Portrait of character named  Mimi Tachikawa


Age: 6 (Digimon movie part one), 10 (Digimon 01), 13 (Digimon 02), 16 (Digimon Tri.)

Birthday: 1989

Mimi is kind and caring - although initially slightly selfish and self-centered - and obsessed with her outer appearance. Deep down inside, she's a very sweet girl. She's used to royal treatment so living in the Digital World isn't exactly her cup of tea. Her Digimon partner, Palmon, tries to help her understand that outer appearances aren't everything. Mimi possesses the Crest of Purity.

In 02, Mimi spends a lot of time in America. She returns with her hair dyed her favorite color (pink) and a new wardrobe. She still acts like a princess but has matured enough to know that there are more important things in life.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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