Poster depicting Mianhua Tang He Yunduo Mama Chaoji Xiao Mihua
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2018-02-14 to 2018-02-14

"Marshmallow and Yunduo Mom · Super Millet Flower" tells the childish story of Marshmallow, Yunduo's mother and Xiao Mihua participating in the lucky dog competition. With the patient training of Marshmallow and Yunduo’s mother, Mihua worked hard to overcome the shortcomings of fear of noise, and learned the festive and festive lion dance. As time progressed, the game became heated. At the critical moment when Mi Hua and the artificial intelligence dog compete for the championship, there was an unexpected event on the stage. Mi Hua jumped off the competition stage desperately, protected Marshmallow and Mingming with her body, and lost the qualification for the competition. The omnipotent artificial intelligence dog Standing steadily on the stage, indifferent to the danger of the little master.(translated from baidu baike)

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