Poster depicting Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Jouriku!! / Chouzetsu Shinka!! Ougon no Digimental
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English: Digimon: The Movie
デジモンアドベンチャー02 前篇 デジモンハリケーン上陸!! 後篇 超絶進化!!黄金のデジメンタル
Digimon Movie 02 - Digimon Hurricane Touchdown! Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digimentals.
映画 デジモンアドベンチャー02

Years after a young boy in America loses one of his Digimon friends, an evil viral Digimon successfully kidnaps the original Chosen Children. Their younger friends must race against time with their Digimon partners to discover the source of this new menace, and perhaps solve a years-old mystery.(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Wallace main Nami Miyahara Japanese
Miyako Inoue main Tifanie Christun English
Terriermon main Alessia La Monica Italian
Miyako Inoue main Rio Natsuki Japanese
Tailmon main Laura Romano Italian
Daisuke Motomiya main Flavio Aquilone Italian
Iori Hida main Philece Sampler English
Iori Hida main Daniel Magon Hebrew
Miyako Inoue main Adriana Torres Portuguese
Miyako Inoue main Carolina Tak Spanish
Miyako Inoue main Maya Bar shalom Hebrew
Daisuke Motomiya main Brian Donovan English
Daisuke Motomiya main Reiko Kiuchi Japanese
Takeru Takaishi main Taisuke Yamamoto Japanese
Takeru Takaishi main Diana Torres Spanish
Hikari Yagami main Kae Araki Japanese
Hikari Yagami main Lara Jill Miller English
Hikari Yagami main Marie-Luise Schramm German
Hawkmon main Kouichi Toochika Japanese
Iori Hida main Megumi Urawa Japanese
V-mon main Laura Latini Italian
Patamon main Laura Summer English
Patamon main Patrizio Cigliano Italian
Terriermon main Mona Marshall English
Takeru Takaishi main Tatiana Dessi Italian
Hikari Yagami main Ilaria Latini Italian
Takeru Takaishi main Doug Erholtz English
Terriermon main Lex Lang English
Patamon main Miwa Matsumoto Japanese
Patamon main Orli Katan Hebrew
Tailmon main Yuka Tokumitsu Japanese
Tailmon main Edie Mirman English
Terriermon main Aoi Tada Japanese
Terriermon main Carolina Tak Spanish
V-mon main Junko Noda Japanese
V-mon main Derek Stephen Prince English
Hawkmon main Giovanna Rapattoni Italian
Wallace main Lorenzo De Angelis Italian
Wallace main Bob Glouberman English
Hawkmon main Neil Kaplan English
Hawkmon main Nir Ron Hebrew
Hawkmon main Frank-Otto Schenk German
Gomamon supporting Davide Lepore Italian
Yamato Ishida supporting Paola Majano Italian
Koushirou Izumi supporting Maura Cenciarelli Italian
Koushirou Izumi supporting Levente Molnár Hungarian
Taichi Yagami supporting Cinzia Villari Italian
Yamato Ishida supporting Yuuto Kazama Japanese
Koushirou Izumi supporting Umi Tenjin Japanese
Jou Kido supporting Masami Kikuchi Japanese
Sora Takenouchi supporting Yuko Mizutani Japanese
Taichi Yagami supporting Toshiko Fujita Japanese
Yamato Ishida supporting Paulo Vignolo Portuguese
Armadimon supporting Francesco Meoni Italian
Jou Kido supporting Marco Vivio Italian
Cherubimon supporting Paul St. Peter English
Agumon supporting Alessio Cigliano Italian
Mimi Tachikawa supporting Ai Maeda Japanese
Mimi Tachikawa supporting Michela Alborghetti Italian
Armadimon supporting Megumi Urawa Japanese
Sora Takenouchi supporting Valeria Vidali Italian
Agumon supporting Gerald Schaale German
Gomamon supporting Junko Takeuchi Japanese
Piyomon supporting Diana Torres Spanish
Tentomon supporting Mona Marshall English
Yamato Ishida supporting Dániel Halasi Hungarian
Koushirou Izumi supporting Rodrigo Antas Portuguese
Armadimon supporting Robert Axelrod English

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