Poster depicting X/1999

Alternative titles

エックス, X/1999


Aired 1996-08-03 to 1996-08-03

At the millennial edge, the concluding battle for humanity's future is staged. Kamui Shirou's destiny has been decided as he returns to Tokyo to face his ultimate challenge. The Dragon of Heaven, defenders of the Earth, stand ready to protect the world from the Dragon of Earth, the seven angels of legend, who embrace the devastation of the planet to bring about its purification. Now Kamui must decide which side to fight for although he finds the idea utterly unappealing. It isn't until realizing that his two childhood friends, Fuma and Kotori Monou, are in grievous peril that Kamui decides to step into his fated position in the climactic struggle of the Year of Destiny: 1999. (Source: AnimeNfo)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Fuuma Monou main Ken Narita Japanese
Fuuma Monou main Ivo De palma Italian
Fuuma Monou main Gerrit Schmidt-Foß German
Fuuma Monou main Adam Henderson English
Fuuma Monou main Il Kim Korean
Fuuma Monou main Jun Seok Song Korean
Fuuma Monou main Bruno Méyère French
Kamui Shirou main Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Kamui Shirou main Simone D'Andrea Italian
Kamui Shirou main Alan Marriott English
Kamui Shirou main Sebastian Schulz German
Kamui Shirou main Su Jin Kang Korean
Kamui Shirou main Hyeon Wu Byeon Korean
Nataku supporting Rika Matsumoto Japanese
Nataku supporting David Turba German
Nataku supporting Daniele Demma Italian
Hinoto supporting Yuko Minaguchi Japanese
Hinoto supporting Claire Guyot French
Hinoto supporting Giuliana Jakobeit German
Hinoto supporting Do Yeong Song Korean
Kanoe supporting Atsuko Takahata Japanese
Kanoe supporting Heide Domanowski German
Kanoe supporting Denica Fairman English
Kanoe supporting Mun Ja Choi Korean
Seiichiro Aoki supporting Hideyuki Tanaka Japanese
Seiichiro Aoki supporting Bruno Magne French
Seiichiro Aoki supporting Alexandre Coadour French
Sorata Arisugawa supporting Kouichi Yamadera Japanese
Sorata Arisugawa supporting Claudio Moneta Italian
Sorata Arisugawa supporting Robin Kahnmeyer German
Sorata Arisugawa supporting Julien Haggége German
Sorata Arisugawa supporting Frédéric Popovic French
Shogo Asagi supporting Toshihiko Seki Japanese
Shogo Asagi supporting Rupert Degas English
Shogo Asagi supporting Gwang ju Jeon Korean
Shogo Asagi supporting In Seong O Korean
Karen Kasumi supporting Mami Koyama Japanese
Karen Kasumi supporting Toni Barry English
Karen Kasumi supporting Peggy Sander German
Karen Kasumi supporting Susan Sindberg French
Yuto Kigai supporting Kazuhiko Inoue Japanese
Yuto Kigai supporting Nigel Whitmey English
Yuto Kigai supporting Tobias Kluckert German
Yuto Kigai supporting Angel De Gracia Spanish
Arashi Kishu supporting Emi Shinohara Japanese
Arashi Kishu supporting Maria Koschny German
Arashi Kishu supporting Teresa Gallagher English
Arashi Kishu supporting Mi Na Yun Korean
Kotori Monou supporting Junko Iwao Japanese
Kotori Monou supporting Geneviève Doang French
Kotori Monou supporting Larissa Murray English
Kotori Monou supporting Joël Mulachs Spanish
Yuzuriha Nekoi supporting Yukana Japanese
Yuzuriha Nekoi supporting Rubina Kuraoka German
Yuzuriha Nekoi supporting Jeong Sin Wu Korean
Seishirou Sakurazuka supporting Tohru Furusawa Japanese
Seishirou Sakurazuka supporting Matthias Hinze German
Seishirou Sakurazuka supporting In Seong O Korean
Kusanagi Shiyu supporting Jouji Nakata Japanese
Kusanagi Shiyu supporting Bruno Magne French
Kusanagi Shiyu supporting Jeff Harding English
Kusanagi Shiyu supporting Dennis Schmidt-Foß German
Subaru Sumeragi supporting Issei Miyazaki Japanese
Subaru Sumeragi supporting Tobias Müller German
Subaru Sumeragi supporting Gwang ju Jeon Korean
Subaru Sumeragi supporting Angel De Gracia Spanish
Satsuki Yatoji supporting Kotono Mitsuishi Japanese
Satsuki Yatoji supporting Anne Marie Zola English
Satsuki Yatoji supporting Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Satsuki Yatoji supporting Julia Kaufmann German
Satsuki Yatoji supporting Jeong Sin Wu Korean