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Alternative titles
シュタインズ ゲート
English: Steins;Gate
2011-04-06 to 2011-09-14

The eccentric mad scientist Okabe, his childhood friend Mayuri, and the otaku hacker Daru have banded together to form the "Future Gadget Research Laboratory," and spend their days in a ramshackle laboratory hanging out and occasionally attempting to invent incredible futuristic gadgets. However, their claymore is a hydrator and their hair dryer flips breakers, and the only invention that's even remotely interesting is their Phone Microwave, which transforms bananas into oozing green gel. But when an experiment goes awry, the gang discovers that the Phone Microwave can also send text messages to the past. And what's more, the words they send can affect the flow of time and have unforeseen, far-reaching consequences—consequences that Okabe may not be able to handle...

(Source: Anime Planet)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Itaru Hashida main Tomokazu Seki Japanese
Itaru Hashida main Tyson Rinehart English
Itaru Hashida main Paolo Vivio Italian
Kurisu Makise main Trina Nishimura English
Kurisu Makise main Asami Imai Japanese
Kurisu Makise main Jeong Sin Wu Korean
Rintarou Okabe main Mamoru Miyano Japanese
Rintarou Okabe main J. Michael Tatum English
Rintarou Okabe main Davide Chevalier Italian
Rintarou Okabe main Si Ho Hong Korean
Rintarou Okabe main Peter Lehn German
Mayuri Shiina main Kana Hanazawa Japanese
Mayuri Shiina main Eva Padoan Italian
Mayuri Shiina main Min Jeong Yeo Korean
Mayuri Shiina main Ashly Burch English
Maid supporting Yukiko Aiba Japanese
Rumiho Akiha supporting Haruko Momoi Japanese
Rumiho Akiha supporting Jad Saxton English
Rumiho Akiha supporting Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Rumiho Akiha supporting Emanuela Ionica Italian
Yukitaka Akiha supporting Eric Vale English
Yukitaka Akiha supporting Taira Kikumoto Japanese
Suzuha Amane supporting Yukari Tamura Japanese
Suzuha Amane supporting Cherami Leigh English
Suzuha Amane supporting Valentina Favazza Italian
Suzuha Amane supporting Ui Jin Chae Korean
Moeka Kiryuu supporting Saori Gotou Japanese
Moeka Kiryuu supporting Laura Lenghi Italian
Moeka Kiryuu supporting Jessica Cavanagh English
Nakabachi supporting Kent Williams English
Nakabachi supporting Mitsuru Ogata Japanese
Yuugo Tennouji supporting Christopher Sabat English
Yuugo Tennouji supporting Masaki Terasoma Japanese
Yuugo Tennouji supporting Roberto Draghetti Italian
Nae Tennouji supporting Brina Palencia English
Nae Tennouji supporting Ayano Yamamoto Japanese
John Titor supporting Patrick Seitz English
John Titor supporting Hiroshi Tsuchida Japanese
Ruka Urushibara supporting Yuu Kobayashi Japanese
Ruka Urushibara supporting Lindsay Seidel English
Ruka Urushibara supporting Sang Hyeon Eom Korean
Eisuke Urushibara supporting Robert McCollum English
Eisuke Urushibara supporting Mitsuaki Hoshino Japanese

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