Poster depicting Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Alternative titles

機動戦士ガンダム 0083 スターダストメモリー
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory


Aired 1991-05-23 to 1992-09-24
Episodes 13

U.C. 0083. Three years after the end of the catastrophic One Year War, peace on Earth and the colonies is shattered by the presence of the Delaz Fleet, a rogue Zeon military group loyal to the ideals of the late dictator Gihren Zabi. Delaz Fleet's ace pilot Anavel Gato, once hailed as "The Nightmare of Solomon", infiltrates the Federation's Torrington base in Australia and steals the nuclear-armed Gundam GP02A "Physalis" prototype. Rookie pilot Kou Uraki—with the aid of Anaheim Electronics engineer Nina Purpleton and the crew of the carrier Albion—pilots the Gundam GP01 "Zephyranthes" prototype in an attempt to recover the stolen Gundam unit and prevent another war from breaking out.(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Anavel Gato main Akio Otsuka Japanese
Anavel Gato main Kirk Thornton English
Anavel Gato main Seok jeong Yang Korean
Nina Purpleton main Dorothy Elias-Fahn English
Nina Purpleton main Yong Sin Lee Korean
Nina Purpleton main Rei Sakuma Japanese
Kou Uraki main Ryo Horikawa Japanese
Kou Uraki main Gwang ju Jeon Korean
Kou Uraki main Won Il Son Korean
Alpha Bate supporting Michael Gregory English
Alpha Bate supporting Kouji Totani Japanese
South Burning supporting Paul St. Peter English
South Burning supporting Masashi Sugawara Japanese
Aiguille Delaz supporting Kiyoshi Kobayashi Japanese
Cima Garahau supporting Mari Mashiba Japanese
Cima Garahau supporting Carol Stanzione English
Jamitov Hymem supporting Tomomichi Nishimura Japanese
Raban Karcs supporting Toshiyuki Morikawa Japanese
Haman Karn supporting Yoshiko Sakakibara Japanese
Chuck Keith supporting Yoshiharu Yamada Japanese
Kelly Layzner supporting Richard Epcar English
Kelly Layzner supporting Tessyo Genda Japanese
Bernard Monsha supporting Chafurin Japanese
Bask Om supporting Daisuke Gouri Japanese