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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
2008-04-12 to 2008-10-04

Midarezaki Ouka is used to having strange things happen to him -after all, he is the head of the Great Japanese Empire Paranormal Phenomena Bureau of Measures. But when he catches a small cat girl in the shopping district stealing apples, his whole life rearranges to fit a new operation... OPERATION COZY FAMILY. Thousands of years ago, Enka the God of Destruction, was killed. However, with a dying breath it claimed that its child would appear and destroy humanity. Now in futuristic Japan, all of the potential children of Enka have been found and placed into a haphazard family. Teika the lion, Gekka the jellyfish, Yuuka the oni, Ginka the cross-dressing mafia son, and Hyouka the bioweapon--along with their parents Ouka and Kyouka (the ruler of a demon underworld)--all live under one roof in a family frenzy.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Ouka Midarezaki main Takayuki Kondou Japanese
Kyouka Midarezaki main Ayumi Fujimura Japanese
Ginka Midarezaki main Yoshinori Fujita Japanese
Chika Midarezaki main Haruka Tomatsu Japanese
Yuuka Midarezaki main Kana Hanazawa Japanese
Teika Midarezaki main Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Gekka Midarezaki main Rina Satou Japanese
Hyouka Midarezaki main Ryou Hirohashi Japanese
Shinigami III supporting Rika Morinaga Japanese
Odessa Ei supporting Momoko Saitou Japanese
Milcatopy supporting Noriko Shitaya Japanese
Shinigami II supporting Yuuko Gotou Japanese
Drinda supporting Yuki Kaida Japanese
Spider supporting Takashi Ohara Japanese
Madara supporting Marina Inoue Japanese
Dekamelon supporting Hideo Ishikawa Japanese
Hakushaku supporting Yukihiro Misono Japanese
Klutz Devil supporting Chiemi Chiba Japanese
Michelangelo supporting Mitsuo Iwata Japanese
Black Santa supporting Akemi Kanda Japanese
Santa Claus supporting Kenji Nomura Japanese
Oasis supporting Nana Mizuki Japanese
Gouyokuou supporting Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Kyupi Do supporting Sayuri Yahagi Japanese
Dr. Hell supporting Ayako Kawasumi Japanese
Doinki supporting Shouto Kashii Japanese
Doctor Gebok supporting Shinji Kawada Japanese
Do Gone supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Genichirou Hanayama supporting Atsushi Ono Japanese
Raichou Hiratsuka supporting Yuuko Gotou Japanese
Rindou Katsura supporting Satoshi Hino Japanese
Aichi Momokusa supporting Fumie Mizusawa Japanese
Akeru Nishikura supporting Eri Kitamura Japanese
Suiar Recklessness supporting Taketora Japanese
Shuu Ryuukotsuji supporting Junko Minagawa Japanese
Tsubaki Ryuukotsuji supporting Ai Shimizu Japanese
Father Ryuukotsuji supporting Tarou Yamaguchi Japanese
Harukaze Ryuukotsuji supporting Nao Takamori Japanese
Chieri Sakurai supporting Mai Nakahara Japanese
Inuhiko Saruwatari supporting Kan Tanaka Japanese
Mujyakey Serpent supporting Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Growald Serpent supporting Tomomichi Nishimura Japanese
Kiriko Takanashi supporting Youko Nishino Japanese
Shizuka Tsumiki supporting Hiromi Igarashi Japanese
Hijiri Yamaguchi supporting Minako Kotobuki Japanese

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