Poster depicting Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
15936 ratings
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Alternative titles
English: His and Her Circumstances
1998-10-02 to 1999-03-26

Miyazawa Yukino is the perfect student. Kind, intelligent, pretty and modest, it's unbelievable that such a person could exist. Little did everyone know Yukino's perfection was just a facade. An act to fulfill her desire for praise and admiration. Her life took a turn however, as a newcomer to their school Arima Soichiro topped the exam rankings. Arima is more then just intelligent, he's also kind, handsome and modest, an unbelievable person who can actually exist. Even worse luck, Arima found out Yukino's secret, blackmailing her to help him out. Their odd relationship soon develops into friendship and eventually into love. But can their love prevail through the many problems that come their way?

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Voice Actors & Characters

Soichiro Arima main Chihiro Suzuki Japanese
Soichiro Arima main Christopher Yates English
Soichiro Arima main Constantin von Jascheroff German
Soichiro Arima main Seung jun Kim Korean
Soichiro Arima main Marco Vivio Italian
Soichiro Arima main Maxime Donnay French
Yukino Miyazawa main Atsuko Enomoto Japanese
Yukino Miyazawa main Federica De Bortoli Italian
Yukino Miyazawa main Veronica Taylor English
Yukino Miyazawa main Rubina Kuraoka German
Yukino Miyazawa main Myeong seon Lee Korean
Pero Pero supporting Bill Rogers English
Kawashima-sensei supporting Motomu Kiyokawa Japanese
Hideaki Asaba supporting Liam O'Brien English
Hideaki Asaba supporting Atsushi Kisaichi Japanese
Hideaki Asaba supporting Massimiliano Alto Italian
Hideaki Asaba supporting Sébastien Hebrant French
Hideaki Asaba supporting Won Hyeong Choi Korean
Hideaki Asaba supporting Il Kim Korean
Kazuma Ikeda supporting Akira Ishida Japanese
Kazuma Ikeda supporting Oliver-Kim Hasper German
Kazuma Ikeda supporting Jang Kim Korean
Kazuma Ikeda supporting Buddy Woodward English
Yumi Ikeda supporting Seon Hye Kim Korean
Yumi Ikeda supporting Tagame Tamura Japanese
Maho Izawa supporting Junko Noda Japanese
Maho Izawa supporting Stella Musy Italian
Maho Izawa supporting Giuliana Jakobeit German
Maho Izawa supporting Carol Jacobanis English
Maho Izawa supporting Sophie Landresse French
Kano Miyazawa supporting Maria Yamamoto Japanese
Kano Miyazawa supporting Domitilla D'Amico Italian
Kano Miyazawa supporting Megan Hollingshead English
Kano Miyazawa supporting Beatrice Wegnez French
Kano Miyazawa supporting Yeo Jin Yun Korean
Tsukino Miyazawa supporting Jessica Calvello English
Tsukino Miyazawa supporting Diana Borgwardt German
Tsukino Miyazawa supporting Yuki Watanabe Japanese
Tsukino Miyazawa supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Tsukino Miyazawa supporting Melanie Dermont French
Hiroyuki Miyazawa supporting Takeshi Kusao Japanese
Hiroyuki Miyazawa supporting Fabio Boccanera Italian
Hiroyuki Miyazawa supporting Oliver Wyman English
Hiroyuki Miyazawa supporting Christophe Hespel French
Miyako Miyazawa supporting Rachael Lillis English
Miyako Miyazawa supporting Yuka Koyama Japanese
Miyako Miyazawa supporting Eun Jeong Im Korean
Miyako Miyazawa supporting Gloria Garcia Spanish
Tsubaki Sakura supporting Saeko Chiba Japanese
Tsubaki Sakura supporting Cathy Boquet French
Tsubaki Sakura supporting Hyeon Jin Lee Korean
Aya Sawada supporting Ilaria Latini Italian
Aya Sawada supporting Rachael Lillis English
Aya Sawada supporting Jeong Mi Bae Korean
Aya Sawada supporting Yukiko Motoya Japanese
Aya Sawada supporting Gloria Garcia Spanish
Aya Sawada supporting Elisabeth Guinand French
Aya Sawada supporting Elsa Poisot French
Rika Sena supporting Yukari Fukui Japanese
Rika Sena supporting Perla Liberatori Italian
Rika Sena supporting Debora Rabbai English
Rika Sena supporting Julia Ziffer German
Rika Sena supporting Sin Jeong Han Korean
Rika Sena supporting Elise Huwart French
Rika Sena supporting Nathalie Hugo French
Tsubasa Shibahime supporting Mayumi Shintani Japanese
Tsubasa Shibahime supporting Lisa Ortiz English
Tsubasa Shibahime supporting Jeong Hwa Yang Korean
Tsubasa Shibahime supporting Cathlen Gawlich German
Tsubasa Shibahime supporting Alice Ley French
Toshiharu Shibahime supporting Ted Lewis English
Toshiharu Shibahime supporting Hisoka Yamamoto Japanese
Toshiharu Shibahime supporting Seong Jun Bang Korean
Takefumi Tonami supporting Nozomu Sasaki Japanese
Takefumi Tonami supporting Simone D'Andrea Italian
Takefumi Tonami supporting Ted Lewis English
Takefumi Tonami supporting Tobias Müller German
Takefumi Tonami supporting Ja hyeong Gu Korean

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