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English: Steel Angel Kurumi
1999-10-05 to 2000-04-04

During Japan's Taisho Era (1912-1926), a scientist named Ayanokoji developed the Steel Angel - an artificial humanoid with superhuman physical abilities. While the Imperial Army wanted to use the Steel Angel as a new means of modern warfare, Ayanokoji wanted his creation to be a new step in the future of mankind. Thus, he defied orders from the Army and secretly made the Steel Angel codenamed "Kurumi". Then one day, a young boy named Nakahito Kagura snuck into Ayanokoji's house as a dare by his friends and stumbled upon Kurumi's lifeless body. A sudden attack by the Imperial Army shook the house, causing Kurumi to fall on Nakahito. At that moment, their lips met, and Kurumi woke up from "the kiss that started a miracle".

(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Karinka main Hilary Haag English
Karinka main Masayo Kurata Japanese
Karinka main Flávia Narciso Portuguese
Saki main Rie Tanaka Japanese
Saki main Monica Rial English
Kurumi main Atsuko Enomoto Japanese
Kurumi main Kelli Cousins English
Kurumi main Raquel Marinho Portuguese
Nakahito Kagura main Houko Kuwashima Japanese
Nakahito Kagura main Kira Vincent-Davis English
Nakahito Kagura main Angel Balam Spanish
Nakahito Kagura main Jussara Marques Portuguese
Two-Tone supporting Spike Spencer English
Mikhail supporting Claudia Black English
Kaga supporting Kaytha Coker English
Tetsuo Ayanokoji supporting Hirotaka Suzuoki Japanese
Tetsuo Ayanokoji supporting Mike MacRae English
Kamihito Kagura supporting David Matranga English
Kamihito Kagura supporting Alfredo Rollo Portuguese

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