Poster depicting Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
1762 ratings
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Alternative titles
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2
盾の勇者の成り上がり Season2
2022-04-06 to 2022-06-29

With another Wave happening in a week, Naofumi Iwatani and his party have no time to waste. However, when bat familiars raid Lurolona Village and the Wave countdown comes to a halt, the Four Cardinal Heroes reconvene with the queen, Mirelia Q Melromarc, for a quick briefing. The queen presumes that the odd occurrences are linked to the Spirit Tortoise—a threatening creature that has awakened from its slumber, back to cause havoc once again. A plan to put the Spirit Tortoise to rest is devised—but out of the four men, only the cursed Shield Hero agrees to help. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Voice Actors & Characters

Naofumi Iwatani main Alan Bravo Spanish
Naofumi Iwatani main Nicolas Matthys French
Raphtalia main Asami Seto Japanese
Naofumi Iwatani main Billy Kametz English
Raphtalia main Jocelyn Robles Spanish
Filo main Rina Hidaka Japanese
Naofumi Iwatani main Kaito Ishikawa Japanese
Filo main Brianna Knickerbocker English
Naofumi Iwatani main Stephen Fu English
Naofumi Iwatani main Björn Schalla German
Raphtalia main Birte Baumgardt German
Filo main Jessica Ángeles Spanish
Raphtalia main Laetitia Lienart French
Raphtalia main Erica Mendez English
Filo main Marie du Bled French
Raphtalia main Raíssa Bueno Portuguese
Naofumi Iwatani main Renan Alonso Portuguese
Filo main Amanda Tavares Portuguese
Elrasla Grilaroc supporting Gisele Vechin Portuguese
Elhart supporting Affonso Amajones Portuguese
Ost Hourai supporting Vianney Monroy Spanish
Elhart supporting Dafnis Fernández Spanish
Fitoria supporting Analiz Sánchez Spanish
Glass supporting Megumi Han Japanese
Kyo Ethnina supporting Ryouhei Kimura Japanese
Ost Hourai supporting Audrey Devos French
Itsuki Kawasumi supporting Diego Becerril Spanish
Kyo Ethnina supporting Sean Chiplock English
Fitoria supporting Beta Cinalli Portuguese
Ost Hourai supporting Kana Hanazawa Japanese
Rishia Ivyred supporting Bianca Alencar Portuguese
Kyo Ethnina supporting Gregory Praet French
Glass supporting Amanda Moreira Portuguese
Rishia Ivyred supporting Ludivine Deworst French
Kyo Ethnina supporting Lucas Almeida Portuguese
Itsuki Kawasumi supporting Thibaut Delmotte French
Rishia Ivyred supporting Montserrat Aguilar Spanish
Glass supporting Sophie Pyronnet French
Fitoria supporting Sakura Tange Japanese
Keel supporting Marie Braam French
Itsuki Kawasumi supporting Thiago Córdova Portuguese
Itsuki Kawasumi supporting Erik Kimerer English
Fitoria supporting Beatrice Wegnez French
Elrasla Grilaroc supporting Maki Izawa Japanese
Ost Hourai supporting Marcella Almeida Portuguese
Keel supporting Natsumi Fujiwara Japanese
Rishia Ivyred supporting Natsuko Hara Japanese
Mald supporting D.C. Douglas English
Melty Q Melromarc supporting Maaya Uchida Japanese
Malty Melromarc supporting Lourdes Arruti Spanish
Melty Q Melromarc supporting Helena Coppejans French
Melty Q Melromarc supporting Mayara Stefane Portuguese
Mirelia Q Melromarc supporting Kikuko Inoue Japanese
Mirelia Q Melromarc supporting Sandrine Henry French
Malty Melromarc supporting Lina Mendes Portuguese
Mirelia Q Melromarc supporting Katelyn Gault English
L'Arc Berg supporting Pierre Lognay French
Glass supporting Karen Vallejo Spanish
Keel supporting Emilio Treviño Spanish
Ost Hourai supporting Amber Lee Connors English
Rishia Ivyred supporting Kira Buckland English
Keel supporting Bruna Nogueira Portuguese
Motoyasu Kitamura supporting Makoto Takahashi Japanese
Motoyasu Kitamura supporting Pierre Lebecq French
Motoyasu Kitamura supporting Xander Mobus English
Mirelia Q Melromarc supporting Carla Martelli Portuguese
Malty Melromarc supporting Sarah Emi Bridcut Japanese
Eclair Seaetto supporting Dawn M. Bennett English
Malty Melromarc supporting Claire Tefnin French
Malty Melromarc supporting Faye Mata English
Eclair Seaetto supporting Mariana Pozatto Portuguese
Motoyasu Kitamura supporting Abraham Vega Spanish
Mirelia Q Melromarc supporting Liliana Barba Spanish
Eclair Seaetto supporting Ruriko Aoki Japanese
Ren Amaki supporting Alan Lee English
Ethnobalt supporting Kengo Kawanishi Japanese
Melty Q Melromarc supporting Daniela Molina Japanese
Motoyasu Kitamura supporting Vitor Paranhos Portuguese
Mald supporting Taiten Kusunoki Japanese
Kazuki supporting Shinnosuke Tachibana Japanese
Kizuna Kazayama supporting Miyu Tomita Japanese
Mald supporting Franck Dacquin French
Rishia's Mother supporting Mika Kanda Japanese
Eclair Seaetto supporting Delphine Chauvier French
Berocas supporting Mauro Ramos Portuguese
Keel supporting Kimlinh Tran English
L'Arc Berg supporting Alejandro Saab English
Romina supporting Rika Kinugawa Japanese
Emarl Yomogi supporting Maki Kawase Japanese
Tsugumi supporting Hisako Toujou Japanese
Elhart supporting Imari Williams English
Ethnobalt supporting Caleb Yen English
Kizuna Kazayama supporting Lizzie Freeman English
Kizuna Kazayama supporting Estefanía Piedra Spanish
Kizuna Kazayama supporting Sofia Abouatmane French
Kazuki supporting Brandon McInnis English
Tsugumi supporting Marisa Duran English
Therese Alexanderite supporting Fernanda Hartmann Portuguese
Therese Alexanderite supporting Alicia Vélez Mendoza Spanish
Therese Alexanderite supporting Saori Hayami Japanese
Ren Amaki supporting Maxime Van Santfoort French
Ren Amaki supporting Bruno Coronel Spanish
Ren Amaki supporting Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Japanese
Therese Alexanderite supporting Delphine Moriau French
Ren Amaki supporting Leandro Luna Portuguese
Berocas supporting Kenichi Ogata Japanese
Berocas supporting Pierre Bodson French
Berocas supporting Frank Todaro English
L'Arc Berg supporting Jun Fukuyama Japanese
L'Arc Berg supporting Alex Minei Portuguese
Fitoria supporting Cristina Valenzuela English
Elhart supporting Hiroki Yasumoto Japanese
Elhart supporting Jean-François Rossion French
Itsuki Kawasumi supporting Yoshitaka Yamaya Japanese

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