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Alternative titles
Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story
BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story-
2022-04-06 to 2022-06-29

Infamous among those who gamble on golf games, Eve uses her exceptional skill in the sport to earn a living—by betting and winning against various opponents. Known as the "Rainbow Bullet," she vows to beat her foes and conquer the world of underground golf using only three clubs. However, the universe where Eve knows no defeat is shaken after she plays a clean game with Aoi Amawashi, a golfing prodigy that came to the country of Nafrece to enter a golf tournament. Armed with talent and born into the perfect environment for golf, Aoi the "Innocent Tyrant" calmly crushes her enemies with a bright smile on her face. After their game-changing match, Eve and Aoi become intrigued with each other and promise to battle again someday. As Eve's aggressive and risk-taking approach challenges the elite and steady playstyle of Aoi, the two geniuses may just manage to bring golf to unexpected heights. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Aoi Amawashi main Asami Seto Japanese
Eve main Akari Kitou Japanese
Reiya Amuro supporting Toru Furuya Japanese
Kinue Jinguji supporting Mai Nakahara Japanese
Anri supporting Chiaki Omigawa Japanese
Catherine supporting Umeka Shouji Japanese
Kaede Oikawa supporting Yuu Kobayashi Japanese
Lily Lipman supporting Akira Sekine Japanese
Klein Clara supporting Sayaka Kinoshita Japanese
Vipère supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese
Mizuho Himekawa supporting Yukari Tamura Japanese
Helene Robert supporting Minami Takahashi Japanese
Leo Millafoden supporting Shuuichi Ikeda Japanese
Kaoruko Iijima supporting Mao Ichimichi Japanese
Amane Shinjou supporting Ami Koshimizu Japanese
Rose Aleon supporting Toa Yukinari Japanese
Kuyou Iseshiba supporting Satomi Arai Japanese
Haruka Misono supporting Rina Satou Japanese
Akihiro Date supporting Shunsuke Sakuya Japanese
Seira Amawashi supporting Yuko Kaida Japanese
Gozo Amawashi supporting Kousei Hirota Japanese
Ichina Saotome supporting Saki Fujita Japanese

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