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English: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
2004-10-06 to 2005-03-30

Gankutsuou is an anime loosely based on the novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It tells the story of Albert Morcerf, a young aristocrat who happens to befriend a wealthy nobleman, The Count of Monte Cristo, through a series of bizarre events. Fascinated by the Count's charm, Albert invites him to meet his friends and family, all of whom happen to be part of the upper class society of Paris, France. Unfortunately, little does Albert realize that the Count has ulterior motives in mind.[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

The Count of Monte Cristo main Jouji Nakata Japanese
The Count of Monte Cristo main Jamieson Price English
The Count of Monte Cristo main Antoine Tome French
The Count of Monte Cristo main Levente Kárpáti Hungarian
The Count of Monte Cristo main Óscar Redondo Spanish
The Count of Monte Cristo main Russell Wait English
The Count of Monte Cristo main Si Ho Hong Korean
Franz d'Epinay main Daisuke Hirakawa Japanese
Franz d'Epinay main Massimo Di benedetto Italian
Franz d'Epinay main Sérgio Corsetti Portuguese
Franz d'Epinay main Ezra Weisz English
Franz d'Epinay main Máté Szabó Hungarian
Franz d'Epinay main In Seong O Korean
Albert de Morcerf main Johnny Yong Bosch English
Albert de Morcerf main Jun Fukuyama Japanese
Albert de Morcerf main Davide Perino Italian
Albert de Morcerf main François Creton French
Albert de Morcerf main Tamás Markovics Hungarian
Albert de Morcerf main Rolman Bastidas Spanish
Albert de Morcerf main Il Kim Korean
Baptistin supporting Nobuo Tobita Japanese
Baptistin supporting Kirk Thornton English
Baptistin supporting Gianluca Iacono Italian
Baptistin supporting János Megyeri Hungarian
Baptistin supporting Patrick Noérie French
Peppo supporting Mai Nakahara Japanese
Peppo supporting Carrie Savage English
Peppo supporting Isabelle Volpe French
Peppo supporting Titanilla Bogdányi Hungarian
Peppo supporting Melissa Garcia Portuguese
Peppo supporting Patrizia Mottola Italian
Peppo supporting Seon hui Mun Korean
Michelle supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Michelle supporting Tímea Sági Hungarian
Michelle supporting Angelica Santos Portuguese
Teresa supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Teresa supporting Naoko Shirakami Japanese
Gankutsuou supporting Yoshinari Torii Japanese
Gankutsuou supporting Rókus Varga Hungarian
Gankutsuou supporting Russell Wait English
Robert Beauchamp supporting Tetsu Shiratori Japanese
Robert Beauchamp supporting Lorenzo Scattorin Italian
Robert Beauchamp supporting Erik Davies English
Robert Beauchamp supporting Szabolcs Seszták Hungarian
Robert Beauchamp supporting Renato Soares Portuguese
Robert Beauchamp supporting Patrick Pellegrin French
Giovanni Bertuccio supporting Kouji Ishii Japanese
Giovanni Bertuccio supporting Beau Billingslea English
Giovanni Bertuccio supporting Alessandro D'Errico Italian
Giovanni Bertuccio supporting Gábor Maday Hungarian
Giovanni Bertuccio supporting Emmanuel Gradi French
Andrea Cavalcanti supporting Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Andrea Cavalcanti supporting Liam O'Brien English
Andrea Cavalcanti supporting Marcelo Campos Portuguese
Andrea Cavalcanti supporting Frédéric Popovic French
Raoul Château-Renaud supporting Yuri Lowenthal English
Raoul Château-Renaud supporting Renato Novara Italian
Raoul Château-Renaud supporting Szabolcs Pálmai Hungarian
Raoul Château-Renaud supporting MIKI Japanese
Raoul Château-Renaud supporting Yuri Chesman Portuguese
Victoria Danglars supporting Mari Devon English
Victoria Danglars supporting Naoko Matsui Japanese
Victoria Danglars supporting Erika Kiss Hungarian
Victoria Danglars supporting Seon hui Mun Korean
Jullian Danglars supporting Shinpachi Tsuji Japanese
Jullian Danglars supporting Doug Stone English
Jullian Danglars supporting Gábor Németh Hungarian
Jullian Danglars supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Eugénie Danglars supporting Michelle Ruff English
Eugénie Danglars supporting Chie Nakamura Japanese
Eugénie Danglars supporting Francoise Escobar French
Eugénie Danglars supporting Sonia Mazza Italian
Eugénie Danglars supporting Kata Csondor Hungarian
Eugénie Danglars supporting Priscilla Concépcion Portuguese
Lucien Debray supporting Jin Domon Japanese
Lucien Debray supporting Doug Erholtz English
Lucien Debray supporting Attila Bodrogi Hungarian
Lucien Debray supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Fernand Morcerf supporting Juurouta Kosugi Japanese
Fernand Morcerf supporting Ivo De palma Italian
Fernand Morcerf supporting Paul St. Peter English
Fernand Morcerf supporting György Juhász Hungarian
Fernand Morcerf supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Fernand Morcerf supporting Emmanuel Gradi French
Mercédès Morcerf supporting Kikuko Inoue Japanese
Mercédès Morcerf supporting Karen Strassman English
Mercédès Morcerf supporting Helga Orosz Hungarian
Mercédès Morcerf supporting Dania Cericola Italian
Maximilien Morrel supporting Tetsu Inada Japanese
Maximilien Morrel supporting Tony Oliver English
Maximilien Morrel supporting Vagner Fagundes Portuguese
Maximilien Morrel supporting Gábor Sótonyi Hungarian
Maximilien Morrel supporting Fabrice Lelyon French
Haydée Tebelin supporting Akiko Yajima Japanese
Haydée Tebelin supporting Stephanie Sheh English
Haydée Tebelin supporting Elisabetta Spinelli Italian
Haydée Tebelin supporting Tatiane Keplermaier Portuguese
Haydée Tebelin supporting Nikolett Tamási Hungarian
Haydée Tebelin supporting Agnès Manoury French
Haydée Tebelin supporting Seon hui Mun Korean
Luigi Vampa supporting William Frederick Knight English
Luigi Vampa supporting Róbert Bolla Hungarian
Luigi Vampa supporting Frédéric Souterelle French
Luigi Vampa supporting Tamio Sobami Japanese
Luigi Vampa supporting Guilherme Lopes Portuguese
Luigi Vampa supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Gerard Villefort supporting Yousuke Akimoto Japanese
Gerard Villefort supporting Antonio Paiola Italian
Gerard Villefort supporting Tom Wyner English
Gerard Villefort supporting Seok jeong Yang Korean
Valentine Villefort supporting Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Valentine Villefort supporting Benedetta Ponticelli Italian
Valentine Villefort supporting Isabelle Volpe French
Valentine Villefort supporting Bea Vadász Hungarian
Valentine Villefort supporting Junko Miura Japanese
Héloïse Villefort supporting Julie Ann Taylor English
Héloïse Villefort supporting Kumiko Watanabe Japanese
Héloïse Villefort supporting Agnès Manoury French
Héloïse Villefort supporting Do Yeong Song Korean

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