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Kazumichi Banjou supporting Yasuyuki Kase Japanese
Manabu Batora supporting Tomohisa Asou Japanese
Manabu Batora supporting David Lee McKinney English
Garshield Bayhan supporting Yousuke Akimoto Japanese
Garshield Bayhan supporting Alfredo Martínez Spanish
Kyle Bjorn supporting Satoshi Katougi Japanese
Lagarto Carlos supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Chae Chan-soo supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Falcão da Silva supporting Hirofumi Nojima Japanese
Geki Deio supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Asuka Domon supporting Daniel Schlauch German
Asuka Domon supporting Jaime Roca Spanish
Asuka Domon supporting Xavier Percy French
Asuka Domon supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Asuka Domon supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Asuka Domon supporting Chae Heon Im Korean
Asuka Domon supporting Barnabás Timon Hungarian
Koi Dosu supporting Satomi Moriya Japanese
Shuuichirou Doumen supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Hepai En supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Daisuke Endou supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Daisuke Endou supporting Yuzuru Fujimoto Japanese
Daisuke Endou supporting Salvador Serrano Spanish
Daisuke Endou supporting Gwang Jang Korean
Hiroshi Endou supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Hiroshi Endou supporting Gábor Maday Hungarian
Hiroshi Endou supporting Crock Krumbiegel German
Atsuko Endou supporting Miwa Kouzuki Japanese
Atsuko Endou supporting Rebeca Gómez Spanish
Atsuko Endou supporting Pepa Agudo Spanish
Atsuko Endou supporting Tatjana Pokorny German
Atsuko Endou supporting Gilmara Sanches Portuguese
Windy Faster supporting Haruka Tomatsu Japanese
Goushu Flare supporting Junji Majima Japanese
Shirou Fubuki supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Shirou Fubuki supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Shirou Fubuki supporting Flavio Aquilone Italian
Shirou Fubuki supporting Tony Beck French
Shirou Fubuki supporting Dave Bridges English
Shirou Fubuki supporting Ricardo Bautista Spanish
Shirou Fubuki supporting Chae Heon Im Korean
Shirou Fubuki supporting Mercedes Espinosa Spanish
Atsuya Fubuki supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Atsuya Fubuki supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Atsuya Fubuki supporting Sarah Hauser English
Atsuya Fubuki supporting Chae Heon Im Korean
Father Fubuki supporting David Lee McKinney English
Akio Fudou supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Akio Fudou supporting Scott Evans English
Akio Fudou supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Akio Fudou supporting Gabriel Noya Portuguese
Kei Fujimaru supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Suguru Fuyukai supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
Suguru Fuyukai supporting Attila Vári Hungarian
Suguru Fuyukai supporting David Lee McKinney English
Suguru Fuyukai supporting Tae Yeol Jeon Korean
Suguru Fuyukai supporting Laurent Vernin French
Angelo Gaborini supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Konomu Geimu supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Koujirou Genda supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Koujirou Genda supporting Thiago Keplermaier Portuguese
Koujirou Genda supporting David Lee McKinney English
Koujirou Genda supporting Chae Heon Im Korean
Koujirou Genda supporting Min Seok Kim Korean
Koujirou Genda supporting Rolando De la Fuente Spanish
Raffaele Generani supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Giorgio Giannini supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Masaru Gojou supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Tsutomu Gokuhi supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Yuuka Gouenji supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Yuuka Gouenji supporting Angela Konstanze Wiederhut German
Yuuka Gouenji supporting Carolina Tak Spanish
Yuuka Gouenji supporting Bianca Alencar Portuguese
Katsuya Gouenji supporting Hiroshi Tsuchida Japanese
Shinichi Handa supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Shinichi Handa supporting Alessio De Filippis Italian
Shinichi Handa supporting Thiago Longo Portuguese
Shinichi Handa supporting Diana Torres Spanish
Shinichi Handa supporting Aurélien Ringelheim French
Shinichi Handa supporting Jang Kim Korean
Shinichi Handa supporting Tobias John von Freyend German
Shinichi Handa supporting Gabriel Ortiz Spanish
Shinti Hanpa supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Ishidaira Hanzou supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Hanzou Hatsutori supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Hanzou Hatsutori supporting David Lee McKinney English
Ryuusuke Hazama supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Shouma Hebimaru supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Wataru Henmi supporting Daniel Schlauch German
Wataru Henmi supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Wataru Henmi supporting Scott Evans English
Tadashi Hera supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Tadashi Hera supporting Scott Evans English
Matsuaki Herume supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Seigou Hibiki supporting Kinryuu Arimoto Japanese
Seigou Hibiki supporting Crock Krumbiegel German
Seigou Hibiki supporting Dave Bridges English
Seigou Hibiki supporting Gi hyeon Kim Korean
Seigou Hibiki supporting Chae Heon Im Korean
Seigou Hibiki supporting Reinhard Brock German
Seigou Hibiki supporting Stéphane Miquel French
Raiden Hijikata supporting Yakkun Sakurazuka Japanese
Raiden Hijikata supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Raiden Hijikata supporting Jang Kim Korean
Aporo Hikaru supporting Hinako Sasaki Japanese
Drago Hill supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Shinzou Hirai supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Shinzou Hirai supporting Gerhard Jilka German
Akamine Hiroaki supporting Richard Magarey English
Geki Honba supporting Yoshiyuki Hirai Japanese
Retsuto Hyoujyou supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Kazuya Ichinose supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Kazuya Ichinose supporting Thiago Keplermaier Portuguese
Kazuya Ichinose supporting Scott Evans English
Kazuya Ichinose supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Kazuya Ichinose supporting Alexandre Crepet French
Kazuya Ichinose supporting Enrique Horiuchi Spanish
You Idemae supporting Takashi Hikida Japanese
Senichi Igajima supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Majidi Ismail supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Mafuru Iya supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Michael Jacks supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Haito Jikiru supporting Yuuki Hayashi Japanese
Haito Jikiru supporting Dave Bridges English
Haito Jikiru supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Daiki Jimon supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
John Jones supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Jo Jung-Soo supporting Yakkun Sakurazuka Japanese
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Ádám Gacsal Hungarian
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Megumi Tano Japanese
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Pepe Carabias Spanish
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Bruno Coronel Spanish
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Benedikt Gutjan German
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Richard Magarey English
Heigorou Kabeyama supporting Seung-Hui Yun Korean
Tooru Kadomichi supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Jin Kageno supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Jin Kageno supporting Max Felder German
Meguru Kageta supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Meguru Kageta supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Reiji Kageyama supporting Seiji Sasaki Japanese
Reiji Kageyama supporting Crock Krumbiegel German
Reiji Kageyama supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Reiji Kageyama supporting Richard Magarey English
Reiji Kageyama supporting Jorge Santos Spanish
Reiji Kageyama supporting Stéphane Miquel French
Taishou Kakita supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Keita Kakuma supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Keita Kakuma supporting Mario Castañeda Spanish
Keita Kakuma supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Keita Kakuma supporting Jang Kim Korean
Keita Kakuma supporting Gerhard Jilka German
Keita Kakuma supporting Felipe Grinnan Portuguese
Oushou Kakuma supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Oushou Kakuma supporting Miguel Angel Perez Spanish
Oushou Kakuma supporting Richard Magarey English
Yukihito Karasu supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Yukihito Karasu supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Sou Karisawa supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Satori Karoku supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Kushida Katsuyo supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Letícia Quinto Portuguese
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Ádám Czető Hungarian
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Gregory Praet French
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Jorge Saudinos Spanish
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Roman Wolko German
Ichirouta Kazemaru supporting Mireya Mendoza Spanish
Dylan Keith supporting Chihiro Suzuki Japanese
Ryuuichi Kenzaki supporting Ken Narita Japanese
Ryuuichi Kenzaki supporting David Lee McKinney English
Ryuuichi Kenzaki supporting Alfredo Martínez Spanish
Ryuuichi Kenzaki supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Nozomi Kinki supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Aki Kino supporting Fumiko Orikasa Japanese
Aki Kino supporting Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Aki Kino supporting Márta Talmács Hungarian
Aki Kino supporting Veronica Puccio Italian
Aki Kino supporting Sarah Hauser English
Aki Kino supporting Ui Jin Chae Korean
Aki Kino supporting Julie Basecqz French
Aki Kino supporting Gabrielle Pietermann German
Aki Kino supporting Cynthia de Pando Spanish
Aki Kino supporting Carmen Tellez Spanish
Hitomiko Kira supporting Diana Torres Spanish
Hitomiko Kira supporting Toni Rodríguez Spanish
Hitomiko Kira supporting Junko Kitanishi Japanese
Hitomiko Kira supporting Gilmara Sanches Portuguese
Hitomiko Kira supporting Eun-Jin Ha Korean
Seijirou Kira supporting Katsuhisa Houki Japanese
Seijirou Kira supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Seijirou Kira supporting Jose Maria Carrero Spanish
Saiji Kirigakure supporting Yumiko Kobayashi Japanese
Saiji Kirigakure supporting Michael Pizzuto English
McCall Kisara supporting Hinako Sasaki Japanese
Mako Kisaragi supporting Miwa Kouzuki Japanese
Hiroto Kiyama supporting Takahiro Mizushima Japanese
Hiroto Kiyama supporting Simone Crisari Italian
Hiroto Kiyama supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Hiroto Kiyama supporting Douglas Guedes Portuguese
Hiroto Kiyama supporting Eduardo Ramírez Spanish
Hiroto Kiyama supporting Arturo Castañeda Spanish
Yuuya Kogure supporting Nami Miyahara Japanese
Fuuma Koheita supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Hidenori Koja supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Kyouma Komazawa supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Gen Kouga supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Jin Kousaka supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Mark Kruger supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Mark Kruger supporting Miguel Angel Perez Spanish
Mark Kruger supporting In Seong O Korean
Fuyuka Kudou supporting Haruka Tomatsu Japanese
Fuyuka Kudou supporting Márcia Regina Portuguese
Fuyuka Kudou supporting Joy Saltarelli Italian
Fuyuka Kudou supporting Angélica Villa Spanish
Fuyuka Kudou supporting Ana de Castro Spanish
Fuyuka Kudou supporting Seung-Hui Yun Korean
Michiya Kudou supporting Hiroki Touchi Japanese
Michiya Kudou supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Michiya Kudou supporting Douglas Guedes Portuguese
Michiya Kudou supporting Rolando De la Fuente Spanish
Michiya Kudou supporting José Padilla Spanish
Ruru Kui supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Takanori Kujirai supporting Yasuyuki Kase Japanese
Takanori Kujirai supporting David Lee McKinney English
Clara Kurakake supporting Ayahi Takagaki Japanese
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Carolina Tak Spanish
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Diego Lima Portuguese
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Patrick Roche German
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Ernesto Lezama Spanish
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Richard Magarey English
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Tamás Dene Hungarian
Teppei Kurimatsu supporting Paola Majano Italian
Yuki Kurione supporting Junko Kitanishi Japanese
Maxi Kuu supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Rinka Kyan supporting Hinako Sasaki Japanese
Rinka Kyan supporting Sarah Hauser English
Maxter Land supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
Gary Links supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Henktacker Lubbock supporting Masahito Yabe Japanese
Ikkin Manabiya supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Moe Manga supporting Megumi Tano Japanese
Moe Manga supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Moe Manga supporting Arturo Mercado jr. Spanish
Moe Manga supporting Seung-Hui Yun Korean
Marco Maseratti supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Jyuka Matoro supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Yuu Matsubayashi supporting Scott Evans English
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Angela Konstanze Wiederhut German
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Ricardo Bautista Spanish
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Rita Almeida Portuguese
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Gabriele Patriarca Italian
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Bence Berkes Hungarian
Kuusuke Matsuno supporting Arturo Castañeda Spanish
Kakeru Megane supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Kakeru Megane supporting István Baráth Hungarian
Kakeru Megane supporting David Lee McKinney English
Kakeru Megane supporting Monica Bertolotti Italian
Kakeru Megane supporting Max Felder German
Kakeru Megane supporting Bruno Marçal Portuguese
Kakeru Megane supporting Eun-Jin Ha Korean
Kazuto Megane supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Kazuto Megane supporting David Lee McKinney English
Kazuto Megane supporting Eun-Jin Ha Korean
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Alessio Puccio Italian
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Felipe Zilse Portuguese
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Douglas Guedes Portuguese
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Delphine Moriau French
Ryuuji Midorikawa supporting Javier Olguín Spanish
Reika Midou supporting Sarah Hauser English
Hiromu Miura supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Ryou Miyasaka supporting Miwa Kouzuki Japanese
Santa Momochi supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Masaru Mukata supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Masaru Mukata supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Masaru Mukata supporting Jang Kim Korean
Tsutomu Mukata supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
Tsutomu Mukata supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Tomo Mukata supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Tomo Mukata supporting Chae Heon Im Korean
Tomo Mukata supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Levin Murdoch supporting Yakkun Sakurazuka Japanese
Hideo Muteki supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Hideo Muteki supporting Hubertus von Lerchenfeld German
Haruya Nagumo supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Haruya Nagumo supporting Jorge Saudinos Spanish
Haruya Nagumo supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Haruya Nagumo supporting Gabriel Ortiz Spanish
Haruya Nagumo supporting Yvan Reekmans French
Hidetoshi Nakata supporting Hiroshi Tsuchida Japanese
Hidetoshi Nakata supporting Pepe Carabias Spanish
Hanako Namikawa supporting Satomi Moriya Japanese
Rimu Nanakaze supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Kennya Narukami supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Nonomi Nashimoto supporting Nozomi Tsuji Japanese
Queraldo Navarro supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Kimiyuki Nemuro supporting Fujiko Takimoto Japanese
Natsuhiko Netsuha supporting Tetsuya Yanagihara Japanese
Dolphin Nice supporting Kensuke Satou Japanese
Shuugo Nikaidou supporting Kouichi Yamadera Japanese
Shuugo Nikaidou supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Mamoru Nishigaki supporting Akio Suyama Japanese
Mamoru Nishigaki supporting Scott Evans English
Mamoru Nishigaki supporting Benedikt Gutjan German
Mamoru Nishigaki supporting Gilmara Sanches Portuguese
Raito Noberu supporting Kouichi Yamadera Japanese
Raito Noberu supporting Philipp Brammer German
Raito Noberu supporting Dave Bridges English
Raito Noberu supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Gengorou Onigawara supporting Tomohisa Asou Japanese
Gengorou Onigawara supporting Miguel Angel Perez Spanish
Gengorou Onigawara supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Gengorou Onigawara supporting Claus Brockmeyer German
Haru Onotomo supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Itsuki Onra supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Shin Oobe supporting Megumi Tano Japanese
Noboru Oogoi supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Seiji Oowashi supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Gakuya Otomura supporting Kouichi Yamadera Japanese
Gakuya Otomura supporting Scott Evans English
Gakuya Otomura supporting Javier Balas Spanish
Gakuya Otomura supporting Seung-Hui Yun Korean
Haruna Otonashi supporting Perla Liberatori Italian
Haruna Otonashi supporting Samira Fernandes Portuguese
Haruna Otonashi supporting Hinako Sasaki Japanese
Haruna Otonashi supporting Andrea Laudon Hungarian
Haruna Otonashi supporting Rebeca Gómez Spanish
Haruna Otonashi supporting Carolina Tak Spanish
Haruna Otonashi supporting Farina Brock German
Haruna Otonashi supporting Eun-Jin Ha Korean
Donichi Posei supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
Eric Purpleton supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Natsumi Raimon supporting Sanae Kobayashi Japanese
Natsumi Raimon supporting Titanilla Bogdányi Hungarian
Natsumi Raimon supporting Caroline Combrinck German
Natsumi Raimon supporting Sarah Hauser English
Natsumi Raimon supporting Luciana Baroli Portuguese
Natsumi Raimon supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Natsumi Raimon supporting Marcha Van Boven French
Natsumi Raimon supporting Erika Rendón Spanish
Souichirou Raimon supporting Kouichi Sakaguchi Japanese
Souichirou Raimon supporting Philipp Brammer German
Souichirou Raimon supporting Tae Yeol Jeon Korean
Billy Rapid supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Gouki Robo supporting Hinako Sasaki Japanese
Mac Roneejo supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Mac Roneejo supporting Marco Vivio Italian
Lance Rotten supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Kito Ryand supporting Hiro Shimono Japanese
Osamu Saginuma supporting Stefano Crescentini Italian
Osamu Saginuma supporting Takashi Hikida Japanese
Osamu Saginuma supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Osamu Saginuma supporting Jang Kim Korean
Osamu Saginuma supporting Thierry Janssen French
Osamu Saginuma supporting Richard Magarey English
Cain Saito supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Shuuji Sakiyama supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Jirou Sakuma supporting Megumi Tano Japanese
Jirou Sakuma supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Jirou Sakuma supporting Miguel Angel Perez Spanish
Jirou Sakuma supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Daniele Sanctis supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Baku Sangou supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Noboru Saruta supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Ryuuichiro Segata supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Ryuuichiro Segata supporting David Lee McKinney English
Ryuuichiro Segata supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Ryuuichiro Segata supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Atsuishi Shigeto supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Atsuishi Shigeto supporting Thiago Longo Portuguese
Kaneaki Shika supporting David Lee McKinney English
Kamekichi Shinno supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Kamekichi Shinno supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Hiro Shiotani supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Sakichi Shishido supporting Davide Perino Italian
Sakichi Shishido supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Sakichi Shishido supporting Bence Penke Hungarian
Sakichi Shishido supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Sakichi Shishido supporting Eduardo Ramírez Spanish
Sakichi Shishido supporting Carmen Tellez Spanish
Ayumu Shourinji supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Ayumu Shourinji supporting Caroline Combrinck German
Ayumu Shourinji supporting Pepa Agudo Spanish
Ayumu Shourinji supporting Agatha Paulita Portuguese
Ayumu Shourinji supporting Angélica Villa Spanish
Ryuu Skell supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Yasuyuki Kase Japanese
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Botond Előd Hungarian
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Sébastien Hebrant French
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Dirk Meyer German
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Scott Evans English
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Alfredo Martínez Spanish
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Ryuugo Someoka supporting Luis Alfonso Padilla Spanish
Demonio Strada supporting Chihiro Suzuki Japanese
Demonio Strada supporting Min Seok Kim Korean
Demonio Strada supporting Javier Balas Spanish
Demonio Strada supporting Yvan Reekmans French
Takeshi Sugimori supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
Chiita Suizenji supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Tetsuo Sujimichi supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Tetsuo Sujimichi supporting Hubertus von Lerchenfeld German
Maki Sumeragi supporting Yuuki Kodaira Japanese
Eisuke Sumino supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Eiji Sumisu supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Holly Summers supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Junichi Suzume supporting Haruka Tomatsu Japanese
Fuusuke Suzuno supporting Fujiko Takimoto Japanese
Fuusuke Suzuno supporting Laura Latini Italian
Fuusuke Suzuno supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Fuusuke Suzuno supporting Eun-Jin Ha Korean
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Diana Torres Spanish
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Alex Polidori Italian
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Richard Magarey English
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Alex Minei Portuguese
Yuuki Tachimukai supporting Eun-Jin Ha Korean
You Tamiyama supporting Tooru Nara Japanese
Mai Tateno supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Iwao Terakawa supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Ken Tetsukabe supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Seiya Tobitaka supporting Thiago Longo Portuguese
Seiya Tobitaka supporting Emiliano Coltorti Italian
Seiya Tobitaka supporting Nobuya Mine Japanese
Seiya Tobitaka supporting Jae Heon Jeong Korean
Dan Tobiyama supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Dan Tobiyama supporting Victor Lee English
Yuuichirou Toda supporting Kiyotaka Furushima Japanese
Yuuichirou Toda supporting Seung-Hui Yun Korean
Masahiro Toguchi supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Masahiro Toguchi supporting David Lee McKinney English
Teres Tolue supporting Junji Majima Japanese
Ryouta Torii supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Ryouta Torii supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Ai Touch supporting Nanae Katou Japanese
Shinichirou Toyama supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Shinichirou Toyama supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Jousuke Tsunami supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Jousuke Tsunami supporting Mathieu Moreau French
Jousuke Tsunami supporting Jose Maria Carrero Spanish
Jousuke Tsunami supporting Dado Monteiro Portuguese
Jousuke Tsunami supporting Jun Seok Song Korean
Jousuke Tsunami supporting Paolo Vivio Italian
Kazuto Ukishima supporting Gou Shinomiya Japanese
Harumi Umeda supporting Megumi Tano Japanese
Rika Urabe supporting Fujiko Takimoto Japanese
Rika Urabe supporting Pepa Agudo Spanish
Rika Urabe supporting Eleonora Reti Italian
Mother Urabe supporting Sarah Hauser English
Rococo Urupa supporting Yuki Kaida Japanese
Rococo Urupa supporting Davide Chevalier Italian
Jirou Usui supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Toramaru Utsunomiya supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Toramaru Utsunomiya supporting Francisco Freitas Portuguese
Toramaru Utsunomiya supporting Rolando De la Fuente Spanish
Toramaru Utsunomiya supporting Julie Basecqz French
Edgar Valtinas supporting Tomokazu Sugita Japanese
Edgar Valtinas supporting Alfredo Martínez Spanish
Edgar Valtinas supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Skid Wu supporting Shuuhei Sakaguchi Japanese
Reina Yagami supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Reina Yagami supporting Seung-Hui Yun Korean
Naoto Yakata supporting Yuka Nishigaki Japanese
Naoto Yakata supporting Victor Lee English
Seri Yamagishi supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Kageto Yamino supporting David Lee McKinney English
Kageto Yamino supporting Kensuke Satou Japanese
Kageto Yamino supporting Jang Kim Korean
Kageto Yamino supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Shinji Yasui supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Shinji Yasui supporting Fuminori Komatsu Japanese
Hiromi Yorozu supporting Ayahi Takagaki Japanese
Seiya Yukino supporting Jun Konno Japanese
Demete Yutaka supporting Miho Hino Japanese
Demete Yutaka supporting Michael Pizzuto English
Izuno Yuu supporting Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Hiroyuki Yuukoku supporting Miwa Kouzuki Japanese
Hiroyuki Yuukoku supporting Scott Evans English
Hiroyuki Yuukoku supporting Arturo Castañeda Spanish
Touko Zaizen supporting Ayahi Takagaki Japanese
Touko Zaizen supporting Eva Padoan Italian
Touko Zaizen supporting Andrea Kwan English
Touko Zaizen supporting Yeo Jin Yun Korean
Touko Zaizen supporting Geraldine Frippiat French
Sousuke Zaizen supporting Yuuichi Nakamura Japanese
Sousuke Zaizen supporting Jose Maria Carrero Spanish
Sousuke Zaizen supporting Jang Kim Korean
Sousuke Zaizen supporting Alan Prieto Spanish
Gianluca Zanardi supporting Yuki Kaji Japanese
Gianluca Zanardi supporting Ja hyeong Gu Korean

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